• Cryptocurrencies (digital currencies that operate independently of centralized banks – using encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds) were first created in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008 by the inception of Bitcoin.
    Since the creation of this revolutionary new currency type, over 1000 cryptocurrencies have been created.
    By introducing two market platforms and a new global mobile form of payment, Stater will shape the future of cryptocurrency as we know it. Security, simplicity, and speed are to become the hallmarks of Stater transactions.
    Stater aims to become the first crypto coin that will familiarize the world to the cryptocurrency revolution by introducing two crypto platforms directly to the general public. The first will promote P2B (peer to business) transactions via the website, while the second will enable P2P (peer to peer) transactions through Both will use the new Stater coin. Complementing the two networks by 2018 will be a total of six mobile applications (3 Android and 3 iOS).
    Our P2B platform will be dedicated to businesses that accept Stater as payment, while will be dedicated to P2P transactions. Each platform will have its own Android/iOS mobile application allowing users real-time access to new listings in the market.

    The Problem

    It is widely recognized that the vast majority of the general public are still relatively unaware of the existence of cryptocurrencies, let alone the advantages and investment potential of such currencies.
    Our team is of the belief that cryptocurrencies are the future of capital. Like the internet revolutionized the spread and speed of information, cryptocurrencies will likewise disrupt the financial status quo.
    The fundamental issue facing cryptocurrency owners is the inherent difficulty of utilizing a digital currency- how are they able to purchase goods and services using this new form of payment?
    Furthermore, the exchange that is required to transform their digital currency into fiat, or vice versa, involves unavoidable transaction fees that can often be prohibitively high.
    Combine the above problems with the fact that not all countries offer the ability of such an
    exchange makes it clearly apparent why cryptocurrencies are not yet a mainstream method of payment.

    The Solution

    Stater aims to overcome these issues with the creation of a mobile application that would allow for direct real-time transactions. Gone is the need for an exchange into a fiat currency – Stater coins would be used to settle the transaction instead and the normal fees are thereby avoided.
    The solution will be realized by the creation of the two aforementioned platforms – Staterspots and Statermarket.
    Staterspots will allow businesses to list themselves and their products while Stater users can use this site to locate and browse products. A special location function in the mobile application will allow users to ‘spot’ businesses accepting Stater in their immediate vicinity.
    Statermarket is designed to function as an online marketplace for P2P transactions. It is envisaged as a local market on a global scale where buyers and sellers do business using Stater as payment.
    Stater will have a fixed minimal transaction fee of 0.5% which ensures both businesses and individuals retain the agreed price.

    Stater Application

    The Stater application is designed to allow individuals and businesses to transfer Stater in a swift and secure manner. Since users will not need to wait for confirmations the ability to pay or receive payment is instant.
    In order to provide the user with a full set of application controls, the application will come equipped with high integrity safety layers.
    The Stater application will be released on the Android operating system first, followed later in 2018 by an iOS version.

    Stater will introduce the platform, dedicated to both consumers and businesses alike. Businesses that accept Stater as a form of payment will be able to use the site to:
    1. Register the location of their business
    2. Insert their products and services into the Stater network will come with its own native and dedicated mobile application allowing individuals to locate businesses that accept Stater as a form of payment.
    Additionally, a business that is listed on the Staterspots platform will not only receive (free) local exposure but also benefit from the market opportunities arising from such a listing.
    As cryptocurrencies become more and more mainstream, the need for businesses to accept
    such a form of payment has also increased. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses not only lack the knowledge and tools needed to accept such forms of payment but are also unaware of the advantages of such transactions. will seek to close this knowledge gap through focused marketing campaigns aimed to educate those about the benefits of accepting Stater as a form of payment.
    Lastly, addresses the issue of bringing those owning cryptocurrencies and wishing to use Stater for purchasing goods and services from listed businesses–together onto one viable platform.


    Buoyed by the exponential growth of P2P buying and selling over the recent years, we at Stater believe this is a trend that will only continue into the future. In order to facilitate the bringing together of those wishing to buy or sell using Stater- in a safe and ease of use environment - was conceived. is a platform dedicated to cryptocurrency users who are willing to sell their new and/or used products locally on a market style website.
    Statermarket users who would like to offer their products can easily list or update them online and set a Stater price. A meeting using the encrypted chat function - initiated from either within the website or via the Stater app - can be used to arrange the exchange for Stater. Adjustments to the local currency on the day of payment can be instantly made via the app.
    We believe the platform will be of great benefit to both parties. The seller will receive Stater - while the buyer has the opportunity to pay for goods and services in Stater - without the usual remuneration loss when exchanging to fiat. will be available on both Android and iOS applications – making listing and browsing user-friendly and readily accessible.


    Stater coins can be used via the mobile application to transfer funds, buy products or services, or for those wishing to invest long-term- simply acquire and hold. We are of the opinion that Stater-with its two networks and six applications to support it- will become an eventual valuable asset.

    Stater Value  

    Being the first cryptocurrency to introduce two online market platforms – enabling both the ability to buy and sell in Stater via or list as a business and be found via – Stater will seek to solve THE major problem facing the crypto community today.
    As seen in the graph below, Stater’s value is set to increase incrementally every following year.

    Masternodes and Meganodes

    Stater is designed as a full PoS (proof of stake) cryptocurrency, offering a strictly limited number of Master and Meganodes. A maximum of 100 Meganodes and 1500 Masternodes can run simultaneously at any given time and if one Masternode or Meganode leaves the network can another take its place.
    In order to set-up a Meganode, a Stater holder needs a minimum of 10,000 STAT and a private key. To form a Masternode, a Stater holder needs a minimum of 1,000 STAT and a private key. Nodes and keys will be available to early investors in the ICO. Should anyone miss the opportunity to purchase either of these Nodes during the ICO, the ability to request a private key will be available via the website A ‘first come, first served’ rule is in operation and the moment a node becomes available, those registered are contacted in descending order via an email – containing detailed instructions and a seven-day period in which to set-up a Meganode or Masternode.

    Why invest in Nodes?

    The team at Stater has developed a rewards system that divides the creation of new Stater coins between Masternodes and Meganodes. 100% of the new coins will be generated by the nodes of which 10% is dedicated to the governance system.
    The rewards system will start with a ratio of 1 Stater per day for Masternodes and 15 Stater per day for Meganodes. The return ratio will remain stable for the first decade, rewarding each holder of nodes with the same amount of Stater coins. Rewards will automatically decrease by 50% with each following decade.
    The underlying reason for the creation of a limited amount of nodes is to ensure that our initial investors have a stable and guaranteed return of rewards in the following years.

    Meganodes Rewards  - 15 STAT per day

    The chart on the right shows the exact amount
    of Stater coins each holder of a Meganode
    will receive annually for the first 5 decades
     Year 2018 to 2027 - 5475 Stater/year
     Year 2028 to 2037 - 2737.5 Stater/year
     Year 2038 to 2047 - 1368.8 Stater/year
     Year 2048 to 2057 – 684.4 Stater /year
     Year 2058 to 2067 – 342.2 Stater/year

    The ICO price is 1 STAT = 0.00025 BTC.
    A Stater holder will need 10,000 STAT to
    form a Meganode. With ICO price, the ROI will be 1.368 Bitcoin annually.

    Masternode Rewards 1 STAT per day

    The chart on the right shows the exact amount
    of Stater coins each holder of a Masternode
    will receive annually for the first 5 decades.
     Year 2018 to 2027 - 365 Stater/year
     Year 2028 to 2037 - 182.5 Stater/year
     Year 2038 to 2047 - 91.25 Stater/year
     Year 2048 to 2057 - 45.6 Stater /year
     Year 2058 to 2067 - 22.8 Stater/year

    The ICO price is 1 STAT = 0.00025 BTC.
    A Stater holder will need 1,000 STAT to form a Masternode. With ICO price, the ROI
    will be 0.091 Bitcoin annually.

    Stater Supply.

    Shown in the chart below is a detailed breakdown of Stater’s roadmap for the yearly generation of coins for each node - and the rewards (in coins) for each Meganode, Masternodes, and Governance.

    Stater ICO

    We are launching an open Bitcoin (BTC) coin sale to raise funds for the Stater project. We will be
    raising a minimum of 1.000 BTC and maximum of 4.550 BTC (both inclusive) during the sale. The
    number of coins issued per Bitcoin will be 4000 STAT (1BTC = 4000 STAT). You will be able to buy
    Stater using a minimum amount of Bitcoin (0.01 BTC = 40 STAT).
    Countdown timer begins for public Stater ICO: September 29, 2017

    • ICO start date & time: October 14st 2017, 5PM UTC
    • ICO end date & time: November 14st 2017, 5 PM UTC
    • ICO duration in days: 31 Days
    • ICO price: 1 STAT = 0.00025 BTC
    • Total coins on sale: 18,200,000
    • Retained by Stater: 1,000,000
    • Referral bonuses (5%): 800,000
    • Total initial Stater Supply: 20,000,000
    • Softcap ICO in Bitcoin: 500 BTC
    • Minimum purchase per account: 40 STAT
    • Maximum purchase per account: 100,000 STAT
    • Meganodes max purchase per person: 2
    • Masternodes max purchase per person: 5
    • Accepted crypto currency: Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Refund if ICO fails to achieve the softcap target: Yes
    • Coin Issuance: Initially, to your website account and after ICO to holders wallet.
    • Remaining coins after ICO: If the soft cap target is reached - and should there be any coins
    • remaining -these will be used towards future development.
    • Escrow for the raised fund: Yes, BTC multisig 4/5 Wallet.

    Stater Governance System

    The Stater governance system will be implemented in Q1 of 2018 and will provide for the
    effective management of financing the future development of the Stater coin. This governance
    system will be accessible by our community and used in the decision-making of future features
    that will be implemented on the blockchain. Through the proposal system - Meganode and
    Masternode holders are able to vote at what will be implemented by Stater’s developers.
    The existence of a governance system allows Meganode and Masternode holders to exercise
    their influence in a transparent and fair way in the way development is undertaken at the
    project level.
    As we regard the community as forming the foundation of the Stater blockchain we firmly
    believe that a governance system will create an environment where faster and better-informed
    decisions can be made.
    Proposals for future development and expenditure will need to be approved by a minimum of
    50.1% of the Masternode-Meganode network before they can be actioned and implemented.

    Escrow Wallet

    On completion of the ICO, the funds raised will become available to the Stater team. An escrow
    arrangement is in place whereby a Bitcoin multisig wallet is active. Before a withdrawal can be
    performed, 4 out of the 5 wallet signatories are required to approve the transaction. Financial
    transparency and security are hereby guaranteed.
    Responsible for the multisig wallet:
    Andy Psallidas – Founder, Project Manager
    Sakis Makrigiannis –Co-Founder, Web Designer and Developer
    Nick Chatzidakis – Software Engineer
    Mike Michailidis – Developer, System Admin
    Alex Munnik – Marketing Manager

    Project Funds

    The ICO balance will be released via a Bitcoin multisig wallet ‘4 out of 5’ arrangement.
    Funds will be released as the following milestones are met:
    1. Stater post-ICO complete: 30% funds released
    2. Milestone 1: Websites and Android apps are introduced to the markets: 20% funds released
    3. Milestone 2: iOS applications are released: 10% funds released
    4. Milestone 3: Global expansion starts, marketing Stater: 40% funds released
    The proceeds of the funds raised will be used for the future development of Stater - all with the
    goal of becoming the most reliable, fast and secure cryptocurrency on the market. To
    accomplish our developmental roadmap, Stater will need additional human resources in the
    areas of development, quality assurance, marketing, legal and general operations. See graph
    below for the proposed allocation of raised funds.

    •Engineering and product development: Hiring of developers and quality assurance resources
    or the overall development of Stater, its two associated market platforms, and the six mobile
    •Marketing and Promotion: To execute the marketing plan, advertising Stater to the general
    public and increasing its global exposure.
    •Legal and Regulation: Establishing legal entities, compiling with regulation and dealing with
    any legal obligation the project may face.
    •Operational and Administration: Salaries and operational costs of the development team
    alongside the purchase of necessary hardware/software.
    •Miscellaneous: Dealing with the unexpected and/or minor expenses incurred for the
    implementation of the project.



    In Q2 of 2017 the idea of a coin that will allow safe and easy P2B and P2P transactions was formed. It was later in the year that we decided to name this new coin Stater


    Wallet was created (alpha) before ICO launch


    ICO will take place between 14 October – 14 November


    Meganodes and Masternodes will be up and running by Q1 of 2018

    Android App

    The Android app for making transactions with Stater will be released


    The website and android app for businesses to register their stores, and for consumers to spot them will be up and running after the release of the android app


    The website and android app for Stater Users to list, buy , sell and find products will be released

    Marketing Campaign

    1st wave of Marketing campaign

    iOS Apps

    3 iOS apps will be released:

    • Official Stater
    • Staterspots
    • Statermarket

    Ecommerce Plugin

    Creation of Plugin allowing business to accept online payments.

    Personalized address

    Businesses will be able to create a personalized address to accept Stater

    Global Expansion

    Stater will start advertising on a global scale ( 2nd wave of Marketing)


    Andy Psallidas - Founder, Project Manager
    As an entrepreneur and early crypto investor with a strong financial background and 8 years
    worth of social media and e-commerce experience, the Stater project is Andy’s brainchild.
    Andy’s vision of a crypto market network sees him responsible for the overall planning and
    execution of the Stater project.

    Sakis Makrigiannis - Co-founder, Web designer, and developer
    Sharing Andy’s vision, Sakis is in charge of the development of the Stater project. With 8 years of
    freelance web design and application development behind him, Sakis brings the experience of
    over 60 projects to the table.

    Nick Chatzidakis - Software Engineer
    In short - Nick is the mastermind behind the Stater coin - and it is his code that brings the coin to
    life. As a GNU/Linux enthusiast with 12 years of experience in C/C++ and Qt framework, Nick is
    responsible for the development of the overall Stater network and wallet.

    Mike Michailidis - Developer, System Admin
    Like all system administrators around the world, Mike’s focus and responsibility is for the
    upkeep, configuration and reliable operations of computer systems. Mike is also the founder
    and technical manager of RM-Group.

    Yannis Karathanos - Web Developer
    Yannis is the project’s backend web developer with more than 5 years of PHP experience. Like
    most Stater team members, Yannis has participated in various web application projects.

    Anthony Zachos - Android Developer
    An avid Java enthusiast and all-round code geek, Anthony is in charge of the Android
    development of the Stater application. Anthony brings more than 5 years of C++ and Java
    goodness to the team.

    Thanos Triantos – iOS Developer
    Like Anthony, Thanos lives and breathes code. A freelancer with more than 6 years of
    experience in Objective C and swift, Thanos is responsible for the development of the iOS
    applications for the Stater network.

    Constantine Katsioulas - Graphic Designer
    It’s Constantine’s job to not only make the GUI look good but function smoothly. Responsible for
    the ‘look and feel’ of the Stater GUI, Constantine brings over 6 years of experience in GUI design
    to the project.

    Alex Munnik - Marketing Manager
    Responsible for the development and execution of Stater’s marketing campaigns and overall
    strategy, Alex will use his experience of over 10 years as an e-commerce entrepreneur - and
    former senior business developer for a leading online retail company in the Benelux - to
    promote Stater on a global scale.

    Veniamin Sirbu - Business Development
    With his degree in International Economic relations and over 5 years of e-commerce sales,
    Veniamin is the experienced sales manager in charge of Stater’s business development.


    David Philips - Senior QA test manager
    With over 15 years of professional software testing experience, David has made the delivery of
    quality software his goal since first becoming involved in mobile Telecommunications testing
    during Y2K. Educated at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and graduating with a
    Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in 1995 - David has worked in various countries on large
    Telecommunication projects. Now the test manager for a large New Zealand financial
    institution, it is his aim to ensure all Stater applications and platforms are free from critical
    software defects.

    JJ v/d Hoek - Senior brand manager
    With over 12 years of experience in the media and marketing industry, Jan Jaap brings a broad
    range of international expertise in all related disciplines.
    Educated in the Netherlands at the Utrecht School of the Arts - graduating in 2002 with a
    Bachelor of Arts and Economics, specializing in media management - Jan Jaap’s experience with
    PR, branding and global corporate partnerships is hugely beneficial to the project. As a firm
    proponent of the blockchain technology since 2015, his energy and enthusiasm ensures a
    committed focus to the success of Stater.

    Theo Papadopoulos – Marketing Consultant
    With over 17 years of experience in the printing and marketing industry, Theodore owned and
    operated the primary printing company behind the 2004 Athens Olympics. Educated at Hull
    University in England - graduating with a Bachelor of Business in 1998 - Theodore is currently
    the owner of a marketing consultancy business in the Balkans.











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