[ANN] XAB -The currency of TheAltcoinBoard - Instant Masternodes - PostCoin Swap

  • TheAltcoinBoard.com, initially launched on March 18, 2016, implementing the idea of a cryptocurrency related discussion board, which rewards the registered users for sharing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions about different crypto related topics. Being in association with PostCoin, gave the core of the whole concept, since the users were rewarded with AltcoinBoard tokens, which they were able to exchange into PostCoin and then withdraw. After a successful launch of PostCoin, with the initial free distribution, TheAltcoinBoard.com userbase started to grow from day-to-day. To ensure and maintain the development of thealtcoinboard.com project, we decided, by mutual agreement, to separate our ways and drop the PostCoin project, and now AltcoinBoard is to release a coin dedicated to the forum.
    Therefore we decided to realease XAB, keeping Proof-of-Stake for minting, but adding such features like, Instant Masternode creation, stealth addresses
    and built in encrypted messaging system. Althrough both coins are pure PoS, the new one (XAB) is based on a recent source of Bitcoin, it is more innovative, advanced and cleaner than the outdated source used by PostCoin.
    The most important feature of XAB is the Easy-Setup-Masternode feature, which gives the opportunity to the long-term holders to grow their XAB stack, in a more efficient way. Easy-Setup means that users are able to set up their Masternode without, entering long codes into console and creating complicated conf files.


    • Ticker : XAB
    • Block generation method : Pure Proof-Of-Stake
    • Block target time : 60 seconds
    • Min. stake age : 1 hour
    • Proof-of-Stake reward : 8 XAB/Block
    • Initial supply : 30.000.000 XAB
    • Masternode collateral : 300.000 XAB
    • Masternode reward : 10 XAB/PoS Block

    Free Distribution gat free XAB

    To involve new users in our project and make XAB spread more and more in the most FAIR way, we are going to distribute 12.000.000 XAB for free to Bitcointalk.org and TheAltcoinBoard.com users.
    Every users free share size will depend on his Bitcointalk.org postcount, since the basic share size equals with userpostcount*10. This means that if you have 315 posts, you will get 3150 XAB for free.

    To be eligible for the free stake, you must meet all the requirements and follow the the stated request procedure steps.

    1. You have a minimum of 100 posts on Bitcointalk.org
    2. You are a registered member of TheAltcoinBoard.com - https://thealtcoinboard.com/index.php?action=register
    3. You have to fill the Request Form, with the required info
    4. You must provide your Bitcointalk.org and TheAltcoinBoard.com UID in the Request Form. Make sure that the link contains your UID which looks like "action=profile;u=123456;sa=summary". To get your UID go to your forum profile - Click on summary on left side.
    5. After you submitted the request form send a PM to AltcoinBoardAdmin at https://thealtcoinboard.com/index.php?action=profile;area=summary;u=1 with message: Free distribution form filled and your Bitcointalk.org username

    Request Free XAB : https://drive.google.com/open?id=15-kI-zIz8Ku1VatI...

    Post Coin Swap Requist : https://goo.gl/vfOzZS

    To facilitate original PostCoin holders we've planned a swap from PostCoin to XAB with a 20% benefit. At the moment approximately ~15.100.000 PostCoins are in circulation, which means that around 18.000.000 will be swapped into XAB. The swap phase will be closed on 13th of August, and after this deadline PostCoin will no longer be supported.
    To swap your PostCoin to XAB please follow the following steps.

    1. Send your PostCoin to the following Post address : PLEY7wA7HuML2gjbyFMPMUUUMPGCCSfxGV
    2. Fill the Swap Request form with the required information

    Masternode info

    To run a Masternode, you must store 300.000 XAB in your node wallet as a collateral.
    Due to the fact that the Masternode rewards program is a fixed percentage and the Masternode network nodes are fluctuating, expected Masternode rewards will vary according to the current total

    count of active Masternodes. An estimate payment for a standard day for running a Masternode can be calculated by using the following formula:

    (n/t)* r*b*a

    n is the number of Masternodes an operator controls
    t is the total number of Masternodes
    r is the current block reward
    b is blocks in an average day.
    a is the average Masternode payment

    Instant Masternode Setup

    1. Launch XAB wallet, and make sure that your wallet is not encrypted, then on the left panel, select the Masternode tab
    2. On the top of the window, select My Master Nodes and click on "Create Local" button to start a Masternode. Once you've clicked on the button, you just have to wait 7 confirmations and your Masternode is already running.
    3. To make sure that your Masternode is running properly, in you XAB.conf file place the line "staking=0". This will prevent your wallet to start staking while you run a Masternode


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