CoooCoin (COOO) - Cryptocurrency for worldwide multipurpose online service exchange platform.

  • A Brief Overview

    Cooonet Corporation is headquartered in Hong Kong, the vibrant metropolis fast developing into one of Asia’s premier blockchain application centers. We have developed and are presently beta testing our platform, Cooonet, a comprehensive online learning and digital services marketplace.

    We will launch the Cooonet platform with a strong initial focus on Asia. With a deep local understanding of China and ASEAN, the Cooonet team will drive early platform adoption through our twin strategies of charity work and sharing system.

    As a former EdTech start-up, Cooonet has embraced the new era of blockchain technology and applied blockchain technology not only to CoooCoin, our exchange token, but to CoooShares — we are the first truly shared Company.

    As the platform grows, our CoooShares reward system will incentivize global participation on a massive and viral scale.

    Our first step towards becoming a global e-services phenomenon starts with Education in Asia.

    White Paper:

    Cooonet on Charity

    We are committed to helping students in need evade lifelong poverty.

    We recognize the importance of nurture and care for students in need.

    We recognize the power of charitable people willing to extend a helping hand.

    We recognize the importance of full transparency and accountability in charitable works.

    CoooCoin Crowdsale Details


    CoooCoin Corporation shall issue a maximum of 500,000,000 COOO (500,000 KCOOO) only.


    Start and End Date

    The presale will begin on October 8th, 2017 and end on November 19th, 2017.

    CoooCoin Presale Price

    The price per 1,000 COOO (1 KCOOO) Tokens in the presale is 0.2 ETH or 0.01450 BTC.

    ETH Presale Discounts

    3 ETH – 50 ETH receives a 5% Bonus 

     >50 ETH – 150 ETH receives a 15% Bonus

     >150 ETH – 300 ETH receives a 25% Bonus 

    >300 ETH – 3,000 ETH receives a 35% Bonus 

    >3,000 ETH – 6,000 ETH receives a 40% Bonus 

    Over 6,000 ETH receives a 50% Bonus

    BTC Presale Discounts

    0.22 BTC – 3.65 BTC receives a 5% 


     >3.65 BTC – 10.95 BTC receives a 15% Bonus 

     >10.95 BTC – 21.90 BTC receives a 25% Bonus 

    >21.90 BTC – 219 BTC receives a 35% Bonus 

    >219 BTC – 438 BTC receives a 40% Bonus 

     Over 438 BTC receives a 50% Bonus


    Start and End Date

    The crowdsale will begin at 8:00 a.m. GMT+8 November 20th, 2017 and end at 11:59 p.m. GMT+8 December 17th, 2017.

    CoooCoin Crowdsale Price

    CoooCoin Tokens are intended to be sold at the following rates during crowdsale:



    Idea creation, business plan development and business strategies formulation
    Platform alpha prototyping, analysis and improvement
    Platform architectural design development
    Seed funding received
    Platform development
    Platform testing (part-by-part)
    MAR. Platform integration with blockchain technology
    JUN. Platform beta testing and improvement
    OCT. Whitepaper public announcement & Presale
    NOV. Crowdsale
    DEC. Distribution of CoooCoin tokens
    JAN. Setting up operations in China and ASEAN (Southeast Asian Nations)
    APR. Platform version 1.0 soft-launch (services include schoolwork/academic, standard testing and foreign languages)
    Launch of Cooonet Charity Center
    JUL. Platform version 1.x global launch
    Setting up operations for Japan, Korea, India and Vietnam
    Driving Platform adoption and community development
    OCT. Setting up operations for some major Spanish-speaking countries
    JAN. Platform version 2.0 launching (many more services added to the Platform)
    Setting up operations for global English-speaking developed countries


    White Papers:

    Crowdsale Tarms:

    Executive Summary:

    Peth Deck:





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