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    OneMeetOneLove is a revolutionary mobile application for fast dating without correspondence. The process of dating on OneMeetOneLove is fundamentally different from dating on standard sites and mobile applications. The final result of any dating on the Internet is the appointment of the first meeting. The OneMeetOneLove application works on the principle of appointment meetings. For acquaintance in the application, the user needs to publish an idea for the meeting, wait for responses and choose the person with whom he would like to spend time. Also, the user can respond to suggestions about meeting created by other users. After the users exchange mutual sympathies, they can continue to communicate by phone. The phone numbers are exchanged automatically.

    How the application works:

    1.Download the application to your smartphone

    2.Sign up (registration will not take more than 1 minute)

    3. Suggest an idea for a meeting

    4.Select a couple for a meeting from the list of responders to your offer

    5.Make an appointment by phone

    Blockchain : 

     OneMeetOneLove will use blockchain technology based on smart contract Ethereum. Ethereum provides full transparency of the company's operating activities.



    Entry points:

    According to the OneMeetOneLove strategy, global market coverage is made from the most
    profitable entry points. So starting a business, testing and starting the
    deployment of a global service is done in the region with the most favorable
    conditions, minimum costs and, accordingly, the possibility of the fastest

    As criteria for the selection of countries, the
    market potential and structure were taken into account, as legislative aspects,
    cellular communication and others. As entry points and a global service
    deployment, the markets of the USA, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom and the
    European Union countries were selected.

    OneMeetOneLove as global service which is the first of its kind, has the goal to take up to
    10% of the world market and become the number 1 in  peoples' mind around the world. In the planning
    horizon of 5 years, the annual revenue has a target of USD 700 million.

    Business model:

    The project does not have a complex monetization model. The project monetization is carried out through paid services: shareware access for men and VIP statuses.


    Challenges for business development:


    4Q 2017

    Development of application prototypes for iOS, Android. Test application startup in Brazil. Company registration in Singapore.

    Q1 2018

    Development of mobile application final versions. Staff increase. Opening of marketing and support departments in the USA, Brazil, Germany.


    Product promotion in the USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, EU countries, China, Japan.


    To achieve domination in the markets of the USA, Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, the European Union countries, China, Japan.

    Investors revenue structure:

    The system uses a combined type of tokens. Business profit dividends, as well as the planned redemption of tokens on exchanges at the expense of company profit, are simultaneously paid.


    Increasing token cost method:

    Dividend income:

    The dividend part of the investors' income pool with target development indicators (revenue targets) will be:

    * Also, the dividend token type will contribute to the OMOL token market
    value growth, as well as the stable token redemption by the issuer.

    Technical implementation:

    System architecture

    • 1. Mobile applications for users. Implementation on iOS and Android platform, intended for dating.
    • 2. Administrative Web-interface. Interface for managing the service operation.
    • 3. Business process subsystem. It is intended for modeling and management of Service business processes.
    • 4. Authorization service. Authenticates and authorizes users.
    • 5. Service of accounts. Designed to store and display user accounts.
    • 6. Service for creating ideas for the meeting. It is a set of ready-made ideas for meetings, as well as the opportunity to come up with an idea for a meeting.
    • 7. Geolocation service. Stores and processes the location of each application user.
    • 8. Blockchain.
    • 9. Push notification service.It is intended for sending notifications to the application participants.
    • 10. Service reports. It is designed for generating and storing reports on the application operation.

    Mobile application for iOS and Android platforms

    • 1. User registration
    • 2. User authorization
    • 3. Manage user profile
    • 4. Creating an idea for a meeting
    • 5. Manage the actual meetings list
    • 6. Automatic detection of user geolocation
    • 7. Managing the connected services list
    • 8. Manage payment methods, binding bank cards to an account
    • 9. Meeting statistics, viewing the questionnaire
    • 10. Rating system and user ratings

    Administrative Web-interface

    The main features:

    • 1. Managing user accounts
    • 2. User profiles moderation
    • 3. Managing standard set of meetings
    • 4. Moderation of ideas for meetings
    • 5. Service tariff management
    • 6. Managing orders
    • 7. Managing paid subscriptions
    • 8. Managing bank card subscriptions
    • 9. Monitoring the component working efficiency and system nodes
    • 10. Viewing statistics

    ICO structure

    The detailing is in the following table:

    Planning schedule (Roadmap)

    4Q 2017

    • PRE-ICO
    • Publication of application prototypes for iOS, Android
    • Testing applications and receiving feedback
    • Company registration in Singapore
    • Developing a secure smart contract
    • Modernization of the ICO website
    • ICO promoting

    1Q 2018

    • Development of the mobile application final version based on the wishes of users
    • Blockchain technology introduction to the system architecture
    • Solving legal aspects related to market access
    • Staff increase
    • Opening of marketing and support departments in the USA, Brazil, Germany

    2Q-4Q 2018

    • Product promotion in USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, EU countries
    • Mobile applications improvement

    1Q-4Q 2019

    • Product promotion in the market of China, Japan
    • Solving legal aspects related to entering new markets
    • Staff increase
    • Opening of marketing and support department in China and Japan
    • Mobile applications improvement


    • Achieve domination in the markets of the USA, Canada, Brazil, the European Union countries, China, Japan.
    • Entering new markets

    Investment plan

    • Development of application prototypes for iOS and Android
    • Test application launch
    • Company registration in Singapore
    • Pre-ICO
    • ICO

    SEEDSTAGE 4Q 2017

    USD 0,3M



    USD 5M

    1Q 2018

    • Development of mobile application final version
    • Staff increase
    • Opening of marketing and support departments in the USA, Brazil, Germany
    • Product promotion in USA, Canada, Brazil
    • Platform support

    2Q-4Q 2018

    USD 34,8M



    USD 20,9M


    • Product promotion in the market of China, Japan.
    • Staff increase.
    • Opening of marketing and support departments in China and Japan.
    • Platform support
    • System scaling
    • Promotion in the markets of presence
    • Platform support
    • Entering new markets
    • System scaling


    USD 13,9M


    Adjusted according to the attracted investment results



    Valentin Samoilov

    Position: CEO

    Guru of internet marketing and HR management. Worked in the largest marketing agencies: ACNielsen Corp., IMS Health Inc. Has great experience in launching advertising campaigns. Perfect knowledge of 3 languages. Regular participant of IT conferences. Core skills: Business Development, Business intelligence, Business Planning, Business Strategy, Change Management, Cross-functional Team management, International Business. Education: Lauder Business School (Vienna, Austria). Previous employment: Rostec, Moscow. Works with OneMeetOneLove since 2017.

    Evgeniya Pushkina

    Position: CEO deputy

    Has great experience in the field of recruitment. Worked in the largest recruiting company: Kelly Services. Excellent knowledge of the case-means: ERWin, BPWin. Knowledge of the methodology: RUP, MSF и ARIS. Education: Lauder Business School (Vienna, Austria) Previous employment: Kelly Services. Works with OneMeetOneLove since 2017.

    Denis Kozhukhov

    Position: iOS developer

    Professional creator of iOS applications and games (native, Objective-C, XCode, cocos2d). Experience in managing the mobile application development team - ios-android creators, backend and api, design, business requirements, testing, release. Development experience - 18 years. Education BSTU Voenmech them. DF Ustinov. Previous employment: Lululemon athletica INC - Mobile Application Developer Works with OneMeetOneLove since 2017.

    Artem Tkachenko

    Position: Android developer

    Was one of the developers of the operating system SlimRoms based on Android platform. Has experience in developing complex banking software. Experience in programming Android SDK, Java - 9 years. Education Segi University. Previous employment: Kaodim SDN BHD, Malaysia Works with OneMeetOneLove since 2017.

    Alena Aksakova

    Position: interface designer

    Design and creation of game interfaces. Web and mobile interfaces, AR interfaces. Core skills: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, InDesign, Audition; InVision, SketchApp, Flinto. Education: Moscow Art and Industry Institute, Moscow. Previous employment: Aggro Studios Works with OneMeetOneLove since 2017.

    Alexander Bogomolov

    Position: Usability auditor

    Verification of user expectations and testing. Performing a comprehensive expert usability evaluation. Work experience 4 years. Core skills: Usability, Axure RP, Web Design, HTML, CSS, Unbounce, Axure, Balsamiq Mockups, Mindjet, Mantis. Education: National Research University "Higher School of Economics", Moscow. Previous employment: Bank VTB 24, Moscow. Works with OneMeetOneLove since 2017.

    Stanislav Golopogosov

    Position: Web-programmer, tester

    Perfect knowledge of PHP‚ C++‚ Delphi‚ JavaScript‚ JQuery‚ Ruby‚ Python‚ Action Script‚ Processing‚ MySQL‚ Oracle‚ Microsoft SQL‚ SQLLite. Education: Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk. Previous employment: Itsupportme ltd, Гомель Works with OneMeetOneLove since 2017.



    E-mail: [email protected]

    White paper:

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