Bitshares (BTS) Release Light Wallet v2.0.171015

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    105e3cff985ab7ac55686d5f22c366a5cdf98b473cef2ad63f04a7cfb3436801 757ef42d803f0bad9dc4288e5c2e4673187e3834e468213b4adc2dcdd0028a89

    New features

    • Tables Rewrite - Account Dashboard #378
    • Add an optional encrypted qr code for the private key (#542)
    • #545: Show gateway status as down for unavailable coins
    • #471: Add label to Find Markets add header
    • #560 Show unavailable messages for openledger and rudex if they time out
    • Add whitelisting to asset update page fix #70 and fix #462
    • Clear transfer form once completed (#564)
    • Use new tables styling in dashboard, add accounts/recent switching
    • #500: Set testnet/mainnet faucets depending on current API node
    • #488: Hover state + click toggle for account name QR code
    • Filter out insecure websocket urls when using https
    • #572: Make sure exchange input only allows numbers, no negative input
    • #543: Add sync status check interval, 'Synced/Out of sync/Disconnnected' warning

    Bug fixes

    • #496: Ensure tables retain correct height
    • Remove forced create account step position #576
    • Fix #578: Open orders not displaying all orders
    • Fix ChainStore failing to notify after reset and latency check counter
    • Fix #563: Settlement box width
    • Fix App.jsx synced state to mean blockchain sync status #543
    • Fix #571
    • Fix #479: Max supply bug in asset creation and update
    • #574: Remove nodes that are no longer available
    • Fix issue #294 (#575)
    • Reset backup store when wallet is changed (#570)
    • Fix Backup dashboard link
    • Set cloud wallet login to default, improve settings switching logic
    • #Fix 501: Asset explorer table alignment
    • Fix #567: Explorer My Markets page does not load
    • Round up for_sale and down to_receive, #562 (#565)
    • Simplify and improve app init chain #531
    • Fix #529: Withrawal modal inputs
    • Fix #483: Remove TRADE.X from dropdown and remove blocktrades gateway
    • #531: Catch some app init errors and redirect, update indexeddbshim
    • Add an image for QR code, fix some styling and translations #444
    • Harmonize login forms between modes
    • Use account.assets from new API to display list of issued assets
    • Set password and username type/name/ids for password managers #527
    • Fix #535: remove ellipsis and cap password length at 45 chars
    • Fix typo (oherwise -> otherwise) (#534)
    • fix: parseInt for minimum_feeds when create asset (#539)
    • #532 change noone to no one


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