PIVX - Update on Recent Zerocoin Protocol Exploit & Patch Information

  • A new exploit was found in the original libzerocoin source code which led to a vulnerability in zPIV minting. Please see official announcement on the exploit situation here: https://pivx.org/from-the-dev-...

    To address this issue, we need every desktop wallet user’s help to reorg to the good chain without the exploit.

    • If you are able to do this now, it would really help the network & block any new exploit attempts.
    • If you prefer to wait for our final wallet release, then it is recommended to close your wallet for now.
    • Your coins are 100% safe. But zPIV mint/spend will be temporarily disabled to stop any new exploits.
    • We hope to have a final wallet out in the coming days once we get the network / wallet secure.
    • Then we will notify all exchanges to bring back their wallets online for deposits & withdrawals.


    1. Stop / Close your current wallet.

    2. Download and update to this new exploit patched pre-release 3.0.99 (vtemp_dev) wallet. https://github.com/PIVX-Projec...

    3. Edit your pivx.conf file and append following lines to the bottom of it. See this for pivx.conf location: https://pivx.freshdesk.com/sup...

    enablezeromint=0 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= banscore=10000 bantime=5
    1. Delete the peers.dat file. (in same location as pivx.conf)

    2. Launch your wallet. Wait for it to sync up.

    3. Now check if you are on the right chain. Instruction: https://pivx.freshdesk.com/sol...

    4. If you are not on the same block:hash as the presstab block explorer, then perform a reindex. Qt Wallet = Tools -> Wallet Repair -> Rebuild Index (this can take many minutes to complete) Linux = Close wallet. Start the wallet with -reindex=1 (e.g. ./pivxd -reindex=1)

    5. If it looks good, then unlock for staking if you normally stake your coins.

    It is safe to stake with this pre-release wallet. It just has a generic warning.

    Thank you!

    NOTE: These steps may change over time depending on the situation of the network / wallet release but will be kept updated at all times.



    PIVX Ambassador

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