Particl (PART) - Wallet Mainnet v1.0.0 Released

  • the first public mainnet release for Particl Wallet is now available.

    Particl Wallet will automatically download, install and run the latest daemonParticl Core releases during startup.

    Since the last testnet release, we have almost entirely rewritten the UI to make use of Angular Material which wasn't as stable when we first started writing the UI, adding 200+ commits.

    Thanks to all those who helped with the release!


    4b5554b3b334bc621bcb30537e8102636b7673175f6a3af2972c8435f59e5617  particl_1.0.0_amd64.deb
    f2487f8bcc78dabeeac00a19b97db047cc5304486c432a50449cb65d43a875b3  particl-1.0.0-linux.tar.gz
    75348e85f03a822b5ca24d20c2ce050bd4d082e31fd94492498db1afcc384cc4  particl-1.0.0-setup-win64.exe


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