• IDAX Trading Winners Announced!

    Dear VINchain community,
    Our VIN token trading campaign on IDAX was a resounding success in generating volume and has come to an end. During the event, we offered a staggering 1 million VIN tokens to the top 50 real-name traders with the highest basic trading volume over 15 days.
    Those qualifying should check personal accounts for your rewards. Keep in mind that in cases in which basic trading volume was not reached 10% of the reward was given.

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  • VINstuff #17 (August 13 - August 19)

    As another week rolls by we have more pleasant updates coming your way. We are hard at work to bring our vision into reality, constantly developing our products and finding new partners to join us on our journey. We love sharing our progress with you and appreciate your being part of our development, as none of this would be possible without you! 

    Check out the video with today's announcements:  

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  • Interview with Donald Harris - VP of Financial Planning and Analysis, Sonic Automotive.

    We are happy to present our latest interview with one of our trusted advisers, Donald Harris. Donald is currently the Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at Sonic Automotive, a Fortune 500 publicly traded automotive retailer. In this interview Donald explains what he thinks about the VINchain project and what the future might hold for the automotive industry as a whole. He speaks about previous experiences during his career and how he is applying it now to VINchain. We are glad to have Don as a team member and are excited to let you know more about such a great partnership! 

    The video is available right now so check it out:

  • VINstuff #18 (August 20 - August 26)
    Dear VINchain community,
    With every week that passes we have more exciting developments to share with our incredible community. VINchain is continuing our evolution across all facets of our offerings. We have been attracting new people to our already expansive team of advisors while presenting VINchain’s benefits to dealerships, manufacturers and other potential partners. We’re glad to say that every day our reach grows while making vision becomes more of a reality.
    Check out our video with today's announcements:

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  • Meet Our New Partner - UnbiasedAuto! 

    We’re glad to announce a new partnership with UnbiasedAuto personal car buying service (https://www.unbiasedauto.com). They’ve earned a strong reputation for their services by making car buying cheaper and easier than ever. Their success begins with a passionate and talented team working together to deliver their vision. We’re happy to count their specialists among our ranks and look forward to a beneficial partnership. 

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  • VINstuff #19 (August 27 - September 2)

    Dear VINchain community,
    We’re excited to continue our growth into the fall and hope autumn finds you all well. Even though it seems like our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was just last week, we have months of growth under our belts since. We’re excited to announce another week of development with the end of summer and more opportunities on the horizon and we’re as grateful as ever to have the support of a wonderful community.
    Check out our video with today's announcements:

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  • Big Day for VINchain - We’ve Joined GAVDA! 

    We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined the Global Alliance for Vehicle Data Access (GAVDA) - https://gavda.org. Consisting of a large group of global stakeholders, GAVDA is united by the common goal of maintaining motor vehicle owners’ control over personal and vehicle-generated data. User control of data is central to our platform and we’re happy to be able to contribute and unify with other thought leaders around our shared vision. 

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  • VINchain Partners with TrustedCars FLEX

    Dear VINchain community,

    We’re delighted to announce another thrilling partnership with TrustedCars Flex (https://www.trustedcars.com/), continuing our mission to join forces with likeminded companies disrupting the automotive industry. TrustedCars Flex introduces a new paradigm of car usage by offering an all-inclusive weekly payment to access available inventory at participating car dealerships. Sign up on the app, pick your car, drive it for as long as you want or swap it for another at any time—all while avoiding the need for long-term contracts and fixed costs. They utilize Ethereum blockchain to power their token, ensuring payments are secure and verifiable.

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  • Special announcement - The VINchain block explorer is live on our website!

    Dear VINchain community,
    We’re delighted to announce that we’ve launched VINchain Block Explorer and it is currently accessible on our website. We’re constantly working to develop our system and it’s the highlight of our week when we have progress like this to share. 
    Ok so all of this sounds exciting, but what is a block explorer? 

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  • VINstuff #21 (September 10 - September 16)

    Dear VINchain community,

    It’s our favorite time of the week again already, when we get to share our progress with our stellar community. We’ve been focused on the development of our website and the system itself and have exciting updates in the works. Thanks to the support of our community our journey is sure to be successful.

    Check out our video with today's announcements:

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  • VINstuff #22 (September 17 - September 23)

    Dear VINchain community,

    We’re grateful for the opportunity to share another week of progress with our supportive community. We have several projects in the pipeline and development on our current projects is moving forward at a meteoric pace. Our audience is hungry for the future and we are ensuring each of the products we offer is in their best possible form as we move forward. 

    Check out our video with today's announcements:

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  • VINstuff #23 (September 24 - September 30)

    Dear VINchain community,

    We’re excited to share another week of progress with you all. We’ve been focused on bringing our content up to speed to match our development and perfecting our offerings behind the scenes. While we love sharing headline-worthy updates with you, the subtleties of our business are just as vital to our success. This week we’ll be highlighting a few features some of our audience may not be aware of. 

    Check out our video with today's announcements:

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  • VINchain Partners With Zeus Protocol

    Dear VINchain community,

    We’re elated to announce that we have teamed up with Zeus Protocol. While all of our partners are incredibly valuable in their own right, most are focused around increasing the size of our data network. Joining forces with Zeus Protocol provides the unique ability to enhance our network by supplying context for our vehicle data through utilization of their analytics platform.

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  • How GPS car tracking devices work

    Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a way to accurately determine the location of something on earth, and is considered one of the most important technologies of our time. It uses a combination of satellites and receivers to pinpoint the geolocation of these receivers along longitude and latitude coördinates. Information is supplied by around 30 purpose-built satellites orbiting the earth in fixed orbits. This information can then be interpreted by software the can display the position in a more user-friendly way by using map overlays. 

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  • VINchain is listed on one of the top 10 exchanges

    Dear VINchain community,

    Another arduous week of work is in progress and we have plenty of exciting updates to share with you all. 

    IDAX, the exchange that VINchain is listed on, has been steadily climbing the ranks and is now a top 10 exchange world wide by trade volume. The IDAX  platform only features promising and successful companies and we’re truly grateful to have made the cut. This is the culmination of our focus on development as well as support from community members like yourself as we continue to reach our more ambitious goals.

    Our VIN token (VIN) trading campaign on IDAX was a resounding success for generating volume, but we're far from finished. We want to stress that developments of our products and the acquisition of valuable partnerships remains paramount, but we will be pursuing more exchanges in the future. 

    Come join the conversation with our expert team. Subscribe to our announcement channel and never miss VINchain news that might just change everything for you.

    IDAX exchange website https://www.idax.mn

    IDAX Exchange coinmarketcap link: https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/idax/

  • VINchain is Attending the Crypto Games Conference

    We are happy to inform you that we’re taking part in the influential Crypto Games Conference (https://cryptogames.events) in Minsk, Belarus, on the 17th and 18th of October. The aim of the summit is to explore and display emerging technologies and tech hubs, all while uniting the worlds of games, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other cutting-edge technologies. Our Belarusian team will be in attendance and we would love for you to meet us, ask questions and get to know everything about VINchain. 

    Read more: https://vinchain.io/blog/vinch...

  • How blockchain is revolutionizing the auto dealer

    Blockchain technology is the talk of the tech town, and with reason. The security, transparency and ability to add data quickly and easily holds a lot of potential, especially in the automotive industry. VINchain is leading the pack with an innovative app and onboard diagnostic device, that provides real-time vehicle data, and opportunities for dealerships to grow.

    Technology is changing the world around us at a rapid rate. This is causing industries like the automotive industry to evolve, especially for dealers, who are faced with changing customer needs and increased expectations. However, for those dealers who are ready and able to evolve with the times, this technological revolution presents immense growth opportunities.  


    In the current Information Age, data is everything. Dealerships rely on data to guide functions from marketing to point-of-sale transactions, to servicing vehicles. Big data has also changed consumer behavior and expectations from their vehicles and dealerships. Consumers expect their vehicles to tell them when something is wrong, what is wrong, and when it is time for a service. They expect smartphone apps to find a nearby service center, book an appointment, remind them of the appointment, and provide the service center with a run-down of potential problems. They want connected vehicles, and connected service centers or dealerships. Big data makes this possible.

    A vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number) provides a lot of data about a vehicle, like manufacturer, the factory in which the car was built, model, body type, engine serial number, and when the car was made. The VIN number is linked to all sorts of information provided by sources such as insurance companies and government agencies like the US Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A vehicle’s VIN gives access to information such as repairs, mileage, service history, and whether the car had been in an accident, making a car’s VIN extremely important in the connected car economy.


    A blockchain is places data into ‘blocks’. Each block, or sets of information, is represented by a number, called a hash value, or digital fingerprint. The blocks are cryptographically linked, with each block containing the hash from the previous block, as well as a timestamp. This chain of blocks (blockchain) provides a robust and secure way to store data, as it generally resistant to data being modified.

    While security is a big feature for dealers, one of the main advantages of using VINchain’s blockchain app is the ability to quickly and easily access data pooled from many different sources. Dealers can also upload data, such as vehicle service data, directly to the blockchain without going through a middleman. When adding information, the dealer will be rewarded fairly, which in turn will allow cheaper access to vehicle history information. As dealers and other sources continue to add data to the blockchain, it grows into the most in-depth resource of vehicle history available.


    VINchain offers a dealership app and onboard diagnostics device, or OBD, that is customized according to the dealership or customer’s exact needs. The OBD is installed in a vehicle and provides real-time diagnostic feedback of everything that’s going on in the car, from wear condition of parts to engine performance and fuel economy. The data is communicated directly to the app, eliminating the need for things like emails, phone calls or text messages.

    The app allows dealerships to monitor vehicles and offer reminders about upcoming services and recommendations. The device offers geolocation and roadside assistance services, as well as remote control of the vehicle in certain situations. Dealers can also reach out to drivers to request data and make offers, which drivers can provide at their own discretion. Every time a driver or client provides information, they are rewarded, and the database of information gets expanded.


    The short answer is, yes. An estimated 90% of Americans live in a household with at least one smart device, with 60% of these users using their smart device to interact with automotive customer experience. These numbers are growing every year, making it increasingly important for dealerships. Despite this high interaction, and app expectations, very few vehicle owners actually use apps and websites to make appointments. This presents a major opportunity for dealerships — taking customers from interested to interacting, from interest to sale.

    VINchain’s rewards system is an incentive for customers to not only use their smart devices, but also make contributions to the car history database, which will ultimately serve them in the long run.

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