Quark (QRK) Release v0.10.6.1

  • v0.10.6.1 - POS/POW hybrid for Quark

    POS parameters:

    • 3.5% pa POS interest
    • 30 days minimum stake age
    • Activates block 4937000 (est 25 Nov 2017)

    POS staking is enbled by default. To prevent staking use -reservebalance=x (where x is amount to reserve for non-staking) or -staking=0 parameter.

    Upgrade notes:

    • Backup your Quark data directory before upgrading (in particular your wallet.dat)
    • A database reindex is required the first time Quark 0.10.6 is run on an old installation, e.g. run qt with: quark-qt -reindex run daemon with: quarkd -reindex --daemon or click OK on the prompt to rebuild database. Note: This can take a few hours.


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