Blockchain Music Platform Voise Joins Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

  • Voise recently joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) that connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics and technology vendors with expert Ethereum professionals. Being a blockchain-driven decentralized platform itself, Voise had expressed interests in joining the prestigious only a month before the time of this writing.

    Our team believes EEA is a genuine gateway to fruitful partnerships for Voise. The intellectually and technically rich group strives towards creating decentralized solutions for enterprises. Voise itself is a huge step towards introducing middlemen-free solutions in the global music streaming industry. Together, EEA and Voise can both share their expertise for the betterment of Ethereum industry as a whole.

    After joining EEA, our platform has matched shoulders with some of the most prominent companies in the world. They include Bancor, BBVA, Accenture, British Petroleum, BNY Mellon, Cisco, Deloitte, ING, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Santander, Samsung, Toyota Research, UBS and more.

    Voise Continues Impressive Growth

    From being a mere idea to entering a working alpha state, Voise has developed hugely in terms of both development and delivery. Our purpose is to stay honest to our original roadmap and deliver a truly decentralized platform that benefits artists by removing commission-hungry business models. Towards that goal, we have already forged partnerships with prestigious companies like MicroMoney and Coinomi.

    This is extremely bullish for institutionalized tokens VOISE that were sold during the ICO. As we write, they have already been listed on many leading cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bit-z, CoinExchange and LiveCoin.

    About Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

    The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative and offers the most industry-focused, member-driven Working Groups. It is an industry-supported, not-for-profit established to build, promote, and broadly support Ethereum-based technology best practices, open standards, and open-source reference architectures. EEA is helping to evolve Ethereum into an enterprise-grade technology, providing research and development in a range of areas, including privacy, confidentiality, scalability, and security. EEA’s membership represents a wide variety of business sectors from every region of the world, including technology, banking, government, healthcare, energy, pharmaceuticals, marketing, and insurance, as well as a number of fast-growing Ethereum startups.



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