Ripio Credit Network - A global peer-to-peer credit network based on co-signed smart contracts.

  • Ripio Credit Network (“ RCN ”) is a protocol based on smart contracts and blockchain
    technology, which brings enhanced transparency and reliability in credit and lending.
    The protocol enables connections between lenders and borrowers located anywhere in
    the world, regardless of currency. By reducing the traditional banking brokerage costs
    and management fees, RCN aims to allow better conditions for both sides, creating a
    better credit alternative than anything available today. By including an intermediary
    agent (the “ Cosigner ”), the RCN seeks to neutralize the lender’s credit risk and, in case
    of a default, provide an alternative mechanism for managing the debt collection in the
    borrower’s country of residence.


    Ripio (formerly BitPagos) has been described as one of the most promising
    Bitcoin-Blockchain startups in Latin America .
    Ripio means “ gravel ” in Spanish. Just like gravel serves as a foundation for new
    roadways, Ripio aims to build new roads throughout the digital economy. New roads
    create new possibilities, and they are the key to widening access towards financial
    inclusion for everyone.
    Ripio’s main objective is to democratize the digital economy in Latin America ,
    offering digital payment alternatives within everyone's reach in a region where 65%
    remain unbanked. [3]
    Due to its efforts toward the democratization of finance, Ripio was recently selected as
    one of 2017 breakthrough brands by Interbrand. [4] Here’s what the global consultancy
    stated on their annual report:
    Harnessing breakthrough blockchain technology, Ripio is bringing financial
    freedom to regions of Latin American that lack banking. It sells bitcoins in
    local currencies to facilitate online transactions and easy peer-to-peer
    payments, and even extends credit—no cards, accounts, or fees involved.
    Ripio (which means “gravel” in Spanish) is paving the road to full financial
    inclusion in a growing digital economy.

    The Road of Ripio

    In 2013, BitPagos started as Latin America’s first Bitcoin payment platform, offering
    bitcoin-based financial services for merchants . A year later, the company launched
    Ripio , a digital wallet that enables consumers to send, receive, store, and buy or sell
    Bitcoin in local currency and to make online payments on thousands of websites. In
    January 2017, BitPagos rebranded as Ripio.
    Ripio has over 100k users in Latin America.

    Ripio Credit

    In 2016, Ripio launched a groundbreaking credit service (called Ripio Credit ), reaching
    the finals at TechCrunch Disrupt , [5] and revealing the innovative service to the world.
    Ripio Credit currently extends credit to Ripio users, allowing them to finance their
    online payments in installments, using bitcoin as the transaction vehicle. This
    alternative credit facility is available to individuals without a credit card or a bank
    account, and it represents a service that no other Bitcoin wallet company had offered
    Out of an Argentina-based entity, the company loans its own funds to borrowers in
    Argentina in order to provide the Ripio Credit service. The company works with local

    counsel to ensure compliance with all appropriate lending, data privacy, and financial
    services laws, and the company currently provides Ripio Credit services only to
    borrowers in Argentina.

    Key Dates

    May 2016

    Ripio Credit launch at TechCrunch Disrupt

    June 2016

    First Ripio Credit payment on the private network

    January 2017

    RCN concept, design and research

    September 2017

    Website launch + Whitepaper release

    October 2017

    RCN Token sale + network release

    December 2017

    Advanced smart contracts + network agents + SDK implementation

    April 2018

    RCN goes live!

    RCN Token Sale

    The RCN Tokens will be the backbone of the Ripio Credit Network. Around the launch
    of the RCN, and in order to undertake future and further development of the network
    protocol, the company will conduct a Token Generation Event (“ TGE ”) and crowd sale
    of RCN Tokens, where 51% of the RCN Tokens will be made available for sale. 

    The company intends to start the TGE on October 17th, 2017, and it will allocate a total RCN
    Token supply of 1 billion as follows:

    - The 51% of RCN Tokens made available for sale in connection with the TGE will
    be allocated as follows:
    - Up to 42.5% / 425,000,000 RCN Tokens may be sold to purchasers before
    the TGE. Any remaining unsold Tokens will be reallocated and made
    available to the public via crowd sale at the time of the TGE.
    - A minimum of 8.5% / 85,000,000 RCN Tokens will be made available to
    the general public via crowd sale, beginning at the TGE on October 17th,
    2017 and lasting until the earlier of either the date 510,000,000 RCN
    tokens have been sold, or November 5th, 2017.
    - 15% / 150,000,000 RCN Tokens will be kept as a pool to incentivize the
    participation of agents and for otherwise bootstrapping the network.
    - 34% / 340,000,000 RCN Tokens will be held as a provision for partnerships,
    marketing, and future RCN expenses.



    White Paper:





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