DIGI Tokens - Introducing Blockchain based digital goods

  • Poised for Blockchain

    DIGI Token is a new coin that will be used within a digital marketplace. The aim is to make this marketplace one of the
    world’s largest digital goods & services platform based on Blockchain. Our coin aims to solve three core issues in the digital
    goods industry which are: copyright issues, high commissions for sellers and the restricted global reach. DIGI itself
    represents more than just a coin or marketplace, it envisions the future of downloadable digital goods and services. The
    digital goods market is a multi-billion dollar industry that has been expanding year on year. Market research experts
    assessed the ten main growth factors in digital trade and have predicted that the value of the digital goods market could
    exceed $500 billion by 2019.

    • Not truly Global

    Digital goods are not able to be purchased from certain countries due to restrictions of PayPal and other payment
    processing merchants. The DIGI Token itself will solve this because of the decentralised nature of the Blockchain, middle
    authorities such as banks or payment processors will not be able to limit reach.

    • Copyright Infringement

    Some publishers can download work and files and sell them on marketplaces by changing a few details. Once they have
    received payment they can easily create multiple accounts and benefit of the work of others.

    • High Commission

    Some platforms can take up to 60% of the authors earnings and have tier systems where the more you earn the less
    commission you pay. With payment processing fees added to this, authors and publishers do not receive the true value of
    their sales.
    We aim to solve these core issues by creating an ecosystem which is truly global and not take these earnings from authors,
    the blockchain distributed ledger will help with copyright infringement concerns along with our moderation systems. Our
    main revenue generation will not be based on the commission of the authors but instead through promotional and other
    revenue generation streams of the DIGI Token. The value of the DIGI Token will be our main incentive of growth which will
    benefit all DIGI token holders including the DIGI marketplace.

    Two routes of return for token holders

    There is a two pronged approach for the use of the DIGI Token. DIGI Token holders will be able to either use their token
    within trading and exchange platforms or use their tokens to purchase digital goods or services from the DIGI marketplace.
    The limited fixed supply of 98M tokens ensures early contributors receive a great return of tokens on their contribution.

    a vision to become the worlds largest blockchain digital goods and services marketplace

    A digital ecosystem

    The DIGI ecosystem comprises of three main parts:
    the DIGI Token, the DIGI Wallet and the DIGI Platform. These three parts
    combined create a high value system which will be fully scalable and
    be the basis of DIGI.

    The DIGI Token

    An ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. A fixed total supply of 98 Million with approx 60% open for distribution within this token sale. Taking technological advantage provided by the Ethereum ecosystem.

    The DIGI Wallet

    The DIGI wallet will be used to hold and transfer DIGI tokens quickly and securely. A web and mobile wallet will co-exist. Alpha wallet to be released in Q1 2018.

    The DIGI Platform

    The DIGI platform consists of the online and mobile marketplace where users can purchase and trade digital goods and services utilising the DIGI Token. A truly global marketplace backed by Blockchain.

    Ethereum and DIGI

    DIGI is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The primary difference between Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency is that it
    is not just a currency, it’s an environment. The DIGI Project takes advantage of Ethereum blockchain technology to build its
    Token and distribution through a smart contract. By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain
    technology has created the backbone of a new type of internet. DIGI is essentially a usage Token. This will act as native
    currency within the DIGI Platform.

    The Digital Age

    As technology continues to grow and encroach major world economies, it has triggered the demand for digital products
    prompting governments, businesses and entrepreneurs to shift their prior business models. In the process, there has
    become high production as well as consumption rates for digital products. The DIGI platform will provide services as well
    as intangible digital products such as movies, music, eBooks, website templates, apps and courses among others.
    Depending on demand, focus will be catered to upcoming and popular markets. This will allow a scalable marketplace with
    token distribution between buyers and sellers of popular products. Digital sectors will evolve and the DIGI marketplace will
    be the platform of choice due to its moderated and high quality products. There are more than 3.5 Billion internet users
    worldwide and the increased number of tablets, smartphones and internet users has led to huge amounts of data
    consumption with a high demand for digital content. There is very low entry barriers for digital producers in most cases. The
    latest tools and software available have made it accessible for anyone with a camera, mobile or computer to create digital
    products for little or no money and with very little technical knowledge.

    A highly experienced team

    The DIGI project is run by an experienced, entrepreneurial team with a proven track record in building fast growing
    technology and business service solutions. Our team has proven experience within the digital goods industry and blends
    top talent in design, marketing, business process and technology with extensive industry experience. The team will be
    expanding as required with additional developers and blockchain specialists in Q1 2018. To find out more team details visit
    us at digitoken.tech. All token holders will be notified with news and updates via our social and online channels.


    Our system has factored into account the recent events of wallet theft in Token Sales. This will be mitigated by circulating
    the currency between multiple addresses and converting an amount of the ICO to fiat for business development as
    required and as a precautionary route. Please note digitoken.tech is our only official site and we do not ask for any private
    information. If you are concerned with any issues, please contact us via [email protected]


    Q4 2017

    Completion of UI Design

    IN PROGRESS DIGI Wallet DIGI Web Wallet UI Completion DIGI Mobile Wallet UI/UX Completion DIGI Platform Completion of Full Platform Front End UI/UX Completion of Full Platform Back End UI/UX DIGI Token Exchange Discussions/Strategy

    Q1 2018


    DIGI Wallet DIGI Mobile Wallet Dev Completion DIGI Mobile Wallet Alpha Release DIGI Platform Dev Completion with integration of DIGI coin Soft Launch and private invitions to selected Authors DIGI Token Addition of the DIGI Token to multiple exchanges

    Q2 2018


    DIGI Wallet Main Launch with changes as per feedback from Alpha release DIGI Platform Main Marketplace launch with fully functioning DIGI Token integration DIGI Marketplace APP Strategy DIGI Token Additions to Token Exchanges Marketing Directed marketing towards digital authors Growth Strategy and Development

    Q3 2018


    DIGI Token Strategic marketing focused on the actual DIGI Token itself Further Exchange Partnerships DIGI Platform Continued marketing and sales for the marketplace along with growth strategy implementation. DIGI Marketplace App Initial Phase. CONTINUED MARKETING AND BRAND DEVELOPMENT

    Token Sale Summary

    Token Start: Thursday 7th September 2017
    Token Sale End: October 19th 2017
    Name: Digi Token (DIGI)
    Standard: Ethereum ERC20
    Max Fixed Supply: 98,000,000
    Token Sale Distribution: Up to 63,000,000
    Minimum Funding: Approx 400-500 ETH
    Hardcap: 75,000 ETH
    Accepted Currecy: ETH
    Value of 1 ETH: 600 DIGI
    Token Contract Address: 0xD7E53b24e014cD3612D8469fD1D8e371Dd7b3024

    Token Sale Distribution

    Approximately a hardcap of 64% of DIGI Tokens will be available for
    Token Contributors within the Token Sale period.

    Token Sale Completion

    If the Hardcap of 75,000 ETH is reached before the end of
    the token sale, the token sale will end and no
    further contributions will be accepted.

    Token Sale Allocation

    This may vary slightly depending on our contribution amount.
    For example if the hardcap is reached, less allocation on DIGI
    development will be needed and further allocation will be on

    Contribution rules

    - Please only send ETH funds from personal Ethereum wallets like Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Parity,
    Mist or Ledger (hardware wallet)
    - DO NOT send funds from exchanges like Poloniex, Coinbase as tokens will not be received
    - DIGI tokens will be sent to the wallet from which the ETH arrived
    - DO NOT send your ETH before the fundraiser has begun

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