Appcoins - The first ICO with 200 million active users

  • AppCoins is an open and distributed protocol for App Stores using blockchain
    technology and smart contracts. Serving over 200 million users,
    AppCoin (APPC) tokens are the new native currency of the app economy
    that ensures trust without intermediaries.


    AppCoins ICO One-pager (PDF)

    White Paper (PDF)

    Crowd Sale Document (PDF)

    Explanatory Note and Governance Term (PDF):Available Soon

    The problem: a non-transparent and inefficient app economy

    By 2020, 4 billion people will have a smartphone. The potential of the app economy is larger
    than ever, yet it still presents three main challenges:

    1- The inefficiency of mobile advertising. There are several intermediaries between the
    developer and the user, reducing transparency and the potential return for developers.

    2- The inaccessibility of In-App Purchases. Today, only 5% of smartphone users are making
    in-app purchases and payment intermediaries increase overall costs.

    3- The App Approval process is not transparent. It is still difficult to confirm the identity of the
    developers and there is no universal approach used by App Stores.
    The solution: a blockchain protocol for the app economy
    As a cryptocurrency, the AppCoin token will benefit all stakeholders of the app economy:

    A project supported by Aptoide App Store

    Aptoide is one of the largest Android App Stores, with over 4 billion downloads, 200 million
    users and direct engagement with over 12,000 developers including Gameloft and Zeptolab.
    Aptoide has a network of over 70 corporate partners, including OEMs and Telecom companies
    such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Meizu and Vivo.
    Additional Information
    For more information about the AppCoins ICO, visit
    Contact: [email protected]
    Interested in taking part in the AppCoins ICO?
    Read our terms and conditions here:

    App Stores´ Protocol

    A diagram explaining the AppCoins protocol


    The protocol re-designs the financial transactions (such as advertising and in-app billing inside the store) creating efficiencies by disintermediation and routing back the value to the economy in a virtuous loop.


    Being an open protocol implemented as open source software, it gives the trust back to the industry and provides guarantees of data transparency to users.


    As it is adopted by different app stores, the development effort of the protocol is shared and the app developers are only required to perform an API integration once.

    Pre- Sale:

    Get 30% discount on token price during the pre-sale lasting from November 6th to November 15th, available for members of the Android community and other exclusive groups.

    Who is eligible for the pre-sale? 

    AppCoins is a project supported by Aptoide App Store. The following groups will gain privileged access to our pre-sale period with special discounts on tokens. The AppCoins ICO will be open to the general public after the pre-sale has ended.

    Aptoide Users

    Aptoide App Store users who have installed the platform more than 24 hours before the pre-sale.
    Minimum:100 tokens ($10 USD) Maximum 50.000 tokens ($5.000 USD)

    App Developers

    Developers registered either on Aptoide App Store or on Google Play.
    Minimum:1000 tokens ($100 USD) Maximum 50.000 tokens ($5.000 USD)

    Device Manufacturers

    Companies registered in the Aptoide Partners Program.
    Minimum:1000 tokens ($100 USD) Maximum 50.000 tokens ($5.000 USD)

    Strategic Investors

    Investors with a track
    record in Blockchain, ICOs and supporting cryptocurrency projects are
    encouraged to apply to our special conditions.
    Contact: [email protected]

    Token information:

    • Pre-sale opens: November 6th 2017
    • Token: The AppCoin Token / ERC20 Ethereum Token / Symbol: APPC, reads “App Cee”
    • Supply: 700,000,000 APC / Pre-sale + sale supply: 280,000,000 APPC
    • Price: 1 APPC = 0.10 USD*(ETH value based on the date’s exchangee rate)
    • Token Pre-Sale:
      • 12% of all Tokens
      • Uncapped, fixed price
      • Discount: 30%

    Token Structure

    Initial supply: 700,000,000 tokens
    Sale supply: 280,000,000
    Nominal price: 1 APC = 0.10 USD
    Soft cap: $2.5M USD
    Hard cap: $28M USD
    Token format: ERC-20 Standard

    Use of funds

    58% Development
    23% Strategy and operations
    15% Marketing
    4% Legal

















  • AppCoins Frequently Asked Questions before the ApCoins ICO

    There are a bunch of crowdsales out there, many happening right this moment. In fact, at the time this article is written, around 81 crowdfunds and ICOsare live all around the world. Each of them is unique, different in their own way.

    The AppCoins protocol is set to take a giant step for the App Economy, attempting to become the backbone for decentralized worldwide transactions and the language that app stores, developers and manufacturers can openly speak.
    Development of this exciting new technology will take time, sweat — probably tears, too — and effort, but we are dedicated to making our vision a reality.Join us.
    AppCoins comes with a bright ambition, to make crypto-payments a simple and effortless process, powered by the state of the art technology which is based on high autonomy, safety, and efficiency.

    The path to building such revolutionary system can be both exciting, challenging, and even confusing at times. However, with the amazing support of our constantly growing community, we are able to progress further and get inspired every day. To give back, we are sharing 10 frequently asked questions (and answers) which will, hopefully, clarify some things to our new and existing supporters:

    I am a US citizen. Can I participate in the ICO?

    It’s a worldwide ICO, but national laws apply. It’s up to the investors to check locally whether or not they can invest.

    What’s the maximum token supply?

    The maximum token supply is 450 Million APPCs, but only 160 Million will be for sale.

    What happens to the tokens (if) which are left unsold?

    The unsold tokens will be burned. In parallel, a proportional percentage of the Foundation, Aptoide, ICO Advisors & Team, and bootstrap will also be burned. This means that the hardcap is in reality $15.3m, and that value is corresponding to 40% of all tokens available.

    Is there a minimum investment stake?

    Yes, the minimum investment is approximately 0.033 ETH.

    Does this ICO require KYC?

    Yes, there will be two types of KYC. For investors under 5.000 USD there will be a Light KYC process where personal information will be required (first and last name, gender, date of birth, nationality, country of residence, passport/national id number). For investors over 5.000 USD we will have a Full KYC process where an additional scan of the passport or national ID card will be necessary.

    Why do you require a KYC process?

    The ICO is being issued from Singapore. The KYC / AML for larger investors is needed to be totally within the regulations and laws.

    The aim of KYC is to prevent theft, fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering. It helps us ensure that our clients are not involved in any of the above, hence the service provider won’t get in trouble with the regulators.

    Which cryptocurrencies are accepted during the sale?

    Since AppCoins is an ERC20 token and the token distribution is done instantly by smart contract, we can only accept ETH.

    How can I participate in the AppCoins ICO?

    To participate in the AppCoins ICO, head over to once it opens on December 13th and follow the instructions. All you need is an Ethereum wallet compatible with ERC20 tokens. Please do not send ether (“ETH”) directly from cryptocurrency exchanges, use only an ETH and ERC20 compatible wallet.

    What will be the token allocation?

    During the crowdsale process there will be an allocation of a part of the total amount of AppCoin tokens. The remaining will be used later on to leverage the bootstrap phase of the AppCoins platform by rewarding users, developers and OEMs; to create the App Store Foundation; to reward key contributors to the ICO and the platform; and Aptoide for the initial support and contribution.

    Do we receive the actual tokens during the sale?

    After validating your eligibility as a user to invest in AppCoins’ pre-sale, you will need to transfer the Ethers from your Ethereum wallet. The Ethers transfer cannot go over $5,000USD, which is the cap for small investors during the pre-sale. After transferring the Ethers, you will receive a confirmation email stating the amount transferred and the number of AppCoins you will be receiving. The AppCoins ERC20 Token will only be issued after the official sale, so you don’t receive them at the moment of the investment (pre-sale). After the sale ends, all pre-investors will automatically receive the tokens that they bought in their Ethereum wallet.

    In the future, how will the app store user be able to buy AppCoins?

    A user that wants to buy AppCoins (eg: to top-up games) can use different methods acquire those AppCoins:

    Tokens can be bought through exchanges. Meetings with several exchanges are being held to that purpose and will be announced in the pre-sale website. These partnerships will ease token purchases and will avoid the use to insert duplicated KYC information and get liquidity in the exchange process.

    A partnership with Kyber was signed (, and therefore users will be able to use other tokens to convert into AppCoins “on the fly”.

    Partnerships with pre-paid cards providers are being conducted to be able to provide pre-paid cards with AppCoins in countries in SEA (Indonesia, Malaysia,…) and South America (Mexico, Brazil…).

    I’m not seeing the APPC tokens in my wallet. How can I add them?

    You need to configure the token using these details:  Address: 0x1a7a8bd9106f2b8d977e08582dc7d24c723ab0db Decimals: 18 Token Symbol: APPC

    How can I invest?

    Just head over to and follow the instructions. If you require any help, let us know on our Telegram channel.

    On which exchange it will be listed?

    It will be in the beginning of 2018. We’re still negotiating with the top-10 exchanges and should have more news about this until the end of the year.

    I can’t see my APPC tokens and haven’t received any confirmation. What went wrong?

    Probably there was a problem with your token purchase. In any case the ETH should have been returned to your wallet. If you require any further assistance let us know on our Telegram channel.

    Is there a bounty program I can join?

    Yes. Stakes are distributed every week, on Saturday. Please get in touch with Sylon, our bounty manager, on Bitcointalk.

    Can we transfer AppCoins immediately after purchase?

    No, only after the ICO. The tokens are received but they are locked to avoid a parallel market . They will be unlocked a few days after the end of the sale.

    Is there a vesting period for team tokens?

    Yes there will be a vesting period for the team tokens. We will announce it shortly.

    How can I purchase via Coinbase?

    It isn’t possible to puchase tokens from Coinbase, as it isn’t compatible with ERC20 tokens. So the procedure of purchasing ETH from coinbase would be:

    1. Buy ETH on Coinbase. 2. Transfer to a compatible wallet such as MyEtherWallet. 3. Send ETH from MEW to the deposit address as per the appcoins website procedure.

    What is AppCoins Hardcap and Softcap?

    Hardcap is 60,120 ETH and Softcap is 8,361 ETH.

    What is the cost of each APPC token?

    The crowdsale smart contract locked the price of each APPC token will be as following:

    1 APPC = 0,0003339 ETH

    This calculation was done on November 3rd, 2017 at 11:00am UTC having a price of ETH at $299 USD. We can only recommend that you purchase ETH as soon as possible in case you don’t have it, to avoid higher investment costs in the future, since analysts predict a continuing rise in the value of ETH. It is natural that some potential investors may feel in disadvantage for paying more USD for the same amount of tokens than the investors of the pre-sale, where the ETH had less value.

    However, if those pre-sale investors would keep the ETH instead of investing in APPC, they would have exactly the same amount of tokens, which means there was a cost of opportunity in buying APPC with ETH.

    We might set a discount in the first days of the sale. The discount is meant to reward the investors that decided to invest sooner than later. The value of this possible discount is not yet defined and will be announced in the following days.

  • Update on the AppCoins Bounty Program

    As we have previously announced, the AppCoins ICO HardCap has been reached thanks to the support of over 3000 backers!

    This means that, although our AppCoins Bounty Program will continue to be active until December 24th, 2017, we are no longer accepting new participants.

    We would like to give special thanks to all of our active Bounty Program members that are still contributing to the success of our project! Keep up the good work guys!

    The Bounty Project gave our community the opportunity to have a steak in the AppCoin token by rewarding social actions such as liking, sharing and commenting. The rewards were AppCoin tokens.

    The AppCoins bounty program will be active until December 24th 2017.

    💥 Read all about bounty program rules here!💥

  • Appcoins News Update - Dev Update, Markets Reports, Mobile world congress, Upcoming events

    ANU #4 — App Store Foundation and MWC Coverage

    AppCoins News Update, or ANU for short, is a regular bi-weekly update by the AppCoins team. As usual we are going to cover dev updates, market reports, the featured team member and upcoming events. This week’s focus is on the status update regarding the App Store Foundation (ASF) website and the ASF Wallet, coverage of the AppCoins presence at Mobile World Congress, along with the upcoming Global Blockchain Competition. You may expect the next ANU on March 14th.

    Quicklinks Dev Update APPC Markets Report Featured Team Member Mobile World Congress Upcoming Events

    We’ve been working in the App Store Foundation (ASF) website and the ASF Wallet for the past two weeks, as we’ve described in the ANU #3.

    ASF Website

    As announced, the website is up in time for the MWC and can be accessed here. The website provides useful information for potential partners (developers, app stores and OEMs), since they can inquire us about the Early Adopters Agreement. In addition, the website is also of interest to the community because the ASF will be the entity responsible by the reference implementation of the AppCoins protocol, as well as fostering partnerships and collaboration between interested partners.

    ASF Wallet

    As we’ve said in ANU #3, the production-ready version of the ASF Wallet will be ready by the 21st of March and will include the possibility to pay for in-app items when using apps that integrate the AppCoins protocol.

    Nonetheless, since we’re presenting the protocol in MWC, we’ve decided to launch an alpha version for a demo to be run during the event. The demo consisted in having visitors of our booth playing a quick game of just 40 seconds and earning a number of APPC depending on their score in the game. For this, the wallet supports:

    • Create/Import/Export accounts
    • Add ERC20 tokens
    • Send and receive ETH and ERC20 tokens
    • Check balances
    • Privacy and security: the private keys of the accounts never leave the user’s devices

    Next Steps

    The next steps for the next 2 weeks include both design and feature development:

    1. Revise the UX / UI of the wallet to guarantee the best user experience possible and to ensure users not familiarised with Ethereum (or other) wallets can still use it without effort
    2. Integration of in-app purchase flows inside the wallet to enable users to buy in-app items when using other apps that integrate the AppCoins protocol
    3. Develop a PoC consisting of a game integrating in-app purchases using APPC to showcase the added value of the protocol for this use case of the AppCoins protocol
    4. Development of a SDK that will enable developers to use the in-app billing process of the AppCoins protocol, which will consist of a simple and fast integration in the developers apps

    Don’t forget to follow the GitHub page of the ASF Wallet!

    The current market cap is close to $71 Million USD, with $3.82 Million in volume in the last 24 hours across these exchanges: Binance (78,69%) and Huobi (21,31%).

    During the last two weeks, the value has seen an increase in volatility ranging between 0,70 USD and 1,00 USD. This results in an improvement regarding the previous ANU Market Report, where the value was stable at 0,60 USD. You can see more info about APPC markets at Coinmarketcap.

    Name: Pedro Ivo Role: Product Designer Bio: With a background in Graphic Design, Pedro has been working as a product designer in Aptoide for almost a year. He’s driven by the goal of optimizing user experience along with the AppCoins team.

    Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has started last Monday, 26th February, and AppCoins has been receiveing a lot of interest from the mobile community. Besides the attendees enthusiasm on the new project this event was also an opportunity to officially launch the App Store Foundation website and the Early Adopters Agreement, you can find the details on our latest Medium post.

    At the event, the main focus will be to present the key advantages of AppCoins to the mobile community. At our booth, besides the branded merchandise such as bags, brochures and coin wallets, there is a game demo for people who want to experience firsthand the Proof of Attention model, that will be implemented in our protocol, as mentioned in the Dev Update. You can see the demo here.

    AppCoins Video Update #2 (AVU)

    For this week’s AVU, AppCoins Video Update, Carolina Marçalo is giving us a business perspective of the AppCoins Protocol. Carolina Marçalo is the Head of Partnerships at AppCoins. With experience in multiple leadership roles in various institutions, Carolina has acquired the knowledge to define the business strategies and best business management practices, to help create value and business success in every project she participates. Her deep knowledge of leading B2B partnerships and extensive digital product management experience helps her in the process of the search and closure of key partnerships for the AppCoins protocol.

    If you are a Developer, OEM or App Store interested in developing a partnership with AppCoins, please contact [email protected]

    We are excited to announce that AppCoins has been selected to be a finalist at the Global Blockchain Competition! The event is sponsored by Global Ventures, an international, early-stage vehicle formed by the world’s leading technology entrepreneurs-turned-angel-investors, that have decided to invest exclusively in Blockchain companies in 2018.

    In spite of the tough competition (only 2–5 applications per category were selected), AppCoins has been invited to the live finals where the winners’ will be chosen by a panel of blockchain investor judges, in Singapore, on the 12th of March, 2018.

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