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  • LBRY Released LBRY V v0.8.2


  • Crypto, Crypto, Crypt0!

    A rising tide lifts all ships, and while LBRY continues to gain momentum and credibility, why not take a few more cryptocoins with us?

    Crypt0 has covered Ethereum and other alt-coins for the better part of a year. He has a near-daily crypto vlog with insightful, balanced coverage of Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin and more.

    Crypt0 joins Chris Coney’s Cryptoverse and Trevon James as the third show with wall-to-wall cryptocurrency coverage, right here on LBRY.

    You can also find his work at

    Not on LBRY yet? Get an invite here or email [email protected]


    Reilly Smith

  • lbry Pre-Release V 0.8.3rc0

  • lbry Pre-Release V 0.8.3rc3



    •  make connection manager unit testeable


    • Change EWOULDBLOCK error in DHT to warning. #481
    • mark peers as down if it fails download protocol
    • Made hash reannounce time to be adjustable to fix #432

  • WANTED: Open Libraries

    It always bears repeating around here: LBRY’s destiny is nothing short of the most reliable and rich library on earth... despite the illegible abbreviation “LBRY.”

    To expedite the process, we have an open bounty for the world’s free and digitized libraries in order to aggregate them onto one big (decentralized) shelf: LBRY’s network of gracious content hosts.

    One pierre1024, a member of the LBRY Slack community, has claimed quite a big fish…

    Project Gutenberg is an open project that has digitized 54,000 free pdf, epub and Kindle books.

    Hundreds of historical archives are now available on LBRY, including:

    • The Economic Consequences of the Peace by Keynes
    • A Soldier's Sketches Under Fire by Harold Harvey
    • Journal of a Voyage to Brazil by Callcott
    • How Jerusalem Was Won by W. T. Massey
    • Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham

    The project was started by the late Michael Hart in 1971 with the digitization of the US Declaration of Independence. Make a donation to Project Gutenberg here, and enjoy thousands of books now available on LBRY.


    Reilly Smith

  • LBRY pre-release V. 0.8.4

  • LBRY Pre-Release V0.8.5

  • LBRY Release V 0.8.7

  • Integrity 2.0

    ou got your daily news fix with 1791L.

    But what if you were even closer to the action? What if, instead of spitballing in well-lit newsrooms on comfy couches, LBRY could bring back the journalism of yesterday, right from the field?

    Enter @Timcast with independent journalist Tim Pool.

    Tim has been bringing uncensored, raw coverage of news from the frontlines for six years, and he’s only just getting started. He is the quintessential independent journalist, unfunded by corporate news outlets or special interests. You can donate to his Patreon hereinvestigation in Sweden here.

    Start following his coverage of Sweden’s crime issues at lbry://timcast-sweden-day1 -- and each day afterward as Tim uncovers the truth about Swedish crime and immigration.

    Tim Pool’s work has been syndicated by NBC, Al Jazeera, VICE, Fusion TV, RT and Time.

    Not on LBRY yet? Get an invite here. Have news you want to share uncensored on LBRY? Email [email protected] to get to the bottom of the story.


    Reilly Smith

  • Filthy Casual

    Gaming. It’s arguably more important than getting adequate nutrition.

    So, we’re adding it to the LBRY menu.

    TV, movies, and even funny videos have been around for decades--even before the internet. But from rose a new genre: the streamer. And it has changed the landscape of internet content forever. Now, everyone can sit on your couch as you wreck noobs.

    We welcome LBRY’s first game streamer, Oh Gee Geo.

    There’s only one problem: he’s not a Genji main. He’s not going to rush your base. He can’t 360 no scope. He needs you, young padawan, to teach him your ways!

    Oh Gee Geo

    Oh Gee Geo

    When I saw LBRY I immediately saw the potential for the democratization of content distribution… Content creators are empowered to set their own market for their content. -OhGeeGeo

    Join OhGeeGeo as he streams RTS and MOBAs while learning from the young guns how to really play the hottest new games.

    Games so hot, his rig overheats because it can’t run them.

    I (Reilly) will also be doing a new stream with OhGeeGeo as he learns to master Rocket League starting mid-March!

    Not on LBRY yet? Get an invite here or email [email protected] to learn more.

  • We're on the Verge of Complete Cryptocurrency Deregulation

    Is New Hampshire the best place to run a cryptocurrency business? It already has the highest per-capita Bitcoin usage. And very soon it is likely to have the most favorable regulatory climate.

    While states like Hawaii are passing bills so onerousHouse Bill 436 exempts virtual currencies from all state regulation. Just minutes ago, it passed the New Hampshire statehouse, 185-170.

    LBRY is thrilled to have been a part of this process. As the governor-appointed industry expert on virtual currencies, I'm glad I finally had the chance to give back to a technology that has given so much to me.

    However, most of the credit goes to Represenatives Barbara BiggieKeith Ammon, who introduced the bill, as well as Representative John HuntChamber of Digital Commerce gave us invaluable advice and advocated heavily on behalf of the bill.

    The battle is not over! If you support this effort, please let the governor know and give thanks to the hard work of those mentioned above.


    Jeremy Kauffman

  • Censored Gaming Play No Evil

    One of the pillars of LBRY, and in fact cryptocurrencies on the whole, is censorship resistance.

    Censorship is a problem to varying degrees in all media. LBRY seeks to minimize institutional censorship through decentralization of publishing and empowering creators everywhere.

    One of the most interesting case studies of censorship is video games. From country to country, different cultures (or governments who enforce a particular culture) yield wildly different results for virtually identical content, depending on what is considered socially permissible.

    No channel covers this better than Censored Gaming.

    Censored Gaming

    Since the dawn of video games and interactive media, what people should and shouldn’t be able to do in a game has remained forever a hot button issue. From 16bit “boobs” measuring a hefty 3 pixels bra size, to the hot coffee mod scandal of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, to the different cultural interpretations of meaning between Japanese and American game translations, to the Red Cross owning the IP to pictures of red crosses... no pixel is left unturned in Dan and the Censored Gaming team’s pursuit of shining a light on censorship. Free your voice while being delightfully entertaining. Censored Gaming and LBRY are a match made in 1st Amendment heaven. Suppport Censored Gaming on Pateron right here: Not on LBRY yet? Get an invite here. Feeling censored and want to stretch your expression a bit more? Email [email protected] for a ride on the wild side of publishing.


    Reilly Smith

  • LBRY Release v0.9.0rc17

    Fixed Added string comparison to ClaimOutpoint (needed to look things up by outpoint) Remove unused API commands from daemon Fix file filter outpoint Made dictionary key names in API commmand outputs to be more consistent


  • LBRY (LBC) Release v0.9.1


    • Added --version flag
    • Added lbrynet-cli executable to control daemon from command line
    • publish API command can take metadata fields as arguments
    • Added reflect_uploads config to disable reflecting on upload


    • Removed simplejson dependency in favor of bulitin json


    • Fixed jsonrpc_reflect()
    • Fixed api help return
    • Fix wallet_public_key API command


  • Watch LBRY Program Live & Beta Updates

    A Great Week for LBRY's Public Beta

    Watch Us Program Live!

    To show just how easy it is to use the LBRY API, we're hosting a live coding and Q&A session.

    On March 29th, from 6-9PM EST (or later), you'll be able to heckle and watch LBRY devs build an image sharing site from scratch to (hopefully!) completion.

    You can watch the stream here.

    During the stream, members of the LBRY development team will be in our chatroom answering questions and discussing LBRY.

    If you want a reminder, make sure to join our Slackcomplete the quickstart guide.

    Trending on GitHub

    Last week, LBRY opened up its API to anyone with a GitHub account, to a fantastic reception.

    LBRY Trending on GitHub

    LBRY has been a trending repo on GitHub for almost a full week. Nearly 2,000 developers are now following the LBRY project.

    Anyone with a GitHub account can immediately try out the LBRY API and by using our quickstart guide.

    Additionally, we've created a new resource page documenting the LBRY API.

    Major Press Coverage

    LBRY's GitHub beta came just in time for LBRY to be able to publish 20,000 college lectures that were on the verge of disappearing.

    This got LBRY some positive press, including:

    As well as popular posts on Reddit, other news websites, and many regional and local publications.


    Jeremy Kauffman

  • LBRY (LBC) | Bless Hay Gaming- This Game of Yours

    There’s only one thing harder than a Dark Souls game: making a Dark Souls game.

    But with the renaissance in 16-bit and pixel art-style indie games, there’s grown a parallel renaissance in the feasibility of developing your own games as an individual or small team. Tools like GameMaker: Studio, Unity, and Unreal have proliferated to smaller development outfits in recent years.

    In the meantime, become the jack-of-all game dev trades at your own pace.

    Bless Hay Gaming is comprised of one Denmark native, Simon. Whether it’s programming, art design, or animation, Bless Hay shows you the basics of game development with a focus on 2D and sidescroller styles.

    Add your channel on LBRY with Simon using our YouTube-LBRY API sync tool here:

    Or better yet, develop your own game and become the first interactive title published on LBRY.

    Not on LBRY yet? Get an invite here. Have a feed you want to add to LBRY? Email [email protected] to rage quit YouTube in style.


    Reilly Smith

    Reilly is LBRY's in-house Curator and content liaison. He has worked in the entertainment industry since 2010, having produced two indie feature films and various short content.

  • LBRY (LBC) Release v0.9.2rc3


    • Create wallet_unused_address API command
    • Add claim_id parameter to get, used to specify non-default claim for name


    • wallet_new_address API command always returns new address
    • Improved ConnectionManager speed
    • Remove unused stream_info parameter in get


  • LBRY-New superfast BETA blockexplorer! 

  • LBRY Credits (LBC) Coinslaught

    The crypto scene is young. And with youth comes a dearth of quality shows to watch. We’ve already been gracedfew of the greats on LBRY.

    But today’s show takes the cake.

    Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture and Meher Roy of Epicenter TV host some of best interviews from the sharpest minds in cryptocurrency.

    Founders, engineers, venture capitalists, and academics from Fred Ersham, Roger Ver, Peter Rizun, Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Andresen, Emin Gün Sirer… you won't want to miss a single interview, now available on LBRY in their entirety at:

    • lbry://@Epicenter

    There is one person they haven’t interviewed yet, but the name is escaping me...

    Not on LBRY yet? Get an invite here. Wanna drop some crypto knowledge? Email [email protected] to make us all crypto rich.


    Reilly is LBRY's in-house Curator and content liaison. He has worked in
    the entertainment industry since 2010, having produced two indie feature
    films and various short content.

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