Demeter - Reinventing agriculture through blockchain

  • What is Demeter

    Demeter is the only decentralized platform worldwide that offers an entire ecosystem for farmers and consumers. We ensure fair trade and 100% quality products.
    If for example, you wanted to secure a portion of a farmer's land - your own mico-farm - and grow your own tomatoes and lettuce, you’d be able to connect on the platform with a local farmer to do so. You’d leverage the community guidelines for producing organic products - and communicate with your farmer for details of growing, picking and delivery. This way you’d not only select exactly what you wanted to grow, but you’d also know exactly how it was grown - ensuring organic quality through every step of the process.
    But if, for example, securing your own mico-farm was too complicated - well you’d still be able to use the platform. Local farms would be able to sell their produce to you - directly on the site. You could select what, when and how you wanted your produce delivered - knowing exactly how it was made in the first place.
    We are sure that together it is possible to revolutionize the way people live and enjoy food each and every day. Our aim is to bring people together and offer fair services based on technology, trust and the big wish to make our planet a little bit greener again.

    What is The DMT Token

    Facilitating the exchange of value on the Demeter ecosystem will be fueled by our Ethereum based token - DMT.
    As an Ethereum based token, DMT will give customers and farmers a decentralized, secure, trust based way to share with each other - helping the micro-farm-to-table ecosystem to flourish and bringing benefit to everyone.
    We invite you to herald the era of ag4.0 (Agriculture 4.0) together with us!

    Why ag4.0? A Short History of Agriculture

    Back in time, our ancient sisters and brothers had to struggle with many difficulties and burdens. Permanent food supplies as we know them today were unimaginable - as hunting and gathering was the primary way of securing food.
    But as communities grew it became harder and harder to maintain this way of life. The desire of mankind shifted, moving towards settlements and encourage brilliant minds to establish new ways of living. Agriculture was born and people started to form small villages that had a sustainable food supply.
    As villages grew into cities - innovation and the advancement of technology lead to rapid growth in possibility. In the last century new innovations were created that revolutionized both food supply and storage. As access to food via grocery stores became larger - so too did farms. Technology such as fridges, microwaves and freezers led to vast improvements in food storage - which increased our appetites for a variety of food. This lead to a wide range of challenges. From food being shipped from other countries - often at weeks at a time - to the constant pressure to genetically make food more resistant, profitable and durable - we’ve strayed quite far from our origins. As multi-billion dollar corporations push our food production in ways that benefit them - we as the consumers, farmers and families - end up losing what we want most: healthy, clean, local food.
    The dawn of new agriculture is ag4.0.
    Nothing on our beautiful planet is permanent: new ideas are being born every day. As we constantly transformed and improve - old ideas often must make space for new innovations.
    Once in awhile, a new idea can lead into a revolution that changes everything.
    We believe, that we are close to that turning point - where Demeter and the DMT Token are the missing links to starting a new era of health and organic food production.

    Understanding Demeter & The DMT Token

    One essential key factor to reach our dream is the usage of DMT, an ERC20 token based on the successful Ethereum blockchain.
    DMT is the soil of the entire ecosystem and ensures 100% secure, fast and cheap transaction from you to anybody else on this planet. Within 1-click
    everything on this entire Demeter platform will be paid with DMT.
    As it is based on Ethereum you keep the full freedom to store DMT in various types of different wallets.
    Now you don’t have to worry about transaction fees, exchange rates, banking fees or other bank & government institutions. You can be or go anywhere in the world, and easily find, buy and eat the healthy food you want.

    Price Fairness:

    Customers will enjoy quality and organic food for a fraction of the price they are paying today.
    And farmers all over the world will be able to directly connect with customers - cutting out middlemen - and receiving fair value for their work.
    We want to interrupt the cycle of exploitation led by large multinational companies. From dictating what and how a farmer produces - to buying from farmers at a low price, and selling to consumers in grocery stores at a high price - we believe in cutting out the middlemen who make most of the current profits.


    A decade ago, crowdfunding became a new system that allowed anyone with an internet connection to invest small capital amounts in startup companies.
    Growfunding takes this idea to the next level: allowing people around the globe to rent local micro-fields where their food will be farmed.
    Allowing everybody, in any location, to rent his or her own micro-field - will drastically change the entire market as we know it.

    As a core feature in our ecosystem, the marketplace will be the first blockchain based store where people from all around the world will be able to buy, sell or trade goods and services related to the food industry.

    Sell micro-farm space, your delicatessens, your tomatoes, buy new seeds, sell goods for further processing or simply offer training and help to the community - the food products and possibilities are endless.

    Ratings & Certificates:

    Almost every well-known certificate in the food industry nowadays is under the strong influence of lobbyists, governmental and none-governmental organizations. The unfortunate reality is that often they act in their own interests - putting consumers and farms in distant second and third spots.
    Our platform aims to return power to the community.
    Having a healthy mixture of onside quality audits and using smart software algorithms ensures the best quality throughout the ecosystem. At the same time this decentralized, automated and community based structure will minimize the risk of manipulation and avoid centralized power.
    Everybody has a part of the certificate and any attempt to scam, cheat or bend the rules to an individual's favor will simply not be tolerated.


    Since we believe that trust is based on transparency and communication, it is important that the ecosystem provides communication services that allow interaction through the entire value-added chain.
    But for us community means much more than that.
    As a part of the community the flow of information is controlled by you and the rest of the community. The power is in your hands.

    User Case Study - A Real Example

    The farm of Enrico Poli is a family owned property and has been for generations. At the time Enrico inherited the farm from his grandfather it was common that friends and neighbors would come by on weekends to buy fruits and vegetables for their families. They came because, beyond the trust they had in him producing great food - they simply loved his wonderful tomatoes. The taste, the size and the freshness were simply amazing.
    But that was a long time ago. People have since left the village and moved to the big cities. The relationship between him and his customers has become impersonal. It’s been lost. Enrico has been forced by market makers to practice extremely intensive farming - using genetically modified seeds and harsh pesticide chemicals to improve his harvest.
    The market makers provide large bulk purchases - but at a heavily discounted rate. As a result, he has very low margins, receive pennies for his work and is constantly struggling to survive as independent farmer.
    He felt something was wrong and was almost ready to give up. That’s when he heard about Demeter from a friend - just a concept at the time. He decided to give it a try on a small level.
    Creating a relationship with the team, he decides to split a portion of his farm and offers the following conditions on his tomato harvest:
    ● 50 segments of 10m²
    ● Harvest in 3 months
    ● 10% risk on crop loss
    ● 100% natural, no pesticides
    ● Growfunding period is 2-weeks
    The response was more than he imagined.
    In just 3 days following his launch he got a notification that all 50 micro-fields were all sold out!
    With this exciting information Enrico decided to use an old tomato seed and farm as they did in the “good old days”. During this time Enrico sent pictures of ongoing progress to his clients and even became friends with some of them.
    At the end of July they harvested and started to pack the tomatoes to be sent out.
    But a pleasant surprise happened. Not every customer wanted delivery. George, one of his clients who had rented a micro-farm, wanted to stop by to pick up his tomatoes on his own.
    It was an experience that changed Enrico’s life forever.
    From One to Many - Moving Forward
    As Enrico and many farmers in the world have experienced - there are strong market forces that push them to use aggressive farming practices. With middlemen and large corporate chains it makes it difficult to survive - especially in underdeveloped countries.

    Demeter and the DMT Token aim to solve this issue. By allowing farmers to get fair value for their produce - by connecting directly with customers - farmers can retain more income.
    And as mentioned before consumers benefit tremendously from this as well. Customers like George - not only get quality produce from local farmers like Enrico - but also pay less for the higher quality food. It’s a win-win situation.

    Bringing Agricultural Revolution - ag4.0 - to The World

    Target Markets & Phases of Development

    Phase 1 - Asia

    Emerging Asian countries lead the world in economic growth over the past decade. In these countries society is getting more and more wealthy, and industries such as healthcare and lifestyle are extremely fast growing markets.
    China is one clear example of this situation. In major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai the consumption of trustable, organic food has become a multi-billion USD (dollar) based industry within the last few years. Consumers are willing to pay high premiums for quality food even without having the certainty or guarantee that the price they’re paying is worth it.
    In this same market, many farmers who work 10-12 hours per day end up barely surviving, living in impoverished conditions just below the poverty line. In order to keep their operations and families going, they’re forced to sell their products to big conglomerate for fractions of what they’re worth in the open market.
    We at Demeter think this should change - and that the Demeter platform and DMT token is the solution. And, in being heavily involved in the Asian - and more specifically Chinese markets over the past 10-years, we believe that our knowledge and network will help us successfully launch the platform in the area.

    Phase 2 - Europe

    While the “quality” food market in central Europe is well-established - the annual growth rate is consistently increasing year-over-year.
    Although the potential for growth in Europe from a consumer perspective is still very high, the European Union has slowed down the availability of organic farmland - making fast growth potential extremely slow and limited.
    We strongly believe, that the market in Europe can be stimulated by the Demeter platform and DMT Token.

    Which is why this will be our second target market. With roots and experience in many of the small European Union countries - we will be able to leverage our roots and network here to verify the validity of the Demeter platform in a developed market.
    By giving farmers the possibility to sell their produce to customers directly, and at the same time offering new business opportunities to larger companies - we believe the European market is ripe for success.

    Phase 3 - USA/North America

    One of the “hottest” markets for the Demeter platform is the US and North American market.
    As independent studies from 2017 show, over 81% of Americans spend upwards of $50-billion USD every year on Organic/Certified products.
    And these numbers represent just 8% of all food products bought by US consumers.
    One barrier to wide organic food adoption is the price. In the US market so called cheap “junk food” or regular food is very cheap, while quality (or organic) products are sold at extremely high premiums - often from the same companies.
    At this phase we believe that the success of both the Asian and European markets will enable us to tap in and build a very strong presence in the US and North American market.

    Phase 4 - Africa

    While it might seem huge in comparison to your location - over 32% of Africa’s Gross GDP comes from agriculture. And while agriculture remains one of the largest sources of GDP, it has lead to exponential increases in prices of food in urban areas. Unfortunately this increase in cost has not been handed down to the farmer - where most still live in poverty and poor conditions.
    In Africa especially huge sums of money and profit are taken by middlemen along the supply chain.
    Demeter can solve this situation - allowing millions of farmers to improve their quality life while giving millions of people that live in cities access to food at a fair prices.
    Thus, Phase 4 of Demeter’s plan is to bring our platform and the DMT Token to Africa

    Phase 5 - Worldwide

    The fifth and final phase of the Demeter ag4.0 revolution would be to take our platform worldwide. With our success in other markets, at this point we think we will be able to offer every region the value of the Demeter service.
    We will get there…

    The Demeter Roadmap

    ¨ 2016 Q4: Concept
    ¨ 2017 Q1: Feasibility study
    ¨ 2017 Q2: Crowdsale Preparation
    ¨ 2017 Q4: DEMETER Crowdsale
    ¨ 2017 Q4: Contracts with farmers and partners signed
    ¨ 2018 Q2: Release of web platform
    ¨ 2018 Q2: Release of mobile platform
    ¨ 2018 Q3: Begin pilot projects in China and Italy
    ¨ 2019 Q1: Release of improved web and mobile platforms
    ¨ 2019 Q3: Expansion to other countries

    The DMT Token

    The total supply of DMT will be 200,000,000. We will split this up according to the following ratio:

    30% Release during the Crowdsale
    Your opportunity to be a part of the ag4.0 revolution.
    20% Development team
    We are fully dedicated to heralding the era of ag4.0! – To make this happen, we need your trust and support.
    25% Business Development
    We will use this pot to ensure the healthy growth of the entire ecosystem.
    This is necessary to reach our ambitious targets and to speed up market expansion.
    25% To be release to DMT holders in future
    The number of releases and the quantity of DMT released during each window has not been decided yet and will depend on the development and community sentiment.
    We will work hard days and nights to make our world better and provide you the best service!

    Crowdsale Procedure

    The DMT Token Hard cap

    The Crowdsale will start on start Saturday 18th November 2017 at 11:00 UTC.
    It will last for 30 days unless the ETH hard cap is reached earlier. In this case where the hard cap is reached, the Crowdsale will be concluded.
    Due to ETH pricing volatility the hard cap will be announced 24-48 hours before the crowdsale start. In anycase the ETH hard cap will correspond to an ETH amount of approximately $8-million USD.

    The DMT Token Softcap

    The minimum cap (softcap), will be announced 24-48 hours before the crowdsale start, and will correspond to an ETH amount of approximately $1.2-million USD.
    If the minimum cap is not reached all the funds will be automatically returned from the token sale via the smart contract. In this case a small fee to pay the GAS cost will be deducted.

    Exclusion of US citizen

    Due to legal uncertainties, we unfortunately must exclude U.S. citizens from the Crowdsale
    Token specification
    The total Demeter supply will be 200,000,000. The Exchange rate with ETH will be fixed 24-48 hours before the crowdsale start and will be immutable.
    The Demeter Token will be immediately available but transferable only after 48 hours from the crowdsale end.

    Bonus Period

    There are 2 bonus periods during the Crowdsale:
    ● 10% percent during the first 5 days of the Crowdsale*
    ● 5% after the first 5 days of the Crowdsale. *
    However the bonus received may be different depending on if the participant is 1st level or 2nd level whitelisted. Please read Pre-Registrations, Bonus Procedures & Whitelisted Levels for an explanation.

    Pre-Registrations, Bonus Procedures & Whitelisted Levels

    Bonus & Structure for 1st Level Whitelisted Members

    From now and until October 28th 24:00 UTC*, it will be possible to pre-register an ETH address on the token section of the Demeter website

    Pre-registered user will become 1st level whitelisted member. If they join the crowdsale during the first 5 days of the crowdsale they will receive a full bonus of 10%.

    In the case in which a 1st level whitelisted member joins the crowdsale after the first 5 days, or sends additional funds after the first 5 days of the crowdsale they will receive a full bonus of 5%.

    Pre-register users will also receive a referral code that can be shared with friends and via social media. It can be used by anyway who missed the chance to pre-register. The person who uses this referral code - and who missed the chance to pre-register - will become 2nd level whitelisted member.
    Bonus & Structure for 2nd Level Whitelisted Members

    Bonus & Structure for 2nd Level Whitelisted Members

    From October 29th 00:01 UTC* and until the crowdsale end, those who didn’t get the chance to pre-register but still want participate in the crowdsale and get a bonus, will be able to do so using a referral code from a 1st level whitelisted member. Doing so will automatically ensure the referral code user becomes a 2nd level whitelisted member.

    If a 2nd level whitelisted member participates during the crowdsale in the first 5 days they will get a partial bonus of 5% while the other 5% will go to the 1st level whitelisted member that shared the referral code.

    If a 2nd level whitelisted participate in the crowdsale after the first 5 days, or sends additional funds after the first 5 days of crowdsale, they will get a partial bonus of 2.5% while the other 2.5% will go to the 1st level whitelisted member who initially shared the referral code.

    The dates and time reported may be subject to changes and adjustment due to technical reasons or team solely discretion.

    Limitation to participation in the crowdsale during the first 5 days

    During the first 5 days of the crowdsale only 1st level whitelisted members and 2nd level whitelisted members will be allowed to join the crowdsale and get the bonus as described above.
    After the first 5 days anyone who is interested will be able to join the crowdsale without receiving the bonus.
    After the first 5 days it will still be possible to become a 2nd level whitelisted member (through a referral code from a 1st level whitelisted member) and get the bonus active at that specific moment. Please see above for an explanation of details.

    Accepted Currency

    Only ETH are accepted during the crowdsale. Don’t try to send different currency to the crowdsale address, this might cause the loss of your funds.

    How to send ETH funds

    It is important that the ETH will be sent from a compatible ERC20 wallet like MyEtherWallet. or myst.
    Do not send ETH directly from exchanges (polonies, bittrex, etc.) as this might cause the loss of your ETH


    Marco Mettimano - CEO & Co-Founder
    Passionate about new projects and challenges, for the last 4 years has worked as Investment Manager in a fortune 500 Chinese group. Recently discovered Blockchain based technology and believes it will positively change the world.

    Nando Dessena – Blockchain Developer
    Writing code almost since he learned to write - Nando is a crypto enthusiast and a specialist in blockchain development. As a developer, trainer and consultant for the past 20 years, he’s worked on both corporate and open source projects of different scales.

    Arianna Vulpiani - Business Development Italy
    A successful entrepreneur in the agriculture sector, Arianna created “BIO-ORTO”, a concept similar to the Demeter Micro-Field - but limited exclusively to the area of Rome. Quickly reaching a customer base of over 3000 people her field expertise and knowledge make her a valuable asset to the team.

    Lorenzo Liberatore – Full Stack Developer
    From working with large multinational to smaller size companies, Lorenzo bring a wide range of development experience from Italy and abroad.
    Simon Choi - Legal Advisor
    As a founding partner of Acme Ardent Simon brings more than 20 years experience in the specialized field of Cyber Law - covering all aspects of internet law, cross border commerce and more recently crypto-currency and blockchain. He has acted as an advisor for many ICOs and crowdsales in China and Hong Kong.

    Luigi Tonti - Platform Advisor
    Owner and CEO of 40 Hectare Farm in south Italy Luigi offers in-depth experience with platform advisory from an agricultural produce perspective. He’s produced various fruit produce, specialized olives and cereal production - giving him in-depth knowledge about both raw produce and finished goods.

    Cahill Puil - Marketing Specialist
    He is currently building Byte Media Group - a digital agency focused on helping eCommerce, blockchain, & tech based companies succeed via strategic marketing. With extensive experience helping both small startups and Fortune 5000 companies - he brings his strategic marketing experience to the team.



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