Zcash (ZEC) - New Mining Pool | ZPOOL GURU

  • With quite a bit of pride, I am delighted to announce that we recently launched our own pool to support the Zcash community. It is a young pool and we are constantly improving it. We hope you will already enjoy it in its current state, and we think you will love it once it is fully developed:


    With two decades of experience in server hosting, almost 1 year experience in hosting servers for the ZCash community, we have the skills, the team, and the infrastructure to make this the best pool for Zcash!

    The pool is fully operational, has found 3 blocks so far, and is growing in size. Here are a few details, which you can also all find on our pool website:

    • Low 0.5% fees

    • Proportional block reward

    • Real time free payout (min 0.1 ZEC)

    • All Mining rewards: Blocks & Fees

    • Full stratum support

    • DDoS protection

    • Online support

    • Server: stratum.zpool.guru

    • Stratum Port: 3333

    • Encrypted Stratum Port: 4333

    • Username: Your Zcash Address

    • Password: X or Leave empty

    Help us spread the word and connect your servers! We have a hard working team making sure the pool is as good as possible and we are constantly developing as well as improving the entire architecture.

    Let us grow Zcash together!

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