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    SAAV Games is planning to introduce a new multi-platform time-management game
    called "Agamé" (a-GAM'-ay, rhymes with "Macramé").
    “Agamé” is a virtual world set in feudal Europe, featuring historically-appropriate
    battling clans and barbarian tribes. It uses military forces and strategy from that era;
    players will have the ability to accumulate goods such as consumables, buildings, and
    military resources, over time. An in-game open market allows trading with other
    Agamé will be playable in a web browser, or using native apps on all major platforms
    (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux). Not all platforms may be available at initial
    The game will be free to enter; players will be able to purchase or trade items within the
    game using "gold", purchased using a SAAV-issued cryptocurrency called SAAVcoin,
    traded on the Ethereum network.
    At this time Agamé is partially complete - SAAV Games intends
    to crowdfund completion of the game by pre-selling
    ERC-20-based SAAVcoin tokens ahead of the game's release,
    using an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) trading on the Ethereum
    After Agamé's release, SAAVcoin will be publicly-tradable, and
    its value will depend on the free market.

    About SAAV Games

    SAAV Games is a partnership comprised of software and business developers who share
    a history of delivering quality, open-source, and practical software and who share a
    common goal: developing excellent games. SAAV Games is committed to bringing
    interesting and innovative ideas and technology to market. Originally formed with the
    intention of completing a single product, SAAV Games is quickly realizing its potential
    by developing and delivering the kind of video games its partners have always dreamed
    of making.

    Agamé Gaming Features

    Agamé features all of the following:
    ● Village building
    ● Gathering resources
    ● Building and training armies
    ● Battling barbarian tribes
    ● Creating clans and alliances
    ● Fighting other clans for supreme glory!
    ● Event worlds
    ● Open Trading. Note: fair trades not guaranteed! Other players may not hold up
    their side of the deal. Just like real life.
    ● Trading resources, troops, power-ups, etc.
    ● Chatting with other players and creating strategy together
    ● Dynamic background music is based on game events - you can determine the
    outcome of a battle by listening to changes in the background music.
    SAAV Games has intentionally avoided unnecessary complexity - we understand that
    you don’t need a game to be complicated to enjoy playing it. For example: there are only
    eight troop types and fourteen different types of building structure. The game structure
    is historically accurate: each troop type is based on actual forces that existed in feudal
    Europe, and their behavior in battle is also based on documented battle strategies from
    that time. Village structures are based on real building types; each has a meaningful
    purpose in the game.

    We hope you’ll play with your friends, and make new friends as you make (and break)
    alliances and trading partners, defend your cities, and attack others. Manage your cities
    skillfully to create resources, research upgrades, and build-up your armies. Defend
    against barbarian tribes, and attack them for fame, glory, and spoils. Players can group
    into clans and provide mutual support, but be careful you’re not betrayed! Striking
    alliances with other clan members and working together will be required as the game
    progresses, and you aim for new victories and achievements.

    Crowdfunding Completion of Agamé

    SAAV Games will crowdfund completion of Agamé by launching an Initial Coin Offering
    (ICO) of a new blockchain cryptocurrency: SAAVcoin . The ICO process is a very
    effective way for us to raise funds from a large number of backers.
    SAAV Games will use funds gained from the ICO to complete the development of
    Agamé, and to cover running expenses when the game is released. SAAV Games is on
    track to complete Agamé in early 2018.
    SAAVcoin will also form an integral part of playing Agamé; players will use it to fund
    in-game purchases and trades.
    As SAAVcoin will trade on the open market, its value will fluctuate as demand to play
    the game changes. SAAV Games has been careful to position SAAVcoin as a currency
    spent by users within the game. SAAVcoin owners will not own any part of SAAV
    Games, thereby avoiding possible interpretation of SAAVcoin as a security.

    Who can Participate?

    There are no geographic or residency restrictions on who may participate in the
    SAAVcoin ICO. Unlike many other ICOs, US residents will be eligible to participate.
    You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

    Buying and Trading inside Agamé

    When playing Agamé, various items will be available for purchase or trade with other
    players. These purchases and trades will be priced in game “gold”; all items that can be
    purchased will have fixed prices, while trades will be up to both players to agree on.

    Game gold will be purchased using SAAVcoin tokens, at a one-for-one exchange rate.

    How to obtain SAAVcoin tokens

    You can acquire the SAAVcoin tokens that you’ll need using any of these methods:

    ● Participate in the SAAVcoin ICO, and purchase SAAVcoin at the issue price.
    ● Buy SAAVcoin directly from SAAV Games, inside the game, at the current market
    ● Obtain SAAVcoin yourself, by trading on the open market.
    Buying from SAAV Games is going to be a very straightforward operation; you’ll just
    need to supply a valid Debit or Credit card. SAAV Games will manage access to the
    digital wallet in which these SAAVcoin tokens are held, shielding players from the
    complexity that has kept many people away from using blockchain cryptocurrencies.
    Trading yourself, on the open market, will require you to be familiar with the intricacies
    of blockchain trading, but will allow you to buy SAAVcoin using any other traded
    cryptocurrency. SAAVcoin will be traded on the Ethereum network.

    How SAAV Games Will Use “Spent” SAAVcoin Tokens

    As players spend SAAVcoin tokens to acquire game gold, SAAV will add the acquired
    SAAVcoin tokens to its reserve pool, for future resale back to game players.
    SAAV Games also reserves the right to sell SAAVcoin tokens back on the open market.

    Game Performance

    SAAV will use Lume's Managed Cloud infrastructure to host the Agamé servers,
    guaranteeing high-performance and high-availability for game players, from any
    location. Agamé bandwidth requirements are modest; the game will be playable over
    any internet connection.
    Agamé also uses low-impact graphics design to minimize power consumption when
    playing on mobile devices.

    Supported Devices

    SAAV Games is targeting all major platforms: native apps will exist for iOS, Android,
    Windows, Mac, and Linux. You’ll also be able to play using a web browser. We hope to
    support Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge browsers.
    We are working hard to ensure that all platforms are supported at release time, but it’s
    possible that browser support may slip until after the initial release.

    Switching Between Devices

    Agamé is not tied to the device you started playing with - you’ll be able to switch
    between different devices (and platforms), and your game will pick up where you left off.

    Agamé Release Schedule

    Sep 2016 Started coding generic time-management game server, named “V”.
    Jan 2017 Started coding Agamé
    Feb 2017 SAAV Games partnership formed; website created.
    Mar 2017 Developed SAAVcoin cryptocurrency concept.
    Working version of Agamé on iOS and Android.
    SAAVcoin game integration started.
    Apr 2017 Storyboard Hadakuru (SAAV Games’ second game).
    Jul 2017 Start integration of SAAVcoin into Agamé.
    Sep 2017 Launch SAAVcoin website.
    Start ICO promotion campaign.
    Create alpha version of Agamé web deployment
    22 Oct 2017 ICO begins
    23 Dec 2017 ICO ends
    Jan 2018 Beta release of Agamé on all platforms (planned)
    Mar 2018 Final release of Agamé on all platforms (planned)
    Note: These dates are subject to change.
    For the latest revision of the timeline, see http://www.saavcoin.com/#proje...

    SAAVcoin "ICO" Process Summary

    The SAAVcoin cryptocurrency ICO process is summarized below:
    1. SAAV Games mint and hold 1,000,000,000 (one billion) SAAVcoin tokens, with
    an initial value of $10 million. The SAAVcoin tokens will be minted as ERC-20
    tokens on the Ethereum network.
    2. ICO process starts, during which 75% of the currency (equal to $7.5 million) will
    be made available for sale. SAAV Games will retain 25% (equal to $2.5 million).
    The ICO process will continue until all available SAAVcoin tokens are purchased,
    or until a maximum of 63 days have passed.
    3. ICO process ends. After an audit, all purchased SAAVcoin tokens will be
    distributed to buyers, SAAVcoin will become available for open trading, and its
    price will float according to supply and demand.

    Phase 1: Minting SAAVcoin

    One billion SAAVcoin tokens will be “minted” by SAAV Games on or around 17 October
    The blockchain cryptocurrency will be created with these characteristics:
    ● Token name: SAAVcoin
    ● Ticker symbol: SAAV
    ● Network: Ethereum
    ● SAAV Token Address: https://etherscan.io/address/s...
    ● Country of origin: USA
    At this stage all one billion SAAVcoin tokens will be held in SAAV Games’ Ethereum
    wallet, and will be visible at the above token address.

    Phase 2: ICO Process Starts

    The public sale of SAAVcoin will start on 22 October, 2017 at 8:00 AM US PDT (UTC-7).
    The price of each SAAVcoin token will remain fixed at 1¢ ($0.01) for the entire ICO.
    There will be two ways to purchase SAAVcoin during the ICO:
    1. SAAV Games can purchase tokens on your behalf.
    In this case you will have to supply your credit card details to SAAV Games.
    The link to the ICO purchase page will be supplied later.
    2. You can purchase tokens yourself during the ICO.
    In this case you’ll be able to purchase SAAVcoin using an Ethereum wallet.
    A $10 minimum purchase will be enforced throughout the ICO.

    Phase 3: ICO Process Ends

    The public sale of SAAVcoin will end no later than 23 December, 2017 at 5:00 PM US
    PST (UTC-8).
    After the ICO completes and all purchases are audited, SAAVcoin tokens will be
    distributed to buyers who purchased using their Ethereum wallets.
    SAAV Games will continue to hold all SAAVcoin tokens purchased on behalf of buyers
    who used credit cards to purchase their tokens. These tokens will be distributed to their
    purchasers when Agamé is released, and individual Ethereum wallets are created for
    these players.
    Any unsold SAAVcoin tokens will be retained by SAAV Games, and added to its reserve.
    Finally, public trading in SAAVcoin will start, and the price will float on the open

    Early Purchase Bonus

    The first 1,000 people who purchase at least 50,000 SAAVcoin tokens in the ICO
    (equivalent to $500) will receive an additional 10,000 SAAVcoin bonus (equivalent to
    $100) .

    Refund policy

    There will be no refunds of in-game SAAVcoin purchases from SAAV Games, for any
    reason. All sales will be final and without any guarantee. Purchasers will have to agree
    to these terms to play Agamé.

    SAAVcoin Distribution

    Intended ICO Expenditure by SAAV Games
    ● 55% reserved for development
    ● 25% for research
    ● 10% for operations and business development
    ● 5% for marketing and community development
    ● 5% for legal costs

    The SAAV Games Team

    ● Shawn Gordon - CEO and co-founder
    ● Andrew Jackman - Core developer and co-founder
    ● Oleksandr (Alex) Iakovliev - Core developer and co-founder
    ● Valentin Draganescu - Mobile developer and co-founder
    ● Miles Gordon - Graphic artist
    ● Elke Nutting - Graphic artist
    ● Carine Horner - Graphic artist
    ● Endre Szasz - Web developer
    The name "SAAV" is formed from the first letter of each of the four co-founders' names.

    The SAAV Games Board of Advisors

    ● Joe Roets - Dragonchain founder
    ● Paul Taffel - Long time developer
    ● Andrew Wertheim - Blockchain financial advisor
    ● Randy Johnson - Financial advisor


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