- A Peer-to-peer lending service that works with Cryptocurrency and Fiat

  • Inspeer is a modern financial platform, designed to meet a demand of the fast growing cluster of
    blockchain projects, alongside with traditional online and offline companies and individuals.
    Currently Inspeer successfully operates in Russia under a brand. LightFin provides customers
    with short-term online loans. We were the first company on this market who managed to reduce loan
    approval time to 1,5 minutes.
    Combining our expertise with our partners’ products, we have built loan pipelines and developed
    scoring algorithms. InsCore system allowed us to effectively execute borrower’s assessment, based on
    more than 20 000 predictors. Using OLAF algorithms, we can identify fraudsters on the early stage,
    even before loan application is sent. Thereby, Inspeer significantly reduced final scoring costs and risks
    of non-repayment.
    As a next step, Inspeer is going to build a P2P lending platform to support direct P2P and P2B lending
    without intermediaries. For the benefit of our customers, Inspeer will provide high-quality scoring,
    ensure getting the data from Credit Bureau, and control AML/CFT. We are building a platform for the
    safe, transparent and reliable peer-to- peer lending, based on our scoring and business expertise.
    Our platform is going to be one of the first P2P lending service which allows lending and borrowing in
    cryptocurrency alongside with fiat.
    New financial products and services (for instance, virtual and plastic cards) will be added as well. In
    the long run, our ultimate goal is to create a large financial institution, which can address the modern
    financial needs of businesses and individuals.

    Inspeer Ultimate Goals

    Currently there are a number of strong barriers that restrain the market development. Among them
    are the following:
    • high loan interest rates, comparable to those of microfinance organizations;
    • lack of legislative regulation and, as a result, significant difficulties with an au- tomated portfolio
    forming for lenders;
    • a lack of developed high-quality scoring systems, which increases the risks for lenders.
    Our team has prepared several options of market development. In an optimistic sce- nario, the
    exponential growth of the market may begin. This can be facilitated by a combination of the following
    • decrease of interest rates;
    • the emergence of new services (such as issuance loans in cryptocurrencies);
    • strengthening of scoring systems (we managed to implement the loan pipeline in Russia. We will
    have a technical opportunity to expand to China in the near- est future).
    • new legal regulations, allowing to form a lender’s portfolio in an automated mode, based on the
    desired rate of return / risk level;
    • attracting additional investors to the market through ICO.
    Taking into account current market conditions, restrictions and opportunities, we aim to achieve
    following goals:
    • Building and expanding P2P lending platform, starting from Russia and China markets.
    • Providing customers with additional financial services.
    • Developing one of the first P2P lending platform that provides loans in crypto- currencies
    alongside with fiat.
    Developing extended fin

    Inspeer: Creating a Modern Financial Platform

    Inspeer is a financial platform, designed to meet the demand of the fast growing cluster of blockchain
    projects, alongside with the more traditional online and offline companies and individuals.
    Our ultimate goal is to create a financial institution, which address the modern financial needs in
    accordance to the latest trends within financial systems. To achieve this goal, we use our extensive
    experience in the areas of online microlending, peer to peer lending, and traditional bank lending. The
    Inspeer team is experienced in creating online lending financial institutions in Spain, Germany, and
    Russia with more than 3 million users acquired. Only in Russia, about 200,000 loan applications were
    pro- cessed during the first month.

    LightFin MicroLending Platform is a part of Inspeer, currently operating in Russia as a microlending online service. We
    address our customers’ financial needs by providing them with online loans. For taking a loan no
    collateral or unnecessary additional documents are required.
    We are the first company in this market who has reduced loan approval time to 1.5 minute via
    development of a fully automated approval mechanism.
    LightFin was established in 2016. Together with our partners, we prepared a decision- making
    algorithm and scoring cards. In 2017, the first loans were issued. In February 2017, an automatic softcollection
    (debt collection procedures involving letters and calls, that are going before “hard collection”
    phase with lawsuits) was integrated into the system. In March 2017, connecting a social network
    account was made mandatory. Thereby amount of scam applications were significantly reduced. The
    ability to detect duplicate applications submitted from the same device was implemented. In early
    April, we launched our mobile applications for iOS and Android.

    This summary demonstrates our conservative approach in assessing borrowers. The percentage of
    approval in Russia was just over 15%.
    At the moment, Inspeer provides high quality scoring and executes anti-fraud checks based on
    InsCore and OLAF systems.
    InsCore: Machine Learning Scoring Model
    Lack of high-quality scoring is one of main issues for the lending market. InsCore is a Scoring model
    consisting of 1000 scoring cards for microlending and collateral lend- ing. The product of our partners
    from Scorista in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies allows us to
    instantly conduct a detailed analysis of the solvency and reliability of borrowers. The analytical library
    of the service contains more than 20, 000 data input values and variables from traditional and
    alternative sources. Additionally to that, Inspeer has its own Credit Bureau with 10 mln records.
    Inspeer combs through a prospective borrower’s digital footprint, credit rating information, income,
    and personal references in order to obtain an accurate credit score. Depending on the credit risk
    obtained from this data, a fair interest rate is then assigned to the borrower.

    OLAF: Anti-fraud system

    OLAF is an online system to track users who substitute identification data, that includes the database
    of devices and computers of such users.
    First Platform for Cryptocurrency Lending alongside with Fiat
    Inspeer will be one of the first platforms that provides customers with cryptocurrency loans.During the
    cryptocurrency loans issuance, we will execute the same assess- ments and scoring procedures, as for
    a loan in fiat. Therefore moneylender’s risks will be significantly reduced. This way holders of low liquid
    currency traded on exchanges could receive a daily profit on it.

    OLAF and InsCore systems will solve scoring-related problems which almost all tradi- tional P2P credit
    platforms are facing. The proportion of fraudsters in the loan portfolio reaches 10%, and percentage
    of insolvent borrowers may be up to 30%. Thus, our creditors portfolios of the high quality will be of
    interest for further redemption by other financial institutions.

    Opportunities for Investors and Borrowers

    Inspeer P2P lending platform is following a mission to offer affordable and accessible credit to
    borrowers, and the highest possible profit for investors.

    Possibilities for Investment Diversification

    The big advantage we have here at Inspeer is that we operate on a global level. There- fore much
    better protection against systemic risks can be offered, comparing to com- petitors, who only offer
    to invest in one country, for instance, the USA. International markets are also linked together, but for
    example the correlation between Indonesia’s GDP Growth and the US GDP Growth is R=-0.0913 for the
    time period of 1961-2008. So if a big crisis hits the USA, and many people with loans lose their jobs,
    investors’ loans in Indonesia likely won’t be affected.
    In case of investing in many small loans with good borrowers across different verticals and
    geographies, it is statistically unlikely that more than just a small percentage default.
    Assuming the same amount was invested in every listing, return can be calculated as follows:
    Actual Return = (1-Default_Rate)*AVG(Interest_Rate)
    If an investor invests $10,000 with 100 loans that all run for 1 year and have an average interest rate of
    30% per year. That means that by the end of the year there would be $10,000 invested and $3,000
    of interest back. Now let’s say that 10 of those 100 default and don’t pay back anything. Then $1000
    of investments are lost (plus $300 of interest that was not collected). But at the end of the year an
    investor still have $12,000 to their name, which is a healthy 20% rate of return.

    AutoInvest tool

    Additionally to that, Inspeer platform will have a convenient AutoInvest tool that takes care of the
    process, selecting and investing on the site’s listings automatically.

    Low fees and Optimal Rates

    The platform usually takes a low, around 2% transaction fee for checking credit/in- come/address and
    making the connection possible. This makes great rates and great returns possible.
    Due to our scoring mechanisms, Inspeer’s prediction capabilities for assessing the risk of individual
    loans are much higher than average industry standards. Additionally, we are going to introduce rating
    system, which will allow borrowers to increase their loan limits and get fair interest rates depending on
    their rating.

    ICO details

    Inspeer Token represents the right to receive a part of Inspeer distributable profits.
    Every 6 months, 20% of Inspeer net profit is redistributed to all holders of INSP according to smart
    contract conditions. The stake of profit is received pro-rata the share of tokens owned.

    Token name: INSP
    Token supply: 50 000 000.
    Tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be destroyed.
    Initial Rate: Price per token is locked to 1 USD per 1 Token.
    Token offering will be stopped if maximum ICO goal of 30 mln USD is reached.

    Token Distribution:    Bonuses:
    Investors - 85%        1 day - 15%
    Team - 9%                1 week - 10%
    Bounty - 3%             2week- 5%
    Advisors - 3%           3-4 weeks - 0%

    Bounties (%X out of the bounty pool):

    BitcoinTalk Campaign - 28% (thread support)
    BitcoinTalk Campaign - 26% (signature banner)
    Twitter Campaign - 18% (like and retweet campaign)
    Facebook Campaign - 18% (like and repost campaign)
    Exclusive support - 10% (significant help with the project)


    Depending on the ICO results, Inspeer team will have enough resources to achieve:

    • $2 million
      P2P lending in Russia and Estonia. PayDay Loans. Issuance of virtual card. Lending in cryptocurrency as a main priority.
    • $6 million
      Opening P2P lending in Spain and Latvia. Issuance of plastic cards with a credit limit for regular customers.
    • $12 million
      Scaling the model, opening an office in the UK. Launching a program for debt restructuring for regular customers.Obtaining an EMI License.
    • $30 million
      Loans for small and medium-sized businesses, cross-border payment system.Venture Capital.Crowdfunding

    The business model below reflects our short-term expectations. The analysis focuses on the four stages
    of the project. Our assumptions are based on conservative fore- casts of the market prospects. The
    planned business profitability is built on a commis- sion fee of 2% of each transaction and 38% return
    of busines ratio.
    Each of these 4 scenarios is based on progressive scaling of the business to new markets, improving
    the trading platform, and rising business profitability. The investor’s operating profit is based on Profit
    Share (20%) plus conservative forecast of the token’s capitalization.

    Executive team




    White Paper:

    Light Paper:






  • Inspeer - What Are The Problems Of P2P In Russia?

    Nowadays there are more than 24 trillion rubles on bank deposits in Russia. This is a significant amount of money which is not invested anywhere, thus, significantly slows down the development of the economy within the Russian Federation. There are several reasons for such situation, so let’s look at the main ones at large.

    The first and the main issue is lack of trust. The middle-aged and elderly people have been through too many problematic periods and situations both during USSR period and in independent Russian Federation, so they tend to doubt any innovation and remain totally sceptical towards new technologies.

    Another obstacle is that there is too little understanding and knowledge of Blockchain technology, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending in general. The majority of citizens have no idea what crowdinvesting and crowdlending is, and sometimes they don’t even want to learn about this rapidly changing market. Everybody got used to the notion of banks and their functions in the society, so a common ignorance towards new possibilities appears.

    Furthermore, some people think that interest rates of peer-to-peer and crowdlending platforms are too high, although most of them forget that the effective rates in banks are completely the same.

    Overall, we may conclude that most of the problems of peer-to-peer lending in Russia are caused by simple prejudices that have accompanied people for many years. However, we do believe that it will be possible to change such perception in the nearest future. Moreover, this process of change has already begun and Inspeer is really glad to be a part of it.

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