[ICO] RAAcoin - United Currency for RAA Delivery Service and Decentralized Payment Network

  • An RAA Coin is an ERC20 compliant token which exists on the main Ethereum network. Some of the features of the token include allowing users to check their RAA Coin balance, transfer RAA Coin to other addresses (including exchanges), and approve other addresses to withdraw a specified amount of RAA Coin from an address they own. All RAA Coin is pre-mined and the smart contract specifies the total amount of RAA Coin available in the world. This number indicates the sum of the tokens that exist on the Ethereum main network and platform-level (internal) RAA Coin that is circulating within the RAA platform. Internal RAA Coin facilitates payment for activities such as product sales, reward payouts and redemptions, employee bonuses and more.

    Renaissance And Action Ltd. provides crowdsourced package delivery and operates as
    service on demand model with a fixed rate delivery within city of Calgary, Canada.

    With the innovation of the blockchain technology, third-party high transaction fees with
    credit cards can be eliminated. Financial transactions can be decentralized without intermediate
    parties on the blockchain network. RAA sees this trend of innovation will have
    dramatic potential to reshape the payment industries, and bring a lot of benefits to customers
    and businesses. RAA will issue RAA Coin cryptocurrency to strengthen its strategic
    advantage that provides the best service with discounted price. RAA is creating RAA
    Coin to be used by customers in RAA’s business ecosystem. RAA Coin’s price will
    appreciate over time as it is supported by fundamental economic activities from RAA
    Ecosystem and in return the currency will benefit RAA’s strategic advantage with better
    pricing position.

    RAA will promote further circulation of RAA Coin by regularly providing discount using
    part of its revenue on top of third party transaction fees when customers use RAA service.
    In order for RAA Coin to be a viable, useful, and valuable cryptocurrency, RAA will create
    a cryptocurrency payment system like Stripe for traditional businesses that will be integrated
    easily on their webpages and apps to accept RAA Coin.
    In the future, RAA Coin will be served as a united currency for customers when RAA
    expands internationally, to eliminate unfair currency exchange rates and service fees in
    the shipping industry.
    RAA business ecosystem includes: long distance delivery, citywide package delivery
    and a payment system.
    RAA Coin holders not only will profit from appreciation of the currency that is supported
    by fundamental business activities, but can use it as currency to get discounted service
    from RAA.


    RAA Coin is a cryptocurrency of fixed supply. The coin is designed to accommodate a broad range of financial transactions and storing value. Like other cryptocurrencies, units of RAA Coin are fungible and transferable. It is expected to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

    RAA will add value of its coin by using it as currency payment beside traditional vehicles. Using RAA Coin on RAA Ecosystem will get discounted price without intermediate transaction fees plus periodically promoted price from RAA profits. RAA is paying 2.9% plus $0.30 to Stripe on each transaction when customers use credit card on Renaissance And Action app to call citywide delivery. All of these fees can be discounted back to customers who use RAA cryptocurrency. RAA Coin will strengthen RAA’s price advantage, and in return RAA Ecosystem will drive the usable value of RAA Coin.

    The RAA Ecosystem will seek to establish a global network of digital and physical service that constitutes a new operating model where customers will use a united currency to pay service from RAA Ecosystem without traditional currency exchange loss.

    How It Works

    1. Download App

    Download the Renaissance And Action app on the App Store,or Google Play.

    2. Sign Up

    Create an account with email address and password on the app.

    3. Request

    Just open the app and let us know where pickup and delivery locations are. Put delivery information: type of packages, weight, dimensions, and any notices.

    4. Payment

    Payment can be made by credit card, or cash.

    5. Pickup, and Delivery

    The nearest driver will be sent to pick up your packages. 

    You will get real time notifications of all delivery status, and track driver’s arrival on the map.

    Display their FAQs

    Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.



    Renaissance And Action Ltd. is crowdsourced delivery service that currently
    provides package delivery service with a fixed rate in city of Calgary in
    Canada. RAA platform facilitates same day delivery of our crowdsourced
    drivers and customers. Individuals and businesses can order delivery and
    make payment on Renaissance And Action app.

    Business retailers including single store businesses to omni-channel retailers
    are moving their businesses to online virtual stores and physical locations.
    The landscape of retail businesses has been changing completely
    for the past decade and will continue with the Mom n’ Pops losing to e-commerce
    juggernauts. More and more customers enjoy the convenience of
    shopping on computers at home, or even on a smart phone anywhere they
    want and get shopping items delivered to their door.

    That puts a lot of pressure on traditional retailers, forcing many of them into
    bankruptcy. A 109-year-old sport retailer, Wholesale Sport, is cutting 12
    stores on its chains, and leaving 545 workers without jobs by the end of
    2017. The business mainly provides fishing, hunting, and camping supply in
    Western Canada. Not long ago, the one-time retail giant, Sears Canada,
    liquidated and closed down 59 stores while laying off 2,900 employees.
    That’s only a few of many traditional retailer giants faced recent years, and
    the trend will be worst for years to come.

    To avoid the mistakes of other brands while taking advantage of the growth
    opportunities in the e-commerce space, retailers have been staking out digital
    territory and setting up shops online with options to delivery purchased
    items to customer doors. Others like Superstore, Walmart, and Canadian
    Tire are now offering to order online and pick up at the store for customers.

    Renaissance And Action Ltd. is established on the vision of this changing
    landscape on retailer business. With the matured on-demand IT technology
    and crowdsourced business model, RAA can provide the best price solution
    to delivery packages from retailer stores to customer’s doors. That benefits
    to all parties involved in the RAA Ecosystem: retailers will reclaim their business
    shares from e-commerce giants; customers can still enjoy all convenience
    of online shopping while purchasing at their favorite retail stores; and
    independence drivers can earn extra money to support their family, or any
    their financial goals while using their free time, and resources.

    1.Industrial 4.0

    The fourth industrial revolution is happening. Factories are getting smarter
    and a sort of Internet of Things for manufacturers is revolutionizing factories
    where will be hundreds of thousands of computers everywhere. Industry 4.0
    connects the supply chain, machines, robotics on the production line to provide
    integrated and automated manufacturing that make better use of capital,
    resources and materials.

    The result is empowering manufacturers to produce multiple variants of a
    product, and one-off bespoke products without the need for traditional manufacturing
    intervention. Businesses will ship to Consumer to Business
    model that custom-made goods will be ordered on demand. Imagine that
    one can order a pair of Nikes that are custom-made with a bigger left side to
    accommodate their unique foot shape.

    This new industrial revolution creates business models that customers will
    order custom-tailored products directly from manufacturers. It can happen
    under Industrial Revolution 4.0. All of these endeavors will put high
    demand on transportation to deliver products from producers directly to

    2.Industrial 3.0

    The industrial revolution 3.0 is still going on with a reasonable automation
    level, with production process being interconnected in factories. IT in automation
    establishes a predefined hierarchy where the connectivity level
    covers from the sensor that measures the process state, to the software
    used at the highest levels of decision-making.

    But more important creation in this revolution is that micro-manufacturing
    machineries as well as 3D printing technology are easy to access with
    affordable price enabling mass individualization where people create lots
    of things from scratch. Thanks to state-of-the-art design software and computer-
    controlled laser cutters, 3D printers and other manufacturing hardware,
    designers and inventors are turning their ideas into reality and sell it
    to market. New technology allows an individual to become independent
    and create a micro-business that uses online marketplaces such as
    etsy.com to sell products and send it to customers’ doors.


    With all the aforementioned demands on delivery, RAA needs to expand its
    radius to cover bigger delivery areas to different cities and towns. The giant
    couriers such as Canada Post, UPS, or Purolator are too expensive to send
    a package for individual items from retailers. The cost of sending a small
    package sometimes is more expensive than the items itself. That limits the
    customer base of small retailers to expand their business beyond a city, or
    even their community without all the difficulty of opening extra store locations.


    As mentioned in the vision section, RAA Coin
    has price advantage for RAA’s service. RAA
    will discount all the transactions that pay to
    financial institutions to customers who use
    RAA Coin to pay the transporting service.
    Third party service providers can accept RAA
    Coin as mean of compensations. These economic
    activities serve the fundamental value
    for RAA Coin. As all fiat currency, it needs the
    functions of circulation and store value. RAA
    Coin has a fixed amount of 1 billion units. 450
    million units will available for purchase to the
    public during the ICO. RAA stores 500 million
    units as an investment and as a reserve for
    future circulation supply. (See finance section
    for more details)

    Besides RAA Coin’s fundamental value in RAA Ecosystem, RAA will use
    part of its revenue to further discount the use of RAA Coin on the ecosystem
    for package delivery service. RAA Coin will benefit more when RAA
    expands internationally and its own currency and payment system will save
    millions of dollars from bank transaction fees and currency exchange. All
    parties involved in the ecosystem will benefit with united currency on blockchain

    To further fuel up the circulation of RAA Coin, RAA sees it’s necessary to
    build its payment system to traditional medium and small businesses that
    can take the advantage of the blockchain payment technology. RAA will free
    to businesses to integrate RAA Coin payment easily to their websites, and
    apps payment in return that RAA Coin will be used exponentially.


    An important milestone in the development of the RAA platform is to enable
    partner merchants to accept payment with RAA Coin. Partner merchants
    can connect with the RAA API using POS integration or other custom tools.
    The RAA API allows merchants from anywhere in the world to receive RAA
    Coin and receive that coin to their internal balance. RAA’s database is a
    ledger that maintains the balances of each account that holds internal RAA
    Coin. RAA builds up extensive user and spending data by functioning as an
    intermediary for those spending and receiving off-chain RAA Coin. This
    data can be used to learn more about spending activity and offering informative
    but anonymous reporting data to RAA partners. It can also be used
    as a basis for developing artificial intelligence to do predictive analysis to
    track customer spending behaviour and product preference.
    When payments are made using RAA Coin, a user’s internal RAA Coin
    balance is incremented in accordance with the reward associated with this
    action. RAA uses large AWS Aurora databases which are fast, ACID-compliant,
    secure and reliable. All RAA data, including internal RAA Coin
    balances, are continuously backed up in order to protect all data including
    digital assets such as RAA Coin. This kind of data integrity and fault tolerance
    is already available for RAA Coin stored on the smart contract as the
    Ethereum network is a distributed LevelDB database with integrity checks
    going on every minute across thousands of validator nodes around the


    With a hybrid internal and external RAA Coin storage model, RAA is able
    to meet all of the objectives for its digital asset and can maximize value for
    all RAA Coin holders. When RAA Coin is public (residing on the smart contract)
    it can be sent by its owners to other addresses, fed into exchanges
    and sold for other currencies like Ether or Bitcoin. It can also simply be left
    on the smart contract as a long-term investment. RAA Coin balances that
    are internal and not yet realized to the public blockchain fuel the vibrant
    RAA marketplace of social mining, marketing, e-commerce and rewards
    redemption. All transactions on the RAA platform, including those that
    involve the incrementation and decrementation of RAA Coin balances,
    happen instantly as the RAA websites runs on high-speed, relational databases.
    The instant settlement of earnings and total RAA Coin balance provides
    a satisfying user-experience and encouragement for users to forge
    on with mining, shopping and redemption activities, all while seeing their
    RAA Coin balance updated in real-time.
    RAA will build into its user account section tools that provide a financial
    bridge, allowing users to import and export their RAA Coin balances with
    the smart contract freely. Depending on each user’s situation, some will
    want to maintain their RAA Coin internally and some on the smart contract.
    RAA will build out easy-to-use features in the user account section to facilitate
    the import and export of tokens and shield users from the technical
    hurdles of doing similar operations directly with a smart contract. When
    exporting tokens, RAA will use the Web3 library to interface with the Ethereum
    main network and increment the user’s public balance while decrementing
    the RAA operations account. Once this transaction finishes, RAA
    will decrement the internal operations pool and increment the user’s internal
    internal balance. The smart contract token storage hashmap and RAA’s
    internal token storage are distinctly separate places where RAA Coin
    resides. In order to not have “vanishing” or “injected” tokens on the smart
    contract, every decrease of a user’s smart contract balance will be met
    with an equal increase to the smart contract operations address which is
    owned by RAA.

    When a user balance is updated by RAA, an event will be fired by the smart
    contract which our internal systems are constantly listening for. This provides
    an extra layer of confirmation where RAA can receive notification of
    the completion of a transaction. All means are taken to ensure balance
    integrity between the internal and external RAA Coin data stores.
    For users familiar with calling smart contract methods (functions) using
    their Ethereum wallets, RAA will provide an import method on the contract
    that allows token owners to import RAA Coin into the RAA platform with
    ease. Only one parameter needs to be provided to the method which is the
    amount of RAA Coin they wish to import. Validation checks will first take
    place to make sure that the user has sufficient RAA Coin to perform such
    an operation. If so, their smart contract balance will be decremented and
    the smart contract operations pool incremented respectively, and they will
    see the amount credited to their website (internal) balance within a minute.
    In this scenario, an import event is fired by the smart contract which is
    received by our system’s event listener and their internal balance is programmatically
    While RAA does not expect any technical difficulties to arise during this
    import operation, our platform is continuously reading through the smart
    contract event logs and making sure that all necessary debits and credits
    have taken place internally. In the rare event of a technical breakdown
    during the import operation, our background validator processes will detect
    the anomaly through a diff check on the smart contract logs vs. internal
    transaction log and ensure that any missing transactions are made as soon
    as possible.


    2016/ Q1

    RAA is established and
    development begins

    2017/ Q2

    IT system and App are built

    2017/ Q3

    The ICO

    2018/ Q2

    Long distance and city wide transporting IT infrastructure is built with RAAcoin payment

    2019/ Q1

    Rened RAAcoin payment system is built and exported to business users

    RAAcoin Token Sale Details:

    Total RAA For Sale:

     450,000,000. Equal to 22,500 ETH

    How to Buy RAA Token:

    Send ETH to RAA smart contract address at: 0x4BE0D8C94A0570F6125FE630B737487065e53447

    Set gas limit to: 200,000

    Currency Rate:

    1 ETH = 20,000 RAA


    The RAA Coin crowdsale has a cap of $2 million USD with ETH as the denomination.
    The financed fund will be used to fund tech team development, especially blockchain
    specialists, operating expenses, legal service, marketing, and technology equipment.

    70% Tech Team Development
    10% Operating Expenses
    6% Legal Services
    4% Marketing
    10% Technology Equipments

    . Tech Team Development
    Talented employees will be the main success of RAA to achieve its visions. RAA needs
    a team of innovation programmers and blockchain specialists who can create the best,
    fastest, and innovative solutions. We will consider opening IT labs overseas to fill up
    talented employees. RAA will put together a development roadmap that allows us to
    meet quick integration of RAAcoin payment into the current delivery-on-demand IT
    system, and yet the payment can be built upon it for future expansion.
    . Operating expenses
    RAA will expand office spaces and IT infrastructure warehouse for operations.
    . Legal service
    Legal requirements include cross provinces registration, patent researches, trademark
    listing, and downtown robot delivery licenses.
    . Marketing
    RAA will hire specialized marketing firms to promote RAA ecosystem through banner
    ads, viral video contents, and promoted office gifts for business owners and managers.
    Marketing will also focus on creating traditional marketing contents to reach massive
    individual customers. Even before the decentralized payment network is fully operational,
    we will be working closely with partners and clients to promote the blockchain payment
    . Technology equipment
    RAA needs IT infrastructure equipment, AI hardware, and office machines. Remote conference
    and operation technology is needed to cooperate team on the go, and cross-nations.


    In order to finance RAA Ecosystem, RAA will conduct a token distribution event that will
    offer for sale 450 million units out of 1 billion fixed total supply of RAA Coin. Because
    RAA Coin amount is a fixed, RAA will store 500 million units for future supply of circulation
    through marketing programs such as marketing RAA service, or free delivery for first
    time customers. 50 million units will be allocated to the founder.
    1 ETH = 20,000 RAA Coin


    ICO Website:


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