Status Development Update for the 7th to the 9th of November

  • After a highly successful and exciting trip to Cancun for DevCon3 our team is recollecting and assessing priorities moving forward into November. This past week the major focus has been focusing on bug fixes post 0.9.12 release.


    Our Clojure team is the core of our development team, they handle the functionalities of our application and house our largest team of developers.


    • #2228 — Finish wallet filtering
    • Putting together some documentation / idea proposals


    • #1996 — Begun work on ability to navigate to profile screen from shown status
    • #2004 — Working on issue where initial account status is missing on Discover screen
    • Discovered #2381 when working on #1996 and completed a fix


    • Researching nodejs for Status


    • Fixed bugs #2371, #2372 and #2379
    • #2380 — Begun working on bug related to commands loading refactor


    • #2342 — Working on issue where status.response doesn’t appear to work


    Our Go-language team handles the forked Go-Ethereum implementation in Status — This is the “backend” of Status that allows you to connect directly to the Ethereum Blockchain.


    • Prepared demo iOS app with react-native status-go library
    • Merged #401 after collecting requirements from status-react team
    • Built react-native module which allows starting and stopping of status-go node
    • Working on building react-native Android module
    • Set up new Jenkins master instance
    • Set up some Linux and Mac OS executors


    • Pull request reviews and discussion for #445 and #2364
    • #449 — Begun work on debugging and optimising StatusAPI
    • Discussion regarding communication strategy
    • Discussion on future integration of status-go


    • Conducted mocha tests in #206
    • #15365 — Fixed data race problem in Ethereum


    • Assisted on mocha tests for #206
    • Support for #433 and #445
    • #453 — Investigating and create issues path to fix data races
    • #223 — Continued work on refactor to introduce vendoring library
    • #15441 — Fixed external go-ethereum data race

    Desktop team:

    Our desktop team works towards building the Status client on desktop


    • Built restricted status-im for ‘react-native-desktop’
    • React-native 0.50 merged with react native desktop


    Our Design team makes Status beautiful, they provide mockups for discussion and approval on every aspect of the application.


    • Working on finalising designs for promotional gear for contributors
    • Packaging solutions for promotional gear


    Our QA team handles the testing of the application, works with users reporting bugs, and they are crucial to getting feedback and report bugs to our development team with details.


    • Testing pull requests
    • Testing develop build


    • Testing Status Open Bounty
    • Testing pull requests


    • Added ability to write tests for ‘upgrade application’ scenarios
    • Helped team member set up local environment for running automation on Windows
    • #2396 — Ensured that no user data stored in logcat

    Join Our Community

    Status is an open source project, and if you’d like to get involved with development — the single best way would be to build Status for yourself, explore our open issues. We prefer to hire core contributors based on Pull Requests.

    If you feel you can help us grow our community in other ways, we’d love to hear your ideas, so visit us over at Riot and get in touch. You can also Tweet at us, like our Facebook or subscribe to the Status Subreddit.

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