Aragon Q3 Transparency Report

  • Aragon Q3 Transparency Report

    A recap of what has been going on with Aragon during Q3 2017

    As per our Transparency Model, we do quarterly Transparency Reports of our use of funds and about the overall progress of the project.

    Transparency Framework

    This is our main transparency tool which shows our use of funds with human readable descriptions attached to each transaction.

    Salaries in Q3:

    July: 242.32 ETH, equivalent of about $50,446

    August: 112.75 ETH, equivalent of $44,310.75 and 4,620.46 ANT, equivalent of $13,233.73 as well as 24.04 ETH, equivalent of $9447.72 was paid to a contractor.

    This also includes reimbursements to team members from expenses that incurred during our first offsite where we all got together for a week to work Aragon. Around 7.57 ETH, or $1800 were used in fiat during the offsite for commodities such as food etc.

    September: 112.86 ETH, equivalent of about $29,676 and 4,315.57 ANT, equivalent of about $7263

    Devcon3 sponsorship:

    66.00 ETH, equivalent of $20,000

    We wanted to sponsor the Ethereum Foundations yearly Developer Conference as an ecosystem sponsor to help make this great event a reality.

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    Expenses in Q3:

    226.84 ETH, equivalent of around $40,124 and 2,356.02 ANT equivalent of around $4,500

    These include business expenses, payments to our PR agency, legal services, logistics and things for the offsite. Included are also things like work equipment to team members, new laptops, office equipment etc. which are essential for us to work effectively since we’re a fully distributed team, each working from a different location.

    Token Buybacks

    We began buying our tokens back a couple weeks after the token sale had closed. The Aragon Foundation has kept occasionally buying more tokens since then.

    ANT is a great tool for us to incentivize contributors. Having a wide, varied community of contributors from different backgrounds is important.

    More details and reasoning behind the decision to do these can be found in our Token Buyback Transparency Report.

    3,000 ETH, split into several smaller transactions

    Ethereum Transaction 0xc63b7f455c804fca2837109eb5cbd2c332382d14d3f69c855252bc4734d8edf2
    The Ethereum BlockChain Explorer, API and Analytics

    500 ETH, equivalent of $146,500, done in two parts of 250 ETH

    Ethereum Transaction 0xadde44f7479c62a373a3f1abdb116747ef3ea0abc338f0a8454c55df8988c95a
    The Ethereum BlockChain Explorer, API and Analytics
    Ethereum Transaction 0x20d0d4c32823ebeeb6d12f5ad787a097bf90d147c3be4c64b488fafa22c22cbc
    The Ethereum BlockChain Explorer, API and Analytics


    We have a repository in our Github for Aragon Governance Proposals where team members and community members can start new governance proposals for the project.


    AGP 2: Aragon Community Governance Model

    Community Governance Model
    AGP: 2 Title: Aragon Community Governance Model Author: Tatu Kärki, Luis Cuende, Jorge Izquierdo Type: Governance Model…

    AGP 5: Migration to Open Source Messaging Platform

    Announcing Our Migration To An Open Source Messaging Platform
    Collaborative effort of 10 Ethereum projects migrating to Rocket


    AGP4: System for resolving subjective and value based disputes


    Defined in our Community Governance Model, we hold regular public meetings that are livestreamed and available afterwards as recordings in our Youtube channel.

    Dev Meetings are deprecated and have been integrated into HQ Meetings after the first two

    Aragon Dev Meeting 01

    Aragon Community Meeting 01

    Aragon Dev Meeting 02

    Aragon Community Meeting 02

    Aragon HQ Meeting 01

    Aragon Community Meeting 03


    You can find more details about the development progress in our Aragon Q3 Development Update blog post.

    Aragon Q3 Development Update
    This quarter we have been hard at work developing the new v0.5

    Our Development Plan, which also acts as our roadmap, was updated to version 1.2 in order to reflect recent changes. More info about that and other development related documentation can be found in the Aragon Wiki.

    To keep up with the progress of Aragon:

    Come chat with us at the Aragon Chat

    Follow Aragon on Twitter

    Subscribe to the Aragon subreddit

    Follow Aragon at LinkedIn

    Contribute to Aragon at GitHub

    Find us on Youtube

    Explore the Aragon Wiki

    Thanks to Luis Cuende.

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