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  • What is Boosteroid

    Boosteroid is a secure cloud services platform that provides convenient access to computing resources, storage, software products and other functionality Our service will allow to abandon expensive personal computers in favor of a powerful computing "cloud" with a user-friendly interface and a simple management. A computer is able to carry out a variety of tasks in the "cloud" - from working with texts to analyzing DNA.

    Why Boosteroid?

    • Lowest rental price of computing resources. Thank to our own unique architecture and minimal costs of electricity our clients will be able to use computing resources at the lowest price.

    • Opportunity to choose necessary computing power. A client will be able to choose the necessary computing power and change it just with several clicks.

    • Unlimited rental time. For our customers we provide cloud computer rent for any time - from one hour to several years.

    • Safety. ПUsers can be sure that all their data is secured and flawless operation of all systems is ensured. The information will always be secured and no one will be able to steal or withdraw it.

    Boosteroid project implementation

    Technical implementation of the Boosteroid project consists of software and hardware parts. Hardware part will include a lot of heterogeneous computing systems, combined into a single high-speed infrastructure:

    • - servers based on modern general-purpose Intel or AMD processors;
    • - servers, which include NVIDIA or AMD graphics accelerators and graphics cards;
    • - servers, which include Intel graphics accelerators;
    • - high-speed switching equipment.

    Server architecture will be based on:

    • - Intel Xeon E5, E7 v4 or 5 processors;
    • - AMD EPYC 7000 series processors;
    • - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards;
    • - NVIDIA Tesla P100, Tesla V100 and AMD Radeon Instinct graphics accelerators;
    • - Intel Xeon Phi 7000 series accelerators.

    A fault-tolerant, distributed, redundant storage system will be used in
    the Boosteroid project. Also, block-level stores are provided. In
    addition to the main data stores, a long-term storage with a large
    amount of memory will be built.

    10Gb and 100Gb Ethernet switches
    will be used as communication equipment. They support the operation of
    the system infrastructure, high-speed computing network and data
    warehouse replication.

    Software part of the project will be based
    on the open source platform, which allows to provide a wide range of
    cloud services, such as computing, creating storages, databases and much

    A detailed project of creating computational power will be formed after the first ICO stage.

    We develop a user-friendly interface with fast and easy access to
    Boosteroid services for the convenience of working with the “cloud”.

    We are also planning to develop an application store, named BooStore,
    where you can buy or download apps for free. Then you can install these
    apps on your cloud PC.

    Free 10% of Boosteroid capacities for AI-startups

    We intend to contribute to the future, so we will provide 10% of our capacities for artificial intelligence projects addressing the issues of aging. The implementation of these tasks requires a large computing capacity and it`s creation and lease today is extremely expensive. Criteria for selection of startups to be provided with our powers will be set after the first ICO stage.

    Boosteroid tokens

    A total of 1 billion tokens was released and called BTR.

    BTR tokens are created on Ethereum blockchain-platform under the ERC20 token standard.

    There is no reissue of tokens after the financing is completed.

    Tokens accepted as a payment for services will expire.

    When our ICO is completed, all unsold and undistributed tokens will be destroyed.

    BTR tokens distribution

    The structure of tokens` distribution is following:

    Sale of BTR tokens in ICO

    1 BTR corresponds to the cost of one hour computing power on the basis of eight NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards; two processors Intel Xeon E5 2680v4; RAM 256Gb; SSD 960Gb.

    It is possible to buy BTR tokens on the Boosteroid.com website during pre-ICO and at all ICO stages.

    The address of the smart contract will be available in your account by the start of sales.

    ICO of BTR tokens

    1 Stage

    The sale of tokens will begin on October 23, 2017 and end on November 6, 2017*. Total number of BTR tokens: 100,000,000 The amount of attracted investments: $ 53,000,000 The starting price of 1 BTR token is $ 0.48, the final price is $ 0.58


    2 Stage

    The sale of tokens will begin on November 27, 2017 and end on December 11, 2017* Total number of BTR tokens: 300,000,000 The amount of attracted investments: $ 374,000,000 The starting price of 1 BTR token is $ 1.08, the final price is $ 1.38


    3 Stage

    The sale of tokens will begin on January 15, 2018 and end on February 15, 2018*. Total number of BTR tokens: 400,000,000 The amount of attracted investments: $ 932,000,000 The starting price of 1 BTR token is $ 1.88, the final price is $ 2.78.



    Distribution of collected funds

    Total amount of attracted investments - $ 1 359 000 000. They will be distributed in the following way:

    The project of cloud services platform that provides convenient access
    to computing resources, storages and software products will be
    implemented regardless of the ICO results - we are already creating
    computing facilities for the project.

    Road map




    Den Puzich Advisor

    Cengiz Kaptan Advisor, Investor

    Ivan Shvaichenko CEO, Founder

    Ivan Sorbat CTO

    Sergey Znakhur AI Developer

    Bogdan Skryabin Blockchain Specialist

    Yuriy Savin Infrastructure Architect

    Larisa Сhepel PR & Communications

    Michael Brown Systems Analyst








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  • Boosteroid - Interview With CEO

  • ICO Boosteroid: Investors will get from 10 to 20% bonus tokens

    BTR token sale starts on January 15th and will continue until December 15th. The total number of BTR available for sale — 400 000 000. It is possible to pay with ETH, BTC, LTC and BCH. The initial price of 1 BTR is $1,88.

    We collected more than $5,5 million during the previous stages of our ICO. It shows crypto community and investors have been rather interested in our project.

    At this stage we developed a bonus system for everybody who help us reach our goal and create a personal cloud computer available for everyone.  So, investors who purchase from 1000 to 10 000 BTR will get additional 10% bonus tokens, from 10 000 to 100 000 BTR — 15%, from 100 000 to 1 000 000 BTR — 20%, from 1 000 000 and more BTR — 25%.

    We’ve got many interesting news ahead, so stay tuned!

  • The building of the largest data center in Europe begins in Georgia | Boosteroid

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