Status Alpha 0.9.11 Release Notes

  • We’re pleased to announce that the release of 0.9.11 Alpha has arrived on iOS and Android.

    This iteration includes our newest wallet UI refresh, UI buttons, a huge list of bugs squashed, and was developed in tandem with 0.9.12. Please note the wallet send and receive functions will be baked into the next release and are not functional in this release.

    If you’ve been following our development over the past year, you’ll know we use rolling release cycle, and below you can find out what made it into this release.

    Update Summary

    • Wallet UI Refresh in this release we’ve rolled out functionality of the wallet main screen and the transaction history.
    • Main tabs in the Wallet have been updated with SVG icons for lightweight changes and implementation.
    • A large chat module refactor in Status-React that increases performance.
    • We have switched to Infura API to explore the option to delegate the client sync job to external nodes to reduce the CPU load and device heating while syncing. The rest of the Ethereum API calls are done with geth 1.6 and geth 1.7 in the next Binary. This will be optional in future versions for the user to decide.
    • More notifications on the test network to make sure users would not send real ether while evaluating the app
    • A number of internal optimizations, refactoring, devops and testing automation tasks creates basis for seamless future development. Details can be found here.
    • 39 Bugs were fixed with this release.
    A display of our newest Wallet UI

    Detailed Progress Report

    Wallet UI Redesign

    The main screen and transaction history is partially implemented and included to the release:

    #1523 — Wallet Design

    #1524 — Wallet Transaction History

    #1713 — Wallet Design and Error Handling


    Many bug fixes were resolved in this release, here’s the details of all of them.

    #1954 — Incomplete amount shown for send

    #1935 — Password validation issue

    #1899 — Unsigned transactions screen not shown

    #1888 — Incorrect ETH amount shown

    #1886 — Incorrect verbiage on transaction screen

    #1885 — Out of gas error

    #1802 #1801 #1792— Wallet UI fixes

    #1779 — Send transaction behavior

    #1778 — Account username issue

    #1777 — Error loading wallet data

    #1772 — Incorrect Elipses shown

    #1769 — Default avatar shown instead of uploaded photo

    #1747 — Empty username issue

    #1741 — Sender not shown on request line

    #1721 — Login button enabled for empty password field

    #1706 — UI issue with default username

    #1668 — Updating name successfully

    #1666 — Wallet asset discrepancies

    #1648 — Null error

    #1644 — Username default values

    #1625 — To-from UI Message issue

    #1622 — Command suggestions dissappearing

    #1605 — No-protocol error

    #1602 — Removing spaces at beginning / end of passphrase

    #1518 — Word filtering

    #1474 — Copy-paste co-ordinates

    #1460 — Issue with send tx after emoji send

    #1448 — From name not shown in request

    #1435 — App crashes after sending location commands

    #1423 — Faucet request fix

    #1404 — Removed transaction shown invalid

    #1397 — Two messages sent instead of one

    #1337 — Transactions not displayed correct

    #1324 — Crash on android device

    #1295 — Wrong password shown when device offline

    #148 — QR Code reader crash fix

    Get Involved

    Status is an open source project, and if you’d like to get involved with development — the single best way would be to build Status for yourself, explore our open issues. We prefer to hire core contributors based on Pull Requests.

    If you feel you can help us grow our community in other ways, we’d love to hear your ideas. You can also Tweet at us, like our Facebook or subscribe to the Status Subreddit.

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