NAU - directly connects customers and retailers using the blockchain

  • Vision

    NAU is the platform that directly connects customers and retailers using the blockchain
    technology to guarantee transparency and reliability. Besides being a customer redeeming
    special offers from retailers, any user can be their associated affiliate partner. By inviting other
    users (friends, colleagues or social network followers) to NAU, the user receives 95% of what the
    advertiser pays in tokens for each offer redemption. This is absolutely disruptive for the current
    market paradigm, where middlemen share the advertising money and users have almost zero
    motivation to recommend and share within their circles of communication. By creating direct
    customer-retailer connection with most of the money left within this interaction pair, NAU
    creates a new reality for both consumers and retailers.


    The advertiser creates an offer (a discount, a gift or second item free) paying at least 1
    NAU token for each redemption of this offer. 95% of the reward goes to the user who has invited
    the redeeming customer to NAU. Such approach encourages the users to share NAU application
    within their social areal. Each user is someone’s follower therefore backing the vision of leaving
    most of the funds in the “advertisers - customers - advertisers” eco-system.


    Desktop-ready website and Android/iOS mobile apps allowing users to locate
    and redeem offers displayed on the geolocation basis. The offers are categorized into 5 basic
    categories with advanced filtering.

    Why blockchain? 

    NAU declares and executes the absolute transparency for all the participants
    of advertising assets exchange process. Everyone can check the amount of tokens paid by the
    advertiser for each sale and make sure the affiliate has received 95% of this amount. This
    approach also guarantees there is no hidden token emission from the system besides the
    declared token sale amount. The platform itself becomes more reliable and safe as the
    blockchain is stored on multiple nodes that confirm each transaction.

    Blockchain solution.

     NAU utilizes a private blockchain based on the MultiChain technology.
    Transactions within the blockchain are visible to anyone through the proprietary public
    monitoring service. One can also start his own monitoring service by setting up a node. This
    approach has been chosen instead of using public blockchain networks to avoid paying the
    rewards for miners for each transactions as these rewards do not match the microtransaction
    model within NAU.

    Business model.

     The platform charges 5% of each transaction of tokens from advertisers to
    users and 0.5% of each transaction between the wallets. It also enables advertisers and agents
    (on behalf of advertisers) to use tokens to purchase push-in contacts to the segmented audience,
    the ‘featured’ badge and other marketing tools within the platform.

    Third parties. 

    NAU platform features API allowing to use its features from the outside. Currently
    the following third parties are considered:
    1. Advertiser representatives (previously accredited agencies and freelance agents) capable
    of creating and managing multiple advertiser accounts, their offers, refill token wallets
    etc. This is also available through the web agent interface.

    2. Publishers. We have already secured agreements with a few publishers, that will use the
    API to show NAU offers to their audience based on geolocation. They are greatly
    attracted by the 95% reward model and absolute transparency of the platform.
    3. Exchange platforms, that can be integrated to web user interface and offer token
    exchange to any other assets and vice versa.

    Current product state.

     Development is in progress since July 2017. Official beta is scheduled to
    be released after the main token sale round ends. The development is currently within the
    planned schedule executed by an experienced team of 8 developers. All current investments are
    funded by the founders.

    Platform marketing. 

    The company is currently launching its local headquarters in the following
    countries: Germany, Philippines, Colombia, Russia and Ukraine. The local offices are responsible
    for signing agreements with agents and advertisers along with the local influencers that will
    execute the initial platform app promotion. The list of such agreements to be announced prior to
    the token sale main round. NAU has also signed agreements with publishers for over 100M
    monthly ad serves for NAU offers on the revenue share basis.

    Token Sale Structure

    Starting from Oct 1, 2017, the private presale round is active. (UPD: the
    round has successfully ended with $1.5M raised). The price on this stage is set at $0.04/token
    with 300% bonus and only qualified investors with investments over $50k in any equivalent are
    eligible to participate. There is hidden cap on this round. Advisors are eligible to purchase up to
    $50k equivalent in tokens during the private presale at a special price: $0.005/token with 6
    months lock-up period.

    On Nov, 1 the public round of token sale would be announced starting with sale limited to 50M
    tokens priced at $0.04 each with 35% bonus. The main token sale round (Nov 29, 2017 - Dec 29,
    2017) would be divided into 2 equal parts. The first part will be sold at $0.04/token, the second
    part at $0.06/token.

    The remaining tokens will be distributed in 2018 through the performance based rounds
    (announced prior to NAU launch on a new market). The price will be determined by the total
    volume of the contributions divided by the number of tokens available for the particular
    distribution round.


    Gols And Uses

    Soft Cap: $5M

    Basic scenario:

    NΛU operates in 5 initial countries.
    Funds are allocated to ensure project financing for 2017-2019 until it breaks even.

    Fixed costs:

    $2,598,000 - Retailers acquisition
    $1,247,500 - Customers acquisition
    $1,740,000 - R&D
    $1,026,000 - Global & C-level expenses
    $713,000 - BD & PR expenses
    $297,800 - IT infrastructure
    $229,000 - Legal
    $62,000 - HQ and local offices launch

    Total fixed costs:


    Considering the projected income of $2,911,980 during this period, NAU needs funding of $5,001,319, which is NAU token sale planned minimal cap. Please check the P&L projections and key indicators that influence the projections here.

    Additional funds allocation:


    Token Sale Tarms:

    To participate in NAU Token Sale users must register on and receive access to their account.

    ETH, BTC and LTC will be accepted as cryptocurrencies of contribution during NAU Token Sale.

    Any contribution will be converted to USD based at the exchange rate fixed at the moment the “Show wallet address” button is clicked and then converted to the corresponding amount of tokens depending on the current Token Sale round and token price.

    To participate in Token Sale public presale round, users should make a contribution no earlier than Nov 1, 2017 12:00 GMT time and no later than Nov 27, 2017 12:00 GMT time.

    If the Token Sale public presale round reaches its hard cap of 50M tokens before Nov 27, 2017 12:00 GMT time, all the contributions received after the cap is reached would be returned to the corresponding contributors.

    To participate in Token Sale main round, users should make a contribution no earlier than Nov 29, 2017 12:00 GMT time and no later than Dec 29, 2017 12:00 GMT time.

    If the user makes a contribution before Nov 29, 2017 12:00 GMT time, they should contact [email protected] to investigate the issue.

    It may appear so that user makes a transaction when the token price is still $0.04, but at the moment the transaction comes to Token Sale contribution wallets the token price is $0.06 - this is the risk the users should accept and try to avoid that using the Token Sale progress bar for information.

    Detailed instructions on participating in Token Sale and contributing funds will be published later.

    NAU main token sale round ends on Dec 29, 2017 12:00 GMT time or when the hard cap is reached (300M in this round and 500M overall tokens sold) whatever happens earlier.

    Token Sale contributors may choose automatic exchange of ERC20 eNAU tokens to NAU tokens 1:1 in their account.

    Token Sale contributors will receive their ERC20 eNAU tokens or NAU tokens (if they choose the exchange option in their account) within 7 days after the end of Token Sale.

    Token Sale is operated by NAU, a limited company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with company number 326425.


    October 15 - October 25 - private presale round
    Sept - Oct - local offices launch
    September 26 - NAU participates in Blockchain Live 2017 conference, Saint-Petersburg
    September 28 - NAU participates in MAC 2017 conference, Moscow
    October 31 - NAU participates in CAC 2017 conference, Prague
    Nov 1 - Nov 27 - public presale round
    29 Nov - 29 Dec - main token sale round
    December - official beta release
    Q1, 2018 - Q4, 2018 - performance based rounds


    Yaroslav Shakula (Founder, CEO)

    15 years of experience as a project lead, co-founder and
    CEO of multiple projects in the industries of Internet-marketing and advertising (Creara, Sape),
    affiliate marketing, e-commerce etc.

    Egor Bruskin (Co-founder)

    Founder of LeadBit Group - a holding company currently managing a
    few worldwide projects in traffic and affiliate marketing industry.

    Max Gavriuk (CTO)

    Over 15 years of experience in software development and management. CIO
    of OmniSynapse.

    Olga Romanova (Head international sales)

    Previously Head of partner management department
    Groupon Russia. Previously Deputy Commercial Director KupiVIP E-commerce. Previously Head
    of Sales CardsPro.

    Ashit Joshi (Business development advisor)

    VP at Chegg Inc., expert in product innovation,
    project architecture, product ideation and technical solution.

    Tzvi Shishler (Advisor on international marketing)

    CEO of 4KingMedia, a leading Crypto Media
    company. Tzvi has extensive marketing experience in the disruptive online space and has been
    involved in ICO marketing from the beginning.

    Marc Kenigsberg (Advisor on tokenomics and data management)

    BitcoinChaser founder,
    involved in Bitcoin since 2013. 18 years experience in online marketing. Worked with various ICO
    and blockchain businesses, a regular speaker at conferences around the world.
    The profiles of 8


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  • NAU application beta is now released.

    Currently there are over 1000 offers available in Colombia, Germany, Philippines, Russia and Ukraine and dozens new are added daily.
    Please subscribe to receive news and updates about NAU:

  • NAU March 2018 Digest


    NAU team is so excited to announce the release of fully-functional beta of NAU application for both Android and iOS platforms.

    If you live in Bogota, Manila, Kyiv, Moscow or St. Petersburg (more cities are available, but the number of local offers is limited) you can already enjoy special offers from hundreds of retailers active on the platform. Just download the application using one of the buttons above (the invite code is already there so you don’t need to look for it elsewhere).

    We encourage you to start using NAU right away to redeem special offers from retailers and provide us with any feedback on the experience — as we are still in our releasing and setting up phase, that would be really helpful.


    NAU sales teams in 4 countries have signed over 2000 retailers already which are now being on-boarded to the platform. We have already exceeded 1000 active offers available in the app with dozens new appearing daily.

    Please, don’t hesitate to contact us by [email protected] or in Telegram/Facebook and ask for the particular retailers to be added to NAU — we will do our best to sign them up and add to the platform as soon as possible.


    Though we haven’t started any active app promotion yet (trying to discover and fix possible problems prior to that) we already have over 5000 users, who have installed NAU app on their smartphones. They are already inviting their friends building the followers number, so don’t hesitate to join the active referring process and grab your followers today to profit from their activity lifetime.


    We are happy to announce that first 3 local agents have signed agreements with NAU Platform and have already launched their sales offices to attract local retailers to the platform. Among the cities that will soon enjoy NAU launch are: Krasnodar, Sochi, Kazan, Chelyabinsk and more.

    Our business development department will soon launch a special promo-website for the potential agents to start the agents acquisition campaign that is entitled to drastically increase NAU local expansion rate.

    If you are interested in joining NAU Platform as a regional agent in one of 4 countries or launch it in a new state — don’t hesitate to drop a note to [email protected] and receive a special presentation.

    ENAU JOINS COINEXCHANGE.IO is now officially the second cryptocurrency exchange featuring eNAU token in eNAU/BTC pair. We are currently negotiating with other exсhanges and plan to get eNAU listed on 2 others in April and May.

    Listing eNAU on exchanges goes simultaneously with constant product development, retailers and users acquisition and we expect the trading volume to increase significantly once we take the next step and start active marketing targeting NAU users.


    On March 29th NAU participated as a platinum sponsor and exhibitor on Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018, which is the biggest affiliate marketing event in the Eastern Europe. Our team presented the application and platform to many potential partners and affiliate marketers that can be a significant traffic source of new users.

    NAU team representatives also visited Admitad Lounge and The 5th International Online & Offline Retail 2018 PLUS-Forum.

    Thank you for staying with NAU! April is going to be full of various events and development tasks, so stay tuned for the future updates.

  • NAU - new 1.4.0 version of App has been released.

    More details about  in our social media

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