• What is BITBASE?

    BITBASE is the very first coin that has changed smart contracting as a whole and fixed it’s
    flaws, BITBASE is the very first coin to allow you to recover your coins in case of a transaction
    that goes bad. This could be useful in many ways, along with that companies like , , and many more can implement it, Why
    should these companies integrate BITBASE, BITBASE coin could easily be integrated with their
    buyer/seller protection feature.
    BITBASE is not just a coin it’s an advancement to the blockchain technology as a whole it
    doesn't just end there. BITBASE also offers a unique VISA card that allows users to shop online
    with ease and no hassle.
    Why we invented BITBASE, in the Crypto industry there are many scammers about with the
    current crypto technology, due to that the crypto technology is rising very slowly with BITBASE
    technology in place the calculations show that the crypto technology market will attract more
    people everyday, since people will not fear losing their coins.
    BITBASE team, you will find all the information about the BITBASE team below on this WHITE
    PAPER and also on the homepage of
    BITBASE the future of cryptocurrency. Now let's see some advantages of BITBASE

    I. You can buy / sell with a piece of mind, you won't lose clients because they won't have
    to worry about being scammed.

    II. 5x faster than smart contacting.

    III. Simple and easy to use system with detailed explanation to accept the coin with the
    current payment gateway you are already using.

    1)Traditional concept
    Traditionally, Person A sends the funds to Person B, and in turn Person B sends item to Person
    A to complete the trade.
    In a smart contract; there is an additional level of protection, unfortunately it protects the buyer
    only. When conducting a trade with a smart contract, Person A sends coins via Escrow feature
    (smart contract) where both parties must agree to release the coins to complete the transaction.
    However if the buyer does not agree, the funds or coins are returned to the buyer after a time
    limit. There is a huge flaw in today’s blockchain smart contracts, because they only protect the
    In fact today’s smart contracts may very well promote fraud on the part of the buyers. If a seller
    has shipped a product or item, and the smart contract keeps the coins held in escrow until both
    parties agree to release them, but what if the buyer decides not to release or confirm the
    transaction, despite the fact that they received the goods? Any buyer can easily take advantage
    of this huge flaw in the so called smart contracts.
    If confirmation is not received by both sides, the coins are eventually returned to the buyer, after
    a predetermined time limit. In this case the seller losses the product and eventually will be out of
    business. We can clearly see that today’s blockchain smart contracts are in fact far from being
    2) Our Difference. The Concept:
    In our system, let's assume: we have a group chat. Person A and Person B are trading. Both
    ask Person C to send them an escrow identifier, Person C generates one (through his wallet)
    and pastes it in the chat, Person C also gets a unique hash password to control the outcome of

    the transaction. Once both parties are happy, Person C releases the money. If either one of the
    parties is not happy, then the transaction is held in escrow during the dispute process, until such
    time that a resolution has been determined. E.G: like Paypal dispute & resolution center.
    Person A binds the transaction (coin-cli generate payment [amount] [recipient’s address]
    [escrow ID]) to the escrow identifier and gives them the payment hash which can be seen at the
    blockchain explorer. Person B sends the item to Person A.
    3) Case: Both parties are happy
    Both parties ask the escrow to release the funds. Escrow executes the command: coin-cli
    release funds [escrow ID] [escrow PASSWORD]
    4) Case: Parties are not happy
    In case of dispute, escrow decides in favor of Person A, then he/she can execute coin-cli return
    funds [escrow ID] [escrow PASSWORD], otherwise if Escrow sides with Person B, then coin-cli
    release funds [escrow ID] [escrow PASSWORD]
    5) Normal Send/Receive Transactions:
    If user wants to send a transaction as a normal payment, user can choose to do so, and it will
    just be broadcasted to the network just like bitcoin, but if they want to send via escrow the
    concept above should take place this can be done with the existing bitcoin code. You can find
    several links and Bitcoin commands at the bottom of this page that will make more sense to
    6) Case Studies:
    A programmatically API will help you extend the functionalities of the BITBASE coin!
    1. For companies like and PayPal, they can act as the direct escrow with the
    assistance of our programmable node. They will be able to generate escrow ID, process
    transactions, release funds all programmatically. This could integrate well with their buyer/seller
    protection feature.

    2. Similarly for companies like eBay, Amazon, our smart contract BITBASE technology will allow
    any company, business or online website to use the node to generate escrow requests on the
    go. They can decide to release the funds after X days after buyer expresses their satisfaction.
    They could relatively depend upon the seller's reputation. Good reputation, less time to release



    To obtain a visa card at BITBASE you
    need to go to
    You can use BTB coins in USD value to
    shop online, with your BITBASE VISA

    Our BITBASE card allows you to use the coins in USD value in real time to shop online, our first
    100 participants get $3.00 loaded into their visa card ready to spend online.

    Once BTB coins are transferred to your VISA card please note you cannot transfer them back to
    your BITBASE wallet, you will need to buy the coins using an exchanger or directly of the
    BITBASE wallet website using your card details.

    Join Now & Recieve Your BitBase Visa Card On Launch Day




    BTB will be added to coinmarketcap after ICO ends, We hope to see BTB rate at around $2.70+


    1 Bittrex
    2 Poloniex
    3 Cryptopia
    5 Cryptopia
    6 alcurEX
    7 Cryptopia
    8 Novaexchange
    9 Cryptopia
    10 Yobit
    12 Bitbase Exchanger

    Bitbase Alpha V.103 insite, For more details see white paper

    White Paper ( Russian):

    BTB is the base for bit transactions in the crypto industry & will be trusted all over the World

    Why choose Bitbase over other coins. Offering Escrow to the top 100 coins, We have built a system that will have top 100 coins with escrow facility to trade safer with additional security including BTB.


    Coin Name: BitBase

    Coin Abbreviation: BTB

    Coin Type: PoW

    Hashing Algorithm: Custom[beta]

    Difficulty Retargetting Algorithm: Custom[beta]

    Block Time (seconds): 150

    Block Reward: 50

    Halving Rate: 1,000,000

    Total Coin Supply: 100,000,000


    Download Disabled Until Launch

    Get the app

    Track your transfers on the go, or make new ones in a couple of taps.

    Coming Soon

    BITBASE Project Breakdown & Funds allocation.

    Funds raised both before and during the token sale will be used for the development and
    maintenance of the BITBASE system.
    Although much of the planning and a decent amount of the development work has already been
    done to prove the proof of concept at the shareholders expense.
    Funds will be allocated to in a 60 day period to ensure everything goes well.
    This helps protect the project from massive market swings and ensures this project is brought to
    production as soon as possible without market risk.
    Below is a graph to show the allocation of all the funds raised both before and during the token

    70% Development

    These funds will be allocated to both the existing core team and also to recruit new developers
    to help bring the BITBASE system to the market.

    15% Marketing

    We acknowledge that in order for the BITBASE system to get mass adoption we need to place a
    large focus on market exposure. We have allocated a large portion of funds received towards
    marketing with this in mind. Marketing strategies will include but are not limited to, Affiliate
    marketing, Online campaigns, CPA campaigns and other marketing.

    5% Legal

    These funds will be used for legal review of all service agreements, terms and privacy
    policies. We also use a portion of these funds for any potential jurisdictional reviews

    10% Operations

    Day to Day operations will consist of admin, HR and operations staff. These funds will be
    used to ensure a smooth operation and as growth starts that we have the required
    manpower to keep up with demand.

    PHASE Breakdown

    PHASE 1 (25,000,000) $0.10 CENTS / 25, 000, 000 x 0.10 = 2, 500, 000 USD 

    PHASE 2 (25,000,000) $0.20 CENTS / 25, 000, 000 x 0.20 = 5, 000, 000 USD 

    PHASE 3 (25,000,000) $0.30 CENTS / 25, 000, 000 x 0.30 = 7, 500, 000 USD 

    PHASE 4 (25,000,000) $0.40 CENTS / 25, 000, 000 x 0.40 = 10, 000, 000 USD







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