(PRE ANN) MDC - Build in wallet food order! Eat food for free now possible!

  • McDonaldCoin

    Use MDC wallet to order ANY food from McDonald! Buy for free! Stake your coins and buy from your interest!

    Blocks 1-100: 3,50
    Blocks 101-200: 3,50
    Blocks 200-400: 3,50
    Blocks 400-600: 3,50
    Blocks 600-800: 3,50
    Blocks 800-1000: 3,50
    Blocks 1000-1200: 3,50
    Blocks 1201-3500: 3,50
    Blocks 3501-7000: 3,50

    POW ends and POS starts from Block 7001

    Total supply during POW: 24,500 3FD

    Algorithm: SHA256 (PoW/PoS)
    Retarget: 35s
    Min Stake age: 3h
    Max Stake age: 50d
    Maturity: 350 confirmations

    Launchtime and more details will be announced soon !

    Source will be available on github/bitbucket and Win Wallets at launch.

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