Deckcoin - The world’s first coin for the $1.4 Billion Digital Card Game industry

  • About Deck Coin

    Deck Coin (DEK) is an ERC20 compatible Ethereum based open source token
    that allows anyone to buy and sell deck guides. Smart contract code can be
    found on github7. Deck Coin brings a myriad of benefits that can’t be found
    anywhere else, including fast, simple, secure, and cheap transactions that would
    otherwise be impossible.

    Minimizing Artificial Costs

    Marketplace regulations and large fees associated with fiat currency transactions
    have created an ecosystem that does not allow users to profit until they
    scale. This is one of the most significant barriers for individual seller monetization.
    DEK allows users to be rewarded for their creations in a fair and instant
    manner by removing the bulk of transaction and regulatory barriers. DEK
    eliminates downsides like transaction fees, chargeback costs, lack of control, and
    more. Without these benefits a marketplace with a micropayment structure
    would not be feasible.
    Deck Coin allows anyone to buy and sell guides anonymously. Transfers occur
    on the blockchain, there is no verification for transactions. This gives all users a
    high level of anonymity, only revealing the relevant details for each transaction.
    Buyers and sellers can enjoy a high level of privacy due to the blockchain.


    DeckSwap runs on DEK and is the first marketplace for digital card games. The
    mission of the site is to provide a globally accessible platform for players of

    digital card games to exchange information. Using the DeckSwap platform users

    can create and publish decks. Once users have verified their game account on
    the platform they will have access to publish a deck. They will be prompted to
    set a price, the number of copies they want to sell, and an optional description.
    The deck is then listed on the marketplace where only user’s name, rank, and
    description are shown. Buyers will then see a listing on the marketplace with
    the deck information. After purchase, buyers can rate the product they received.

    Player and Rank Verification

    DeckSwap will require every seller to verify their game account for whichever game
    they are creating a deck guide for. This requires them to accept a friend invite
    of a DeckSwap bot that will give them a verification code. Player verification
    allows buyers to see the rank of someone before they buy a deck, allowing better
    understanding of their purchase. None of the current community sites verify
    a player’s rank, which leads to uncertainty as to how well a deck can actually
    perform. By giving purchasers confidence more transactions can be facilitated
    on the platform.

    Benefits for Sellers

    Selling content has been made as easy as possible. Beyond linking the relevant
    game account there are no barriers to listing content and receiving payment.
    Sellers can immediately be rewarded for their guides and withdraw funds at any
    time. DeckSwap will support multiple languages for in-game cards which will
    allow selling across language barriers. All transactions on DeckSwap will have a
    1% transaction fee allowing sellers to keep 99% of each sale.

    Benefits for Buyers

    Switching to a paid content model is new for many users, but allows them to
    receive a much higher quality product in return. When a deck is posted on a
    community site for free the majority of the value is diminished simply from the
    fact that everyone can access the deck. The meta quickly shifts and is dominated
    with the deck. By limiting the supply of decks the value of each individual one
    greatly increases. Another key benefit is that deck guides will be higher quality.
    Sellers will want to maintain high ratings to make money, creating higher quality

    Use of DEK on DeckSwap

    Deck Coin (DEK) is the basis for all transactions and interactions on DeckSwap.
    Users will have a unique wallet address on the platform, with which they can
    deposit deck coins. All payments including buying decks and tipping users will
    be done through DEK. Users may withdraw DEK at any time.

    Supported Games for Launch

    Through research and analysis, our team has decided on 4 games that will be
    supported for the initial launch of the platform:
    • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
    • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
    • Shadowverse
    • The Elder Scrolls: Legends
    A look into why each game was picked can be found below. The main criteria
    used was current user base and projected long term growth of the game.


    Hearthstone is the market leader in terms of player base, with 54% of Digital
    Collectible Card Game players playing the game. Its initial release in 2014
    effectively created the market it would later dominate. Most new card games
    can be seen to be heavily influenced by Hearthstone’s design and gameplay. By
    supporting Hearthstone, DeckSwap can gain access to the largest potential user
    base 8. The long term success of the game is backed by its developer, Blizzard,
    the creator of World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and more.


    We are launching DeckSwap to support the upcoming Gwent card game. Gwent
    is produced by CD Projekt Red with a full launch expected in Q4 2017. The
    decision for an unreleased game is largely an issue of effective market penetration,
    with larger games having established communities that are resistant to change.
    By gaining a foothold early on in an unreleased game, gaining traction will be
    easier. Gwent has seen significant user base growth as well as an aggressive
    marketing and tournament9 spend from the developer.


    Developed by Cygames, Shadowverse is Japan’s most popular digital card game
    and is the most played card game on the Steam platform. Its generous reward
    system is ideal for players that want to try a game, but hate the idea of starting
    over; making it the top choice for players leaving Hearthstone.

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends

    Recently released on mobile platforms Legends has seen immediate adoption
    among mobile players. Dire Wolf Digital, the developer is behind other popular
    card games, including Eternal and Pokémon TCG online. The incorporation of
    the Elder Scrolls franchise from Bethesda makes the game introduction easier
    than a newer game like eternal.

    Future Games

    While some games may dominate the market today, video game popularity
    fluctuates over time. We have identified games for future expansion. These could
    change with new entrants in the market, but as of now they are incorporated
    into our roadmap.

    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    Wizard of The Coast’s response to Hearthstone. The company behind Arena
    produces the most popular physical card game, Magic: The Gathering, with an
    estimated player base of 20 million10. MTG Arena is currently in Alpha, though
    a release date has not been announced.


    Artifact is Valve’s entry into the card game market, slated for release in 2018.
    The game is based in the DOTA 2 Universe which is the 14th most played video
    game in the world11. Valve also has the Steam platform for promotion as well
    as an incredibly strong track record.


    Produced by Dire Wolf Digital, the same company that makes The Elder scrolls:
    Legends card game. Eternal is praised for its mechanics and in-depth gameplay
    but It’s low player base is the reason it will not be supported during launch. As
    DeckSwap grows we plan to support more niche games like Eternal.
    While these games are not the only ones we plan to add to the marketplace,
    they are where we see the Card game market heading in the coming years.

    Market Acquisition

    Efficient marketing is critical to the success of DEK, we have chosen two KPI’s
    that will drive our market acquisition strategies. The first KPI is amount of DEK
    transactions on the platform, second is the percentage of ranked players posting
    content and receiving Deck Coin. These KPI’s will be increased through the
    use of the 25 MM coins set aside for market acquisition. While cryptocurrency
    adoption is growing, the introduction of a new form of payment is still a hurdle.
    Introducing users to DEK while making sure the value of the coin is not affected
    is a delicate balance. Below we will go over potential strategies for user growth
    and coin distribution.

    Payment for Account Verification

    Users may link their game account to Users that successfully
    verify their account on DeckSwap will receive a set amount of DEK based on
    their rank for the game. The verification system is hard to game, as every tier
    requires a significant time/electricity investment. By rewarding the verification
    of better players, the community will have a stronger core user base.
    Verification Payout

    Weekly Posting Prizes

    A weekly payout to the top players posting content is planned. Incentivizing
    deck guide creation and promotion for the best players in each game. The
    DeckSwap ecosystem benefits greatly from constantly updated high quality
    content. Encouraging selling and buying with DEK.

    Steam Items for DEK

    Users that might have difficulty purchasing DEK from crypto markets due to
    various constraints will still be able to obtain DEK. By allowing users to trade
    steam market commodity items for DEK, anyone can obtain the coin hassle free.
    Coins for this purpose will come from the team allocation

    Tournaments and Partnerships

    Providing DEK as a prize in card game tournaments will help cement its place
    in the Community. Promotional coins will also be used for partnering with other
    card game sites and professional card game teams. By acquiring partnerships
    with top teams the platform will have a strong guaranteed posting user base.


    Q1 2017

    • Idea for a deck marketplace based on cryptocurrency

    • Development of a test product to explore the industry and user

    Q2 2017

    • Marketplace research and decision to focus on 4 core games for launch
    • DEK implementation research
    • Advanced real time user tracking for Gwent

    Q3 2017

    • Launch of token sale site
    • Infrastructure and backend work

    Q4 2017

    • Token Sale begins and ends
    • Finish user verification back-end
    • Launch of beta product

    Q1 2018

    • DeckSwap marketplace full launch
    • Tournament sponsorships and promotion

    Q2 2018 and beyond

    • Continue to add popular card games to the marketplace
    • Adapt and optimize DeckSwap for the changing needs of the community
    • Focus on the integration of DEK into more sites and use cases

    Token Sale

    The total supply of DEK is 100 MM, this value will never grow. The Deck Coin
    sale will last until 70,000,000 coins are sold, or until the end date. Coins that
    are not sold will be destroyed.

    Start Date: October 24th -6 UTC
    End Date: November 24th -6 UTC
    Minimum: 8 MM DEK
    Soft Cap: 50 MM DEK
    Hard Cap: 70 MM DEK
    Token Availability: 70,000,000 DEK
    Token Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 28,000 DEK
    Token Distribution: Immediate (ERC20)
    Minimum Transaction Amount: NONE
    Maximum Transaction Amount: 25 ETH (Subject to change)

    Bonus Tokens

    Purchasing tokens earlier in the sale will result in extra coins being added to
    your purchase. The percent bonus decreases over time.


    Token Distribuition

    70%Token Sale

    25%Promoting DEK

    5%Operations and Founding Team

    Use of Funds

    • 70%Marketplace Development
    • 10%Integration with 3rd parties
    • 10%Administrative
    • 5%Legal

    Bounty Program

    Welcome to the
    DeckSwap bounty program. Enter your Ethereum address to receive a unique
    shareable link. For every person that clicks your link you will receive
    a set amount of DEK.Rates
    10 DEK per click
    - Minimum payout 600 DEK

    The program is set to last until the token sale ends or until 5 million
    coins have been earned; although we reserve the right to end the
    program at any time for any reason.

    - DeckSwap may terminate your account at any time for any reason.

    - All clicks will be audited to prevent fraud

    - Payment will occur 1 week after token sale completion. Paid to the Ethereum address linked to your unique url.

    - Invalid activity is determined by DeckSwap in all cases and includes, but is not limited to,

    spam, invalid queries, invalid impressions or invalid clicks on links
    generated by any person, bot, automated program or similar device,
    including through any clicks or impressions originating from your IP
    addresses or computers under your control; (ii) clicks solicited or
    impressions generated by payment of money, false representation, or
    requests for end users to click on links or take other actions; (iii)
    links served to end users whose browsers have JavaScript disabled; and
    (iv) clicks or impressions co-mingled with a significant amount of the
    activity described in (i, ii, and iii) above. If your account is found
    to perform these actions DeckSwap reserves the right to not pay out any
    DEK to the address.

    - Clicks from the following will not count:
    Egypt, Moldova, El Salvador, Macedonia, Ecuador, Gibraltar, Brunei,
    Netherlands Antilles, Serbia, Bolivia, Yemen, Palestine, Tunisia, Sri
    Lanka, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Senegal, Nepal Sudan,
    Guatemala, Maldives, Libya, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Myanmar (Burma),
    Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mauritius, Laos, Paraguay, Vietnam,
    Pakistan, Mongolia, Somalia, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Sierra

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    Howey Test

    Terms and Conditions



    stack developer and creator of the Zorium framework. Experience in the
    video game industry running a gaming site with over 5 million users.
    Incredibly skilled developer that has a proven ability to build and
    maintain large applications.


    Eli Kahan 

     In depth domain knowledge of the digital card game industry. Designed and launched the #1 Hearthstone pack sim and #1 Gwent app on Android.


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