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  • The First Secure Cloud Private Branch/Bussines eXchange (PBX)

    Encrypted communication

    Encrypto Telecom is able to contribute to the world development much more, that you can imagine. Encrypted telecommunications is a future of all traditional telecommunications, so make no doubt that your privacy is under reliable protection.

    Our company suggests a full range of telecommunication services based on innovative cloudy PBX. Weuse up-to-date solutions in the sphere of digital technologies, such as encryption through open, proven algorithms and usage of the blockchain-technology. We realized a product of a very high quality that has a great potential for customers from the various business areas.

    It doesn’t matter, who you are: user, business or marketing agency – we have solutions for you.

    EncryptoTelecom - is an advanced virtual PBX, which is able to secure your private calls as well as your business phone network. Our service allows to protect both business network and ordinary users’ phone calls from unsanctioned intrusion. Technology of creation of private virtual telecomunication infrastructure is based on the range of IPSec protocols and TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol.
    Integration with blockchain technology provides more stable and secure work. So, all in all, you receive a tool that will help you to build a highly secure phone network of any size and complexity.


    On this stage of our product development we really need your feedback. In order to realize the service, which will have all the necessary functions for each particular user we’ve decided to make the beta open.

    What to test? Whatever you want, we’ll appreciate any positive criticism. “What about reward?” - you ask. You’ll absolutelly get one. All the details we will post in here really soon, we also will present you a “bugs price list”.

    Till then you can enjoy absolutely free communication inside the network.

    Registration: http://goo.gl/forms/BDo04xdn5OjQ88Ag1 (*required registration on site https://encryptotel.com)
    List of approved testers: soon
    Bug reports: http://goo.gl/forms/Oj5dEXdjVZnsHly72
    or https://encryptotel.com/contacts



    Our PBX makes it possible to proceed incoming call transfer to any numbers, including mobile and home phones. Such parameters as time, week day (working day or weekend), identifier of a caller and others are taken into account. Scenario of a call can be chosen in the special section. The quantity and difficulty of scenarios are not limited.


    Many functions of the secretary can be easily replaced by automotive distribution of calls according to the previously created scheme. If complex setting up of the call queue and incoming calls transfer schedule is made, it is easy to distribute duties among your company’s employees according to their experience and working hours.


    Automatic number identification - identifies incoming calls, compares them with the clients’ database or contact list, records data or calls back.


    Want to keep your real phone number hidden? With the help of our option CallerID you can hide or substitute your phone number. Called user will see only the information you want him to see.


    It is an automotive system of processing the incoming calls, greetings or interaction with clients. Voice menu simplifies the navigation among different departments of your company. Moreover it reduces the response time for a call due to the load distribution. Expenses for the call-centers are becoming lower, because voice menu replaces the basic functions of a secretary.

    For example, you can use voice menu as an information center for automatic answers to the common questions: working hours, addresses of the offices, service conditions and others.

    IVR Voice – presentable sartorial statement of the company, that takes care of its reputation, partners and clients.


    Secretary duties are reduced, because a client can reach a needed person via phone by himself. What is more, there is an opportunity to use advertising and informational notifications, if you add to the voice menu advertising blocks of the company apart from greetings. Interaction with customers becomes easier and the quality of service increases. Dial-up time shortens, that means that client does not have to wait until he is connected with a certain subscriber. Incoming calls can be processed easier if the voice menu contains incoming calls transfer to the employees’ mobile phones or the suggestion to leave a message via voice-mail.


    Security and privacy of the negotiations are important for all users. The most reliable traffic encryption protocols are used to provide the privacy of your conversations. Make no doubt that all your conversations inside our network are effectively protected and only you have access to the data with your personal account.


    Sometimes there are too many incoming calls and the company’s departments have not enough time to process all of them. There is a solution – you can just enqueue these calls. PBX will inform the clients about their queue number and approximate time of waiting. Advertisement, useful information or music can be included in time, while customers are waiting for the answer. The first employee who has become free will be automatically connected with the waiting client.


    IP-telephony conversations recording is an excellent service for conversations monitoring and improving the quality of the telephone service for clients. You will be able to control your employees’ work, improve discipline and prevent information leak.

    Conversation recording is able to increase the level of informational security within your company.


    You can create as many accounts as you wish, distribute the rights, determine managers for company’s departments. Then you can analyze the effectiveness of all subdivisions of your company.


    Voice greeting – the first thing that your potential customer will hear after dialing the number.

    With the help of this option you can upload an audio file with any content, such as, greeting or music. Our system will play it back when needed.


    PBX makes it possible to buy and use number in more than 100 countries with advantageous tariff. However, if you are going to use your SIP number and all opportunities of our solution, we have realized this option, too.


    Every registrated user gets a unique identifier. With the help of this identifier users will be able to call for free within our network. Enjoy costless and secure communication.


    Depending on the volume of your solution based on our PBX, you will need space to store information. You can just choose necessary volume of cloudy storage and be sure that your data will be protected.

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