GameCredits and MobileGo - Development Updates: iOS Wallet, Web Wallet, Desports, and More!

  • New Web Wallet Makes Your GAME Nicer to Look at

    GameCredits web wallet -- also known as GWallet -- just got a face lift.

    A few key improvements will translate into a smoother user experience, including transaction history front and center and an easier way to compare the value of GAME to other currencies.

    The redesigned UI is also a step up style-wise. As our other products are nearing release, GAME will start getting more exposure, so we are making sure to make a solid first impression.

    Further substantial updates are also on the way, such as:

    - An updated PC game store

    - Enhanced credit card and alternative payment systems

    - Paper wallet integration

    Check Out the Redesigned GWallet

    Just in Time For The iPhone X: GWallet For iOS is Here, With Support For 2FA.

    Apple fans will now have a GameCredits wallet custom built for their favorite hardware. Available in the App Store, the just-released mobile wallet is iPhone and iPad-compatible, working on iOS 8.0 and up.

    The GameCredits iOS wallet also has support for 2FA (two-factor authentication). Your GAME will be safe like it's locked in a vault, yet as accessible as pocket change.

    Users can conduct transactions, review transaction history, generate addresses, and compare exchange rates with 15 currencies in real time. Keep an eye out for more features to come!

    iPad and iPhone users (extra points if it's an X) can download the wallet from the App Store and support us by leaving a rating and a review.

    Download Mobile Wallet from App Store

    Releasing the Desports Smart Contract Application

    We know many of our MobileGo investors have been anticipating initial product releases. We're proud to say the first part of Desports - our decentralized betting application is here. Our initial release is the smart contract application that allows ethereum developers to build their own MGO betting networks. The application was built with the following tools: - Solidity for smart contract development - Truffle framework for contract testing - NodeJS for middleware (upcoming) From the beginning it was our desire to release this application to the public. Opening it for public use invites developers and businesses to create a variety of betting applications not limited to esports. All of which would pay out using MobileGo.  This application is the basis for our own betting products which cannot be released until our company receives proper betting licenses. We will continue to update our community as we progress in development. 

    Desports Contract

    There’s a Party On Discord — New GameCredits Community

    The closest thing next to sitting with us in our offices is to join our growing GameCredits community where we chat and share news.

    Our Slack community is bursting at the seams; we reached the invite limit recently and can't accept new members.

    But instead of leaving new members outside of the door, we decided to move over to Discord -- a fast-growing voice and messaging app focused on gamers.

    The UI is much like Slack's, but Discord can handle more users and has more robust security features.

    Join s on Discord to share your thoughts, feedback and ideas, and to be the first to learn about updates from the development team.

    Join us on Discord

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