Instacoin ICO - application for lotteries on INSTAGRAM.

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    About the company

    Instacoin Inc. is an advertising company, which is searching for new tools of product promotion on Instagram for this network’s active users. The aim of the company is to widen standard marketing boarders and attract the new target audience on Instagram.

    Instacoin – is the world’s first official lottery on the social network, which uses cryptocurrency. Our team’s goal is to implement new technologies into popular social nets that will increase your profit. Starting from the very first day of our company’s existence we have been trying to find the new approach to our potential customers.

    How it works

    A user follows a link to our application via his/her gadget or website. Users are then authorized through their personal account on Instagram.

    Our application has a number of contests (giveaways) in various countries and towns that are taking place now. This allows our clients to attract the audience in a particular town or area, where their business is located. Another important advantage of our system is that all giveaways are grouped according to interest spheres.

    What do we mean:

    Mobile technologies
    Household appliances

    Let’s illustrate how it works with an example:

    Company page

    A person living in California is looking for a car service in his area and then he has an opportunity to get free service in his city in exchange for a subscription to an account of the local car service. This is how it happens.
    An advertiser uses our application for his/her business. He pays a fee depending on the term of service and his/her readiness to give away free car service in his/her city. We open the giveaway of this service in California and place it in our application. At the same time a client from California needs to service his car and is looking for a suitable service station. He can take part in the free car service giveaway. In order to do this he simply needs to open the application on his gadget, find the category of interest, then the group of services that he needs, and finally, the giveaway of a free car service, which he can try to participate in, if he subscribes to our client’s account. This subscriber automatically becomes the giveaway participant and can win the price he is so interested in. Presently, there are over one million cars in California, at the same time there are many service stations. Taking into consideration the fact that cars break down rather often due to technical faults or road accidents, car services are popular and there is tough competition between them.
    We can offer mutually beneficial conditions for both clients and business owners. The main motivator of interest from customers to our clients is the fact that any client can get a free service of interest. Only one price will be given away, but thousands of people will be participating in the giveaway. Having rendered a few free services, the owner of the car service gets the interest to his station from thousands of Instagram users, leaving all his competitors behind. This example illustrates just one service and one type of consumer demand. Our goal is to work with all popular services, therefore, satisfying the needs of all users of the social network. Eventually, both parties are satisfied.

    Personal Page

    Let’s view another example. Our client is a blogger named Katy. She would like to promote her personal page. She pays a service fee, which is equivalent to the time her page is advertised via our application. She offers a price that will be popular among for her target audience (e.g. a gadget or a service). The users of our application interested in video blogging select this category and see the giveaway that might be interesting for them, read the terms and conditions of the contest and subscribe to our client’s page.
    Every giveaway participant gets an individual number. Random number generator then selects the winner.

    For investors

    Why invest in us? Investing into our company means investing into a new segment of the advertising market. This is a unique innovative product, which has no analogues in the world. Our investors will be earning instacoin tokens together with us, they will have special privileges for using our services and participation in polls that will help to develop our platform.

    How does it happen?

    The number of tokens bought by an investor is equivalent to profit amount of the company’s turnover. The anticipated profit per token is 1.5 dollars. This profit ratio was formed after the calculations that have been carried out by our company. There are 1500 big cities in the world. If the minimum number of orders equals 5, we get 7500 orders per week. The average price of the orders is about 500 dollars a week, therefore we can 3750000 dollars, which equals 15 000 000 dollars of monthly profit.Expected profit: 3-6 months after the start of the project.
    On the 28th day of each month the investor will receive profit, the profit will be calculated on the official website of the company in the investor’s user account. Our investors can use any convenient tool for funds withdrawal, e.g. Bitcoin , Eth !

    What does investor’s profit consist of?
    Approximate calculations.

    15 000 000$
    5% server support
    20 % staff
    30 % advertising
    45 % net profit 6 750 000$
    100 000 000 = 0.0675 cents of profit per token a month
    80 000 000 = token owners’ profit 5 400 000 $
    20 000 000 = 1 350 000$ company profit
    Let’s illustrate these calculations with an example:

    The order price is 500$

    -25$ server support
    -100$ staff
    -150$ advertising
    +225$ net profit per order
    180$ goes to investors
    45$ goes to the company
    Now let’s take a look and the investors’ profit and token distribution

    225 dollars are distributed among the investors

    Sample calculation: investment of 10 ETH was made on 15.09.17 =
    10 ETH = 2.500 $ = 8 000(instacoin) * 0.0675 (monthly profit per token) =540 $ * 6(months) = 3240 $ profit per 6 months.

    Guarantees for our investors

    Our system is absolutely transparent, thus, every investor will be able to see the sum paid by our clients. This means full control over flow of funds of the company, which gives an opportunity to track the company’s profit. The application works on ios and android. Users of all mobile devices will be able to use our application. There will be a browser version for our system as well.

    Token distribution

    There are two stages of token sale:

    1. Crowdfunding (333 ETH)

    For initial advertising, development of the application’s final version, legitimization of the ico project and application, staff recruitment and reconstruction of the head office for data processing related to project investors, regulation of initial investments into advertising and gaining interest from investors.

    2. Crowdfunding (8 000 ETH)

    Strengthening of advertising campaign, draw in more people to increase the traffic and number of views for advertising posts of our clients, install private servers, test our application with minimal server load, new staff recruitment due to intensity of application’s work and the need for its full servicing, finalization of all issues related to legitimacy of our company’s work, other issues

    Budget distribution

    - Instacoin team: 30% of the budget. The team consists of 16 engineers. The funding allows solving Instacoin’s problems, introduce corrections and develop the existing system.

    - Administration: 10% of the budget go to legal services, security and accounting, and other related administrative expenses.

    - Marketing: 50% of the budget marketing is concentrated on raising awareness among users, publishers and advertisers. This also includes community’s growth and support.

    - Contractors: 10% of the budget. These funds will be used for service contractors, offering engineering, partner programmes etc.


    Crowdfunding summary:

    Our goal is to raise the maximum of 8,000 ETH and at least 333 ETH. Some figures can vary depending on the exchange rate and volatility, although the following figures are the best rate as of September 15, 2017.
    - Maximum funding: 8,000 ETH – may vary depending on the exchange rate.
    - Minimum funding: 333 ETH.
    - Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 800 Instacoin tokens – may vary depending on the exchange rate.
    - Contract address: (Published through various channels 48 hours prior to the date of crowdsale launch).
    - Launch date and time: 9 AM GMT on October 1
    - Crowdfunding – launch date: 31 days.
    - Marker’s closing date: crowdfunding will be closed when ETH number reaches its maximum or at 9 AM GMT on November 1.
    - Crowdfunding in Bitcoin:
    We will accept funds not only on air, but also in bitcoins. Money transferred using bitcoin will be fixed by the number of your wallet. You can receive tokens after ICO is closed.

    How to invest into us?

    How can you participate in Ethereum token crowdsale and which wallets are compatible?
    Here are the instructions for participating in Ethereum token crowdsales:
    To participate in Ethereum token sale you need a wallet service or an application where you and you only hold the private keys. Private keys are needed to correctly interact with smart contract functions, like transferring tokens.
    Participation in the token sale goes like this:
    Buy ethers in a cryptocurrency exchange
    Transfer ethers to a compatible wallet (see below)
    Send a deposit to token sale address with correct data and gas limit values
    How to make a token sale transaction:
    token sale deposit transactions need to have non-default gas limit (a.k.a. transaction maximum gas). This is because token sale transactions are more complex than simple Ethereum transfer transactions. The default gas limits are too low to correctly perform a token sale deposit.
    To participate in an Ethereum token sale you need to complete your transaction with the following details:
    Address: given to you on the crowd sale deposit page.
    Data: your personal reference number, which changes for every transaction. Do not share this with others. If you leave data field empty your transaction will be rejected.
    Gas limit: 260000 - gas tells that this is a smart contract transaction and it is more expensive than normal Ether transfer.
    Note: If you are using please double check your the gas limit field value after filling the data field. MyEtherWallet may reset the gas value to an invalid number after inputting the data field.
    Compatible wallets:

    The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):
    MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
    MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
    Mist (Desktop)
    Parity (Desktop)
    imToken (iPhone)
    imToken (Android)
    Please contact us [email protected] if you have any updates to the token compatible wallet list.
    Incompatible wallets:
    Do not use the following wallets to participate in any token sale. First move your ETH to a compatible wallet in the above list:
    Any Bitcoin exchange
    Any Ethereum exchange
    Other wallets
    If you know any other wallets that are known to behave correctly with Ethereum ERC-20 tokens, please contact us at [email protected]

    Bonus programme:
    1 Week
    Our first investors get a 25% bonus plus the tokens they have bought.
    10 000+25%=12 500
    100 000 +25%=125 000
    1 000 000 +25%=1 250 000
    2 Week
    Our first investors get a 15% bonus plus the tokens they have bought.
    10 000+15%=11 500
    100 000 +15%=115 000
    1 000 000 +15%=1 150 000
    3 Week
    Our first investors get a 5% bonus plus the tokens they have bought.
    10 000+5%=10 500
    100 000 +5%=105 000
    1 000 000 +5%=1 050 000

    Bonus tokens are issued immediately with a transaction to the contract address.




    NOV  2017 - MAR 2018

    Infrastructure development

     Community development

     Support program launch

      Reward system launch

     Smart contracts visual kit

     Marketplace, Localization

     Crowdfunding community offline events

     Integration with additional platforms from Etherium ecosystem

     Platform toolkit development: consulting, marketing, legal support

     Business account for all marketing & advertising projects insights

    MAR 2018

    Official start of the INSTACOIN




    White Paper:







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