How to use ChronoMint: Multisig Wallets, Asset Manager, Reward System Interface?

  • On the 29th of October ChronoBank released its latest version of ChronoMint. Among the new features are the now fully functional Dashboard and Multisignature wallets, the Asset manager, which allows users to create platforms and tokens, time-out feature, price live-ticker and Reward System Interface.

    This is the second part of ChronoMint guide. Read the first part here.


    New Dashboard shows all necessary and most important functions and features in a very compact overview. Price live-ticker displays current exchange rates directly to your Interface.

    3. Multisignature Wallet

    3.1 Creating Multisignature Wallet To add people to Multisig wallet, add their public ETH address in the field ‘Wallet Owners’.

    Decide how many signatures the wallet will require to make transactions for example.

    Click ‘ADD WALLET’ to create it.

    Note: When choosing 2 but having three owners, then two people are enough to send funds etc.

    3.2 Accessing Multisignature Wallets To access your existing Multisignature wallets, go to the (1) Wallet page and click ‘SWITCH TO MULTISIGNATURE WALLET’.

    You’re now using Multisignature Wallet to make, sign or revoke transactions.

    You can use Multisig wallets for almost any feature accessible with personal wallet.

    4. Asset Manager

    4.1 Creating a new Platform To create a new Platform where you can create your own token, go to (1) ‘My Assets’ in the menu bar and click (2) ‘ADD NEW PLATFORM’.

    Click ‘ADD PLATFORM’ to create a completely new one or, when there’s already a platform you can use, provide a valid address and then ‘ADD PLATFORM’.

    4.2 Create your own token ChronoMint allows you to create your own Ethereum token. To do so, you need to have a platform; follow step 4.1 to create a new ones. Then choose your platform and click ‘ADD TOKEN’.

    Here you can decide which specification your token will have.

    Choose the platform to issue on, add token symbol, full name, the decimals places of smallest unit, the exact amount, fee and fee receiver addressReissuable means that new token can later be created or burned.

    ADD TOKEN’ will save your changes after confirming the fee for this procedure.

    4.3 Edit Platform and token settings After creating a new platform and token, our Asset Manager of course allows you to review your token settings at any time and even change certain variables.

    You can for example (1) reissue more of your tokens but only if this feature has been enabled during the creation of the token. Existing tokens can also be (2) revoked if the maximum amount appears to be too much.

    To (3) ‘ADD MANAGERS’ which can be able to change platform settings, click the field and provide valid Ethereum address.

    5. Reward System

    5.1 Overview Reward system interface Even though the reward distribution via smart contract isn’t live yet, our developers added a smart user interface that shows you:  - in which reward period we are;  - if you are eligible to receive rewards;  - how many TIME you have locked;  - how many percent this is compared to all TIME locked.

    Time-out feature

    Our developers also worked on implementing session time-out feature for increased security.

    For all latest updates:

    TIME is trading on the following exchanges:

    It is also available via Changelly service.

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