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  • The Athena Project is a unique strategy that attempts to control human emotions. The best, most successful trader is still only human, and so he is subject to the influence of emotions which bring about an increased risk of failure. If human decision-making is influenced by emotions, it can no longer be considered fully rational. The biggest problem with this is that one may not realize he is under the influence of the emotions that obscure his recognition skills. The Athena project aims to get your emotions under control in order to help reduce the risks of bad decisions.


    Many companies are searching for software that can analyze past data to predict the future in the financial markets. This includes the use of various advanced neural networks and the recognition of events that influence the market. They are trying to create devices that can anticipate the future.
    We state that such a device already exists:
    the brain of a successful trader who is consistently profitable
    When trading, pure logic is important, but there is an enemy of logic – emotion.
    "Emotion is a good mentor, but it is a very bad master.”

    Neural networks

    Since computer technology began, people have been trying to make computers learn from gathered data; for example, how to diagnose an illness from its symptoms or how to find new gold deposits from test drillings or aerial photographs. In many situations, these expert systems have been successful.
    One of the technologies for computer learning (more commonly called machine learning) are neural networks. Neural networks are designed to simulate the human brain in a simplified manner. For a long time, they were considered a sub-optimal method of learning and more direct machine learning methods were preferred – until recently.
    Only five years ago, a new era of machine learning began using neural networks. Until then, expert systems had been learning from detected patterns that were fixed and unchangeable. The breakthrough was to let the network learn from data patterns on its own. This is a very difficult task requiring a great deal of computing power, but it emerged using general purpose programing on

    graphics cards and easily rentable cloud computers. These new neural networks detected patterns several layers deeper than before (up to around 10 layers). This method is called deep learning for this reason.
    Very soon afterward, deep learning systems became the best in carrying out various machine learning tasks. These began with image recognition, but soon traversed into voice analysis, text analysis, voice synthesis, and language translation.
    Google Translator today is statistically better than a human translator. AlphaGo has mastered the game of Go, which was the last board game resisting computer domination. Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Echo can analyze a person’s voice, words, intent, find appropriate answers, and read these answers back to them in a synthesized voice. Closed captions are available for most of the videos on YouTube. These systems are all based on deep learning.
    What is the future? Where are we heading? Maybe fully autonomous intelligent machines will emerge. Maybe it will take only a few years, or many decades. We at ATHENA believe that machines should guide people in their decisions, instead of deciding for them. There are many scientific teams and companies doing that. They analyze specific situations; cars on the road, faces in a camera, matching voice patterns, analyzing movements, reading and translating street signs... We want to do something different. We want to help people understand themselves, to help them know their strengths and their weaknesses, when to trust their decisions, and when to avoid them because they are clouded by emotions. To do this, we are using the best tool available today to make it happen – neural networks.

    For More details Read White Paper:


    The Athena token is based on Ethereum technology. Only Ethereum will be accepted for the crowdsale.
    Tokens cannot be traded until November 30, 2017.
    Sending of tokens is provided through our smart contact and is fully automatic

    Crowdsale (ICO)

    Starts October 12, 2017 at 17:00 UTC and ends November 29, 2017 at 23:59 UTC
    The crowdsale (ICO) price for 1 ETH is 800 Athena tokens.
    There are three bonus types for the Crowdsale (ICO): Time Bonus, Quantity Bonus and Early Bonus.

    Price for token crowdsale

    The crowdsale (ICO) price for 1 ETH is 800 Athena [ATN].

    Total supply: 200 000 000 ATN

  • Crowsale distribution (ICO): 192 000 000 ATN (96%)
  • Bounties, partners and giveaway: 8 000 000 ATN (4%)

    Contract (Athena address): 0x93F43701F0c06dA8E4A30a5FDB4Ca236DC89e792

    Token: 0x813dc52fc6ff36ab18868648a70f21302064f03f

    Decimals: 18

    Token symbol: ATN

  • Time Bonus

    The time bonus is awarded according to the date and time of Ethereum being credited to our account, UTC time.

    1st ROUND: Oct 12 at 17:00 - Oct 15 + 40 % Bonus
     2nd ROUND: Oct 16 - Oct 20 + 25 % Bonus

    3rd ROUND: Oct 21 - Oct 25 + 15 % Bonus
     4th ROUND: Oct 26 – Oct 31 + 10 % Bonus
    5th ROUND: Nov 1 - Nov 7 + 6 % Bonus
     6th ROUND: Nov 7 - Nov 14 + 3 % Bonus
    7th ROUND: Nov 14 - Nov 29 none bonus

    The bonus is automatically calculated according to the ETHs sent to Athena ethereum wallet.
    Example During the first round, if 25 ETH are received, the amount for the Time Bonus will be calculated as follows: (25 x 800) x 40% = 8,000 Athena tokens.

    Quantity Bonus

    The Quantity Bonus amount is set according to the amount of ETH sent to Athena ethereum wallet:
    • For 50 ETH and more, the bonus is 5%.
    • For 125 ETH and more, the bonus is 15%.
    • For 500 ETH and more, the bonus is 30%.
    The bonus is calculated according to the ETHs sent to our account.
    Example: For a participation of 130 ETH, the bonus amount will be calculated as follows (130 x 800) x 15% = 31,200 Athena tokens.

    Early Bonus

    The Early Bonus is limited to a certain amount of bidders who are the first to exceed certain limits:
     For 10 ETH or more - 1 200 ATN extra (10 slots available)
     For 20 ETH or more - 2 800 ATN extra (5 slots are available)
     For 50 ETH or more - 7 000 ATN extra (5 slots available)
     For 100 ETH or more - 18 000 ATN extra (5 slots available)
     For 250 ETH or more - 50 000 ATN extra (3 slots available)
     For 500 ETH or more - 110 000 ATN extra (3 slots available)
     For 750 ETH or more - 240 000 ATN extra (2 slots available)
     For 1000 ETH or more - 500 000 ATN extra (2 slots available)
    The Early Bonus does not affect the Time Bonus and the Quantity Bonus. This is a one-off amount that is sent when the condition is met, i.e., sending ETH within the given limit first.

    Verification of applicants

    It is necessary to fulfill two requirements to participate in the crowdsale:
     Identification and registration of the Athena buyer
     Sending Ethereum to Athena ethereum wallet
    The order of events does not matter, but both must be fulfilled. In the event that only Ethereum is sent and the applicant is not be verified within 48 hours afterward, ETH will be returned, as well as tokens.

    Token supply

    The total number of tokens is set at 200,000,000 Athena.
    The breakdown is as follows:
     Crowdsale distribution (ICO): 192,000,000 ATN (96%)
     Bounties and giveaway: 8,000,000 ATN (4%)
    Unsold coins will be burned on November 30, 2017.

    Use of resources

    Selected resources will be used for research and development of xAthena platforms and directly connected projects, such as xApollo. The expected allocation of funds is below:
     5% will be used for crowdsale (ICO) promotion
     35% will be used for core development (f.e. equipment and technology)
     30% will be used for operational (f.e. wages)
     15% will be used for marketing and sales
     15% will be used for legal services

    Roadmap  2017

    Roadmap 2018

    Roadmap 2019



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