Multibot - A multi-functional multi-threaded trading platform in the cloud

  • Multibot platform is aimed at solving the problem of user interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges and continuous monitoring of the market, at the maximum number of trading platforms. Based on and using the advantages of the SaaS model, the platform is designed to lower the threshold of entry into the exchange trade in cryptocurrencies. Automated tools that do not require installation, with an intuitive interface and working 24/7 in the web-cloud will provide protection and capital turnover, eliminate manual labor and take advantage of the volatility of the cryptocurrency for profit. Unlike other existing tools, it accumulates a maximum set of tools and services. The platform allows you to start using a few simple steps, regardless of the availability of hardware and other software, since it is available from anywhere in the world, with pre-defined settings and tools for successfully solving the main tasks.

    Multibot Technologies

    Cloud technologies

    The platform is based on various technologies for the implementation of all the tasks set, but the basis of the project is cloud technologies. The web-cloud allows you to quickly deploy any number of small isolated instances with a dedicated IP address, which is especially important for working with exchanges that limit the number of requests from one IP address. It is equally important to ensure the stable operation of the system as a whole, cloud technologies allow you to isolate web applications, providing full functionality for their operation.


    Each newly developed tool or algorithm requires careful testing in various situations. Each stage should be subjected to stress tests in real and simulated situations. The new functionality will be published for a limited control group of users, to evaluate the effectiveness and relevance.
    It requires a constant analysis of the use of platform functions, and the processing of the system of interaction with users to highlight the main points, so as not to overload the platform with unnecessary and little-used tools.
    All tools and parts of the platform should be available with a minimum response time and transfer data in a compact form for fast downloading. To eliminate the scarcity of resources, a reserve of capacities with a multiple reserve will be laid, and overselling is categorically excluded.


    Multibot closed development and information about the real infrastructure, location of the equipment, real IP addresses, source code and list of solutions used are not published for security reasons.
    There is no direct access to instances in the cloud, all interaction between platform users and instances takes place only through specialized interfaces that redirect tasks to the cloud through an API of their own design.
    The geographical location of the cloud center in Europe, as the project develops, it is possible to use the date centers in other regions.



    Obtaining operational information is an important task for each owner of cryptocurrency. Unlike the market of ordinary currencies, where the determination of the exchange rate is actually in one Forex market, the market of cryptocurrency is not uniform and the rate on different exchanges may differ by more than 10% at one time. This situation is quite common.
    Multibot analytics is designed to promptly and comprehensively inform the user about the situation on the market. Flexibly customizable interface allows you to focus the system on user-specific exchanges and currencies, as well as to fully monitor the dynamics of the exchange rate for each exchange and in general, tracking the volume of trading, a report on the capitalization of currencies, compile summary statistics of selected currency rates and much more.


    Signals are a tool for informing users who are subscribed to notifications about sudden changes in rates and volumes of crypto-currencies or significant events that affect them.
    It is planned to use several types of signals, standard ones released automatically based on calculations of the Multibot analytics software module, manually sent by the team of the news aggregation department and assessing their significance, as well as user signals that they can customize for events with their own parameters.
    Various information channels such as push notifications, email, mobile messengers, phone and SMS will be available.

    Automatic sale and buy

    A set of automatic actions for the purchase, sale and dispatch of cryptocurrency when the conditions specified by the user occur. Automation of routine manual actions for placing orders for purchase and sale on the stock exchange with specified parameters.
    On some platforms, there is a partial execution of orders when a certain event occurs. For example, Stop-limit orders7 on the Poloniex exchange, but there is no such function on the Wex.nz8 exchange (formerly BTC-e).


    We will develop this idea with the maximum number of conditions for verifying the onset of events and the possibility of their combination.
    It is planned:
    • Buy / Sale when a certain price of the token is reached
    • Buy / Sale when the price changes by more than X during the Y period
    • Buy / Sale when balance is available or balance greater than X
    • Withdrawal when balance is available or balance greater than X


    The divergence of courses on trading platforms allows you to profit from the purchase and sale of tokens on different platforms. Slow withdraw, slow transaction enrollment, transaction delays, significantly different interface exchanges and the need to work with each of them in their window, significantly complicate this process. And, if a slow transfer of funds can be bypassed, having an active balance on each exchange, then it is impossible to get rid of a lot of windows without using third-party tools.
    The principle of "one window" in Multibot will help to solve this problem, simplify and improve the efficiency of arbitrage operations. Quick navigation on available tokens, panels with information on balance, token rate, calculated course divergence, direction of movement of the rate for the selected period, the ability to send a command to issue a warrant of sale, as well as notification of the set conditions, will open a new look at operations arbitrage between exchanges.

    Trading bot

    Our platform will be a fully autonomous robot that executes cyclical sales transactions on exchanges with a given algorithm in order to turn funds around and make a profit.
    All algorithms boil down to two principles: buy cheaper and sell more expensive, or sell more expensive and buy less. The tasks are successfully solved by time-tested strategies. To maximize profit, it is possible to use machine learning to select the best selling point. The most effective method is the symbiosis of these methods, when the time of launching the next cycle and the strategy used selects a neural network based on the accumulated experience.

    The ATM system will be multi-tasking and will be able to work simultaneously with different pairs on different platforms.


    Free tariff

    A conditional free model9 is projected to be the most popular product by means of which you can familiarize yourself with the system's capabilities and motivate users to switch to paid tariffs. Also, this model excludes the loss of a large part of the audience, which requires the solution of minor problems or their rare implementation. Monetization of the service for this model consists in displaying ad units on the interface pages and selling small paid functions.
    The tariff will have significant limitations on the number of simultaneously performed tasks, limiting the frequency of requests to exchanges, small limitations of functionality and low priority of technical support with limited communication channels. Tasks will be distributed evenly over specially allocated instances in the cloud without the possibility of excluding the work of other users on this instance.

    Paid tariffs

    Tariff, intended for users who constantly work with exchanges and cryptocurrency. Without ads, without limits to the functionality and frequency of requests, with early access to new functions, with a dedicated instance in the cloud and dedicated IP addresses. This tariff will provide for priority technical support. Subsequently, it is possible to divide the tariff scale into several tariffs, depending on the needs of users in the number of simultaneously performed tasks.

    Customized Solutions

    In the future, it will be possible to create individual solutions for professional market participants with platform-independent running software on separate equipment.

    ICO Structure

    Multibot collects funds for the launch, promotion and development of the platform. For this purpose, Multibot (MBT) investment tokens, corresponding to the ERC20 standard5, have been issued and are a smart contract based on the Ethereum platform6. The platform will ensure the storage of collected funds and the disposal of them as necessary.

    Name of the token: 

    token MBT - shared smart contract Multibot. Token Multibot grants the right to share in the platform's profits. The share of 50% of the platform's profit is distributed to all active tokens.

    Payout procedure:

    After the start of the platform, at the end of each quarter, 50% of the distributed profit is transferred to the Ethereum (ETH) purse, after which the ETH is distributed among holders of MBT tokens in accordance with the data of the smart contract (according to the percentage of tokens of their total number).
    Initial value of the token:
    When a smart contract is published on the Etherum network, the initial value of tokens is set at 25,000,000 MBT. Unsold tokens, at the end of the ICO will be destroyed.
    Original price:
    The cost of one token is set at $1 per token.

    ICO Details 

    • What is the Multibot token: 

    The Multibot token a.k.a. the MultiBot platform share, gives the right to participate in the profits of the company. All token holders are entitled to receiving dividends according to their shares. At the end of the ICO, 50% of the company's profits will be distributed among all sold tokens. 

    • Pay out procedure: 

    Every 3 months the profit will be converted and sent to the Ethereum wallet, from which it will be distributed to the wallets of Multibot tokens holders according to the conditions of the smart contract. 

    • Reduction: 


    • All tokens: 

    25,000,000 (twenty five million) tokens 

    • Regulation: 

     Unsold tokens are burnt 

    • Initial value of the token: 

     Fixed - $1

    • Token distribution:

    • Users: 95%
    • Founders: 3%
    • Bounty Company: 2%


    • Day 1-2: 25% bonus tokens
    • Day 3-7: 20% bonus tokens
    • Week 2: 15% bonus tokens
    • Week 3: 10% bonus tokens
    • Week 4: 5% bonus tokens
    • Week 5: 0% bonus tokens

    Bounty program:

    • Advertising campaign in Facebook: 10% of the bonus tokens
    • Advertising campaign in Tweeter: 10% of the bonus tokens
    • Advertising campaign in the forums: 20% of the bonus tokens
    • Multibot support in discussions: 15% of the bonus tokens
    • For special support: 35% of the bonus tokens

    Multibot Roadmap

    The project is in a pre-release condition, with partially realized instruments and coverage of several platforms (Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Wex (formerly BTC)). Since the project provides many ideas, and is aimed at maximum coverage of exchanges, we will gradually expand and enhance the platform's capabilities according to our Roadmap.
    Below you can find a step-by-step plan that covers the main points of future opportunities. Each point is conceived as an enhancement of the capabilities of the platform and will be expanded and supplemented as it is implemented based on the market situation and the wishes of users. All points of the roadmap will be implemented with time, regardless of the results.

    The main priority in the development of the Multibot platform is the safety of user’s funds. Serious attention is planned to be given to checking the operation of tools and data security. All tools and the platform will be tested for a long time with the involvement of security specialists in computer systems. Additional functionality to prepare for the release requires closed testing, after which investors and subscribers will receive priority early access to new features.

    Support for major exchanges

    Minimize your risks!

    Trade in several cryptocurrency exchanges, use a trading bot, create automated tasks for buying and selling, configure signals and engage in arbitration.




    White Paper:





  • The success of Multibot: soft cap has been submitted!

    There are lots of blockchain projects entering the ICO stage. All of them offer their solutions in a wide variety of branches. However, not all of them are able to collect the required funds for further development.

    Multibot startup, which is right in the midst of ICO, can already be proud of its software being successfully received (the lower limit of the fundraising). This moment itself indicates that our development is supported by the society and is interesting to investors!

    The relevance of the project

    First of all the Multibot platform is created to help amateur traders with advantageous cryptocurrency exchange. Also after its completion, the system will be able to continuously monitor the market, analyzing a large number of trading platforms simultaneously.

    The project is very interesting and relevant, as today digital currencies are actively implemented into the exchanges as trading instruments. Due to the fact that the cryptocurrency market is still young and has not yet developed an independent regulatory mechanism, it is a subject of strong speculative influence. That’s why it is difficult to trade assets.

    Our platform Multibot offers its users a simple and effective tool for the cryptocurrency trading. With our design, anyone can try himself as a trader, even without the necessary software or hardware. All you need is just to configure the system, which will perform the actions according to the prescribed algorithms.

    ICO continues: seize the hour!

    The project has already successfully overcome soft cap, which is 100,000 MBT tokens, put up for sale during ICO. This number of tokens is equivalent to $100,000. And this amount has already been raised!!! It already guarantees the success of our product. Despite this, the token sale is continuing. All those who wish to participate in the financing of Multibot still have an opportunity to purchase MBT tokens.

    All the token owners will be able to count on making a 50% profit of the platform revenue after launch. Such additional income to investors will be paid quarterly. Where else can you get such a high guaranteed income? It is registered in the smart-contract, guaranteeing a doubtless immediate credit.

    The second reason for investing in Multibot is the increase in the cost of tokens after ICO completion. A total of 25,000,000 MBT was issued for sale. All tokens left will be “burned”.

    It should be noted, that the more tokens are “burned”, the higher the demand for the remaining “coins” of the system is. After all, everything that has a limited output a priori is in high demand. The Multibot platform is already in demand and appreciated. Therefore, its tokens will definitely be in demand. All this will push the price of the MBT up.

    The soft cap is submitted — what is next?

    Multibot, due to the soft cap receiving, is already considered a successful blockchain project. For this reason, our team has the opportunity to start active work on the further development of the project now, which will help to get ahead of the previously announced work schedule. The alpha-version of the system is on its way. Not every startup can be proud of such accomplishments, even those that have already successfully completed ICO.

    The collected funds will give us a possibility to launch the subscription campaign earlier. As a result, investors can get the first dividends as early as April 2018!

    Features of using the Multibot platform

    Multibot platform users can choose one of the several tariff plans after the release. The most popular product, of course, will be a free tariff plan. Its monetization will be carried out through displaying ad units on the pages of the interface, as well as the sale of additional paid functions.

    However, the system that operates at a free rate will have some limitations of functionality. Access to them can be obtained only by linking to a paid tariff. It is a paid tariff that is considered as the main source of financial support for the project.

    There are also planned individual solutions in terms of cooperation, intended for professional market participants who will come into the system with platform-independent software or individual equipment.


    Despite successfully overcoming the soft cap level, for the Multibot platform, as the only automated system for analyzing cryptocurrency in the format of a personal assistant, will come in handy a community support. The token sale continues, it means you can still buy MBT token, helping us in such a way and getting a reliable source of income.

  • The most important crypto market events of the past weeks: a review by Multibot

    For the crypto market the past week was held under the sign of loud statements, important events, big ups and large-scale downs. The information and event background has a big impact on trading signals in the crypto trading, so we have prepared for you a selection of analysts of the most important events that formed the trading background for the crypto market last week.

    In the future, tracking the defining trends of the crypto market with Multibot will become even more convenient and fast. All the important signals traders will be able to receive in a convenient mailing, and the trading algorithms of Multibot will help to set up automatic trading with the most benefit and convenience for the trader.

    Now let’s get to the review.

    Hardfork which has never taken place

    Of course, the main newsmaker of last week was hardfork Bitcoin Segregated Witness2x (SegWit2x). The idea of the fork came up back in May this year and according to the plan supposed to improve Bitcoin capacity and scalability. However, when it got to practical steps, in particular to the question of increasing Bitcoin blockchain-block up to 2 MB, certain difficulties came up.

    The idea of SegWit2x was not originally supported by a part of the crypto community. This expansion were a constant topic for discussions. And the closer the expected date of the hardfork came (approximately November 15–16), the fiercer the disputes turned out to be. The words of CEO OKCoin Star Xu, China’s largest crypto exchange are worth a lot just by themselves, since the man called B2X from SegWit2x a “shitcoin”.

    And so, in the evening of November 8, it suddenly became known that the hardfork would not take place. This was mentioned in a letter from Michael Belsh, one of the main engines of SegWit2x. In addition to the BitGo general manager, the initiator of the Bitcoin revolution, the message was signed by the chief developer SegWit2x, Jeff Garzik, the head of the Bitmain mining pool, Jihan Wu, and several other prominent members of the B2X movement.

    Why was SegWit2x “stillborn”?

    Among the main reasons for the hardfork failure was the lack of a proper consensus among the Bitcoin community. Nevertheless, finally it was decided not to abandon plans to increase the size of the blockchain-block, but only to take a pause to achieve greater agreement within the community.

    At the same time, opponents of SegWit2x called other reasons for the hardfork failure. Among the main one was that S2X developers did not implement protection against the repetition of transactions, and that vulnerability would raise a serious danger to the entire system.

    But that’s not al. Among the crypto enthusiasts began to spread rumors that there was another reason for the hardfork failure. So, a couple of hours before the unexpected statement from the SegWit2x developers, on the Reddit forum the user with a solid “karma” under the nickname “loserkids” made a loud statement.

    He placed what supposed to be evidence that the predominant part of the Bitcoin nodes, which showed readiness for hardfork, turned out to be fake. Almost all S2X nodes were virtual and worked in the Amazon AWS cloud. According to loserkids, all this was done by the developers in order to simulate the visibility of support for SegWit2x.


    Have these revelations served as the reason for the preventive refusal of hardfork? Have the SegWit2x developers tried this step to maintain their own reputation? Who knows. But the fact is there still — SegWit2x will not take place.

    Bitcoin ups and downs

    Actually, against the background of the battles around SegWit2x, the rate of the standard Bitcoin has changed rapidly. In anticipation of the hardfork “digital gold” quotations continued to grow rapidly, reaching new price records. As a result, during the most part of the past week, Bitcoin was listed in the + $7 000 zone.

    Moreover, Bitcoin itself “pulled” all the crypto market to a new level of capitalization. At the time of writing this article, according to Coinmarketcap, the total market capitalization was more than $207 billion. The +200 billion figure is a new historical maximum for the digital currencies.

    Bitcoin reached its peak just after the news appeared about the SegWit2x being cancelled, when it approached the $8 000 mark as close as possible. However, it almost immediately began to fall after that, sinking by $900.


    For untrained traders such a fall could be a surprise (from such surprises Multibot intends to help traders get rid of). However, price reduction can be called quite logical and expected phenomenon.

    Bitcoin rally was quite impressive and rapid. That is why, taking into account its significant overbought formed on the market, the price adjustment was inevitable. Actually, that is exactly what we saw. Most likely, we can conclude that a similar picture will be observed throughout this week: traders will get rid of the “extra” bitcoin.

    Bitcoin Cash: the old hardfork is better than the two new ones

    But for Bitcoin Cash things have gone up the hill. If the failure of SegWit2x somehow hit the Bitcoin rate, for its “younger brother” this event actually helped. Do not forget that it also is the result of earlier hardfork, like Bitcoin Gold, however, unlike the last one, it was indirectly advertised by the unlucky initiators of SegWit2x. In particular, they said that almost all the innovations that this hardfork had to bring to the network of the main Bitcoin already exist in Bitcoin Cash.

    On the background of the market’s refusal from the hardfork, on November 10 Bitcoin Cash quotations raised by 30% at once. As a result, the digital currency was traded on the exchanges in the price range of +$800. And, as we have seen further, it was just the beginning…


    Extremely favorable circumstances have developed for the growth of Bitcoin Cash. With this, Bitcoin Cash is anticipating its own hardfork, which should improve the system performance. In turn, after SegWit2x was cancelled, the founder of the Pirate Party of Germany, Rick Falkvinge said that now he intends to redirect all available resources to Bitcoin Cash.

    Another good news came from the developers of Bitcoin Classic. The project announced its closure and expressed its support for Bitcoin Cash. In particular, the release manager of Bitcoin Classic Tom Zander criticized the opponents of SegWit2x. He accused people who control the Bitcoin legacy-chain in poor judgment, saying that without increasing the capacity Bitcoin is waiting for the collapse.

    The developers of Bitcoin Classic admitted that they are scaling down their work just because they see in Bitcoin Cash the ways to solve existing problems and encourage everyone to turn to this crypto currency. Moreover, Tom Zander expressed confidence that within six months Bitcoin Cash will be able to discard the prefix “Cash” and become the real Bitcoin.

    Considering such a positive background, we can assume that in the near future Bitcoin Cash will expect the further rate and capitalization growth.

    Summing up

    Last week in many aspects turned out to be significant for the whole crypto market. The echoes of the events that have occurred here for a long time will remind us of themselves and will have a direct impact on the entire digital exchange.

    What awaits the crypto market in a short term? It seems that Bitcoin will continue its price correlation and will not show noticeable breakthroughs. In turn, Bitcoin Cash received a lot of fuel for the quotations growth and it is likely to be able to take advantage of it.

    Tracking all the fluctuations in the crypto trading and reacting quickly to them can be extremely difficult. But with Multibot you can gain confidence in trading on the digital currency market, organizing and setting the whole crypto trading process.

  • The review by Multibot: everything you need to know about the last crypto market trends

    The last week was not so full of events for the cryptocurrency market as the previous one. However even there were enough important signals that formed the actual trends for the quotations movement for a new week.

    In order to help crypto traders being always aware of the most important industry events, the Multibot team has prepared for you a compilation of the most important news review and the analysis of how they influenced the market.

    Bitcoin: from the correction to new records

    Last week, Bitcoin was not so active compared with the previous fantastic rally. So during the first half of the week, the quotations of the main digital currency moved away from their historical highs and remained in a correction state.

    For example, on Monday Bitcoin showed a weighted average exchange rate less than $6 000. On weekends “digital gold” demonstrated more than two-week minimums: by Sunday morning the rate went down to $5 519.

    We should admit that such a downhill after a rise to almost $8 000 definitely attracts attention and could shock some traders (especially newbies). However, as we have already written about in the previous review, the prices correlation after the rally is more than a natural pattern.

    With the toolkit Multibot, any trader can use such fluctuations with maximum benefit for himself. Our platform functionality will help crypto traders determine the most promising market entry points (as it was with the technical peak of Bitcoin) and also to identify signals for the profitable position sale.

    Bitcoin: reasons of correlation and prospects

    Talking about the factors of Bitcoin dropping we should admit there were a few of them. First of all, let’s note failed SegWit2x hardfork.

    In anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin division, many traders began to actively transfer their assets to this currency with the intention of winning from the hardfork as much as possible. The greater number of Bitcoins in the wallet would mean more new digital coins after the division, plus there was an opportunity to win on the growth rate of Bitcoin itself.

    However, the hardfork never happened, the new cryptocurrency did not take place, which caused disappointment among some traders who once again began redistributing their funds to other crypto assets. In addition, the fork-compatible nodes turned out to be “hanging” on the separation block, which reduced the scaling effect of Bitcoin itself.

    The second reason for the significant correlation is more prosaic. Major market players decided to play on the dropping to increase their own profits due to speculative games on the rates.

    The thing is, under the impression of the rapid Bitcoin growth many rushed to buy the currency at inflated prices when it was in an upward trend. As a result, after this major traders “crashed” the rate by just over 30% for purchasing and “cutting” dividends.

    The situation developed through the next couple of days eloquently confirmed the last thesis. After a short-term rollback the Bitcoin price began to grow gradually but firmly over the week, getting closer to a new historical high.

    As a result, on the night of October 17 Bitkoin got over $8 000, trading at the Bifinex exchange at $8 020. But that was not everything to it, as by the end of the week on Sunday evening, October 19, this line had been most definitely taken — average, inter-exchange Bitcoin rate was $8 061. Now this trend is gaining momentum again, accelerating the price of “digital gold” to new highs.

    As we can see, Bitcoin has overcome the next psychological bar and it still has the opportunities for continuing growth. Actually, some particularly optimistic market participants began to raise the question of whether Bitcoin could reach its first five-digit mark of $10 000 or even $25 000 by the end of this year?

    Of course, it is too early to put out there such figures. At the moment it is correct to say that if Bitcoin manages to gain a foothold in the price range of $8 000 and avoid a long-term price correlation, one can expect its growth up to $8 500 without significant resistance.

    Man does not live by Bitcoin alone: what about the rest crypto market?

    The past week for the whole market was moderately optimistic. Negative information background had a minimal impact on quotations of leading digital currencies. As a result, there was not observed any significant “slack” among the crypto assets with the highest capitalization.

    At the same time Bitcoin Cash stood out against the general background, as it demonstrated a truly impressive leap. Against the twists and turns with SegWit2x and its own system modernization, Bitcoin Cash confidently settled in the price position +$1 000. Moreover, in some periods the currency was even aiming to overcome the $2 000 limit. However, it did not have enough “fuel” to gain a foothold on this level.

    To compare. Only in early October Bitcoin Cash capitalization was $6.9 billion at a price of $400. Today the currency has increased its capitalization to $20 billion. Some of the mining pools either completely abandon Bitcoin in favor of Bitcoin Cash (as did) or they criticize “digital gold”. This suggests that Bitcoin Cash will not significantly weaken its positions in the medium term.

    And if we are talking about “digital gold”, we should mention the fiasco of another Bitcoin project. On Wednesday, November 15, MinerTopia and BTG Mine’s mining pools announced they are stopping mining Bitcoin Gold. The pools representatives referred to the unprofitable mining, as incomes do not cover operating costs. Against this statement the Bitcoin Gold rate began to fall rapidly, so it is pretty much safe to say this asset will soon slip into the void.

    The most important information trends and the results

    And now let’s briefly go through the most important events which set the mood on the crypto market last week.

    Among information trends one can be distinguished from others: traders won back information about the upcoming full involvement of Bitcoin in the stock market environment.

    It was already known that the CME Group published the futures contracts specification for Bictoin, focused on launching them before the end of this year. But last week the news from Switzerland was added to this event. Local bank Vontobel claimed that along with Leonteq Securities AG intends to launch exchange trading in mini futures (symbiosis of classical futures and options) on Bitcoin already now. The SIX Swiss Exchange will be supporting these derivatives — the main Swiss stock market.

    CME Group (which includes the NYMEX, CME, as well as CBOT) and the SIX Swiss Exchange are large stock players. From this follows that with them serious institutional investors can enter the crypto market, which will contribute to the investments growth in digital assets.

    Among other news should be noted a number of events aimed at expanding the area of the cryptocurrency application. Coinbase launched a specialized storage service for institutional investors, which allows them to operate with crypto assets. The payment app Square has linked the program to its users, which allows them to deal with Bitcoin purchase and sale.

    Also the first successful atomic swap between Litecoin and Bitcoin took place. For now it was a test transaction in the Lightning network, however in the future such technology will be able to make operations with even more decentralized and reliable cryptocurrencies.

    The results

    The news that came to the market contributed to the formation of a generally favorable information background for the entire cryptocurrency segment. More and more convenient tools for working with digital currencies are appearing for the use of ordinary people and business, and the crypto-assets themselves are becoming more promising. Now it is already an integral part of the world economy.

    Actually, Multibot pursues the same goals — creating the most effective functionality for convenient crypto trading. We are sure that in the near future each cryptotrader will have a toolkit for profitable automated trading without risks.

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