Zcoin (XZC) Release v0.13.3 Mandatory upgrade

  • Instructions

    Make sure back up wallet.dat before updating to this version. You can do this from the GUI by going to File>Backup Wallet.

    It is recommended for a reindex when upgrading to this version. Read this guide on how to reindex.

    If you are compiling from source, note updated build instructions from readme.md. If you're from earlier, please do a fresh git clone into a new directory.


    • Mandatory upgrade with hard fork at Block 60000 (approximately 9 November 2017)
    • Zerocoin library security improvements through the use of secp256k1. Credits to Tim Ruffing for his amazing contributions.
    • Fixed error with block syncs when closing wallet and other sync errors
    • Zerocoin mints are now standardised at 6 confirms before being able to be spent.

    Known Bugs

    Minor sync issues in some rare instances.

    Before doing any Zerocoin mints or spend, make sure to do File>Backup your wallet.dat and save in separate location so you can restore in the case a mint/spend does not confirm.


    • Version: v0.13.3- SHA256 Hashes:
      • Windows: c3f1e85df1132a0913e12416e1c41901f3a0949b36b3b34405f08de73b3cee63
      • Linux: d773c634cd9b19c87d5697d6bf3cc4b0d152e3e9723dd9588cc9a4ebcb39ccfb
      • Mac: e49363d6e85cff487fe36cd3fa553d2f7c9d95b60df21b91d8fbaba3559e1f72



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