Gaze Coin (GZE) - Building A Decentralized Attention-Based VR/ AR Economy

  • VR/AR is seeing, touching and experiencing, not clicking, tapping and
    hitting “play”. VR/AR monetization is constrained by last-century models
    that work for framed media, but not immersive media. Gaze Coin works at
    the heart of how this media
    is actually consumed, enabling brands, creators and
    users to build a metaverse economy.

    Gaze Coin is a patent-registered blockchain platform measured by gaze
    control/eye tracking. The killer app for VR/AR advertising, copyright
    tracking and user rewards, we fix the main problem with monetizing
    VR/AR: How do you measure it?

    What is Gaze Control?

    Gaze control is a tool used by VR and AR creators allowing audiences to trigger content by looking
    in the direction of the content (oftentimes cued by spatial audio). This ensures the content launches
    only when a user is ready to experience it, similar to a user “clicking through” on traditional web/
    mobile media. Empowered to engage in their own time according to their true interests, gaze control
    gives audiences agency while immersed.

    Gaze Coin Defined

    Introducing a unit of exchange measured by Gaze:
    A win-win-win for content owners, advertisers and users.
    Gaze Coin uses the concept of “gaze” to create a business model for VR and AR by creating a unit
    of exchange between content owners, advertisers and users measured initially by gaze and then,
    more specifically, through eye tracking. By charging advertisers for the time users spend genuinely
    engaged, content owners are incentivized to provide the most engaging content. Further, the model
    rewards users for consuming that content, allowing it to be offered for free.
    The economics and token flow in the Gaze Coin ecosystem
    is as follows:
    Using eye tracking, Gaze Coin calculates the exact amount of time users spend either looking at
    specific content (including objects) and/or the specific amount of time they spend immersed inside
    content. It then creates a micro-transaction that:
    • charges the advertiser for that time,
    • pays the content owner, and
    • rewards the user for consuming the content.


    Gaze Coin is the killer app for immersive advertising, allowing
    brands to:
    • calculate precise ROI on VR/AR advertising and other VR/AR activations,
    • collect meaningful data on consumer behavior in VR/AR, and
    • evolve the ad format from interruptive ads that obstruct VR/AR experiences to more native,
    engaging formats including even becoming the entire experience.
    Gaze Coin also includes a mechanism that calculates and tracks content as it is changed and/or
    added to inside VR/AR - storing that information in its proprietary blockchain.
    Gaze Coin is the killer app for tracking copyright in VR/AR,
    allowing rights holders to:
    • track content as it is created and changed in VR/ AR (remixed, versioned, addended, transferred,
    licensed, sold, discontinued, etc.) as well as track its consumption,
    • collect meaningful data on content usage, lifecycle and audience engagement, and
    • manage correct, appropriate payments to respective parties.
    The Gaze Coin blockchain ensures that advertisers, content owners and users receive payments
    and data calculated precisely from user engagement and allows that data to be scrutinized openly
    without any hidden factors.
    Accurately calculated and accessible engagement-based transactional data, together with precise
    monetization calculations, is the VR/AR business model holy grail; an engine that funds the
    expansion of content and elevates the synergy between stakeholders.
    • Advertiser is incentivized to place ads/branded content by growing user reach/engagement,
    • Content owners are incentivized to provide quality content by advertiser patronage and growing
    user reach/engagement,
    • Users are incentivized by content owner rewards and quality content, resulting in larger reach and
    engagement that advertiser wants.
    Incentives are aligned in a symbiotic way that encourages
    ecosystem growth = win-win-win

    GazeCoin Token (GZE)

    Technical Specifications

    The patent-registered Gaze Coin (GZE) blockchain accomplishes two main functions:
    1. Auditability of gaze payments
    2. Provenance of virtual content

    Mechanics: First, Gaze Coin securely stores ownership data about content assets in VR and AR
    (objects, experiences, environments, worlds). Then, it embeds transactional metadata (linked to
    telemetry data of the user action that triggered the transaction: gaze) across all micro transactions
    involving those assets. This information is directly available to the advertiser and content owner and
    cannot be forged. As content is added and remixed in the virtual world, the blockchain creates an
    indelible audit trail of these changes, enabling long-tail royalty payments to content owners.

    Token Specifications: Initially, GZE will be an ERC20 token with smart contracts on the Ethereum
    network. GZE will migrate to its own ‘proof of stake’ blockchain when the Plasma or OmiseGO
    blockchain becomes available.

    Platform Compatibility: GZE will be open sourced and interoperable with both Ethereum and
    Bitcoin. Content owners and advertisers alike will be able to create their own native tokens on the
    Gaze Coin blockchain, providing a platform for VR/AR developers (content owners, brands, artists,
    creators) to launch their own coins unique to their brand. These tokens are able to be traded within
    the Gaze Coin decentralized exchange by users, increasing liquidity and utility of the token.

    Other Requirements: Transactions on the Gaze Coin blockchain must be paid in GZE and GZE is
    required to create and forge new tokens.
    The Gaze Coin blockchain gives all stakeholders the freedom, security and material incentive needed
    while at the same time building value in the GazeCoin token itself.

    Gaze Coin API Can Be Used Anywhere

    The Gaze Coin API and wallet allow gaze to be measured and monetized in any VR or AR content
    (experiences, environments, worlds). Further, all stakeholders (content owners, advertisers, users) are
    incentivized to integrate the Gaze Coin API into content that they are either creating or recommending.
    Consider the following examples:
    Gaze Coin in a virtual world (with-advertiser example)
    Front-End Action: Suppose there is a DJ who is sponsored by Red Bull, Vans and Quiksilver.
    A fan of the DJ enters the VR world and is drawn to the DJ’s virtual nightclub by spatial audio
    (akin to how music lures fans to where the DJ is in real life). By ‘gazing’ at the nightclub for long
    enough to show interest, the fan dissolves into the nightclub interior.
    Backend Gaze Coin Action: Gaze Coin makes a ‘gaze’ calculation based on how long the fan
    remains immersed within the nightclub and facilitates the following transactions across our key
    three stakeholders:
    The advertiser payment to the DJ (content owner) based on how long the fan remains immersed
    within the music (inside the nightclub) includes two portions:
    • One for the DJ to keep, and
    • One for the DJ to reward the fan (user) for participating/consuming. The reward (in the form of a
    blockchain contract) in this example can take the form of merchandise, tickets to gigs or any other
    item of value from DJ to fan.


    Gaze Coin in an AR app (no advertiser example)

    Front-End Action: Walking down a real-world street, an augmented-reality digital doorway appears overlaid
    over a common public place in the real world. When gazing at the doorway for long enough to show
    interest, the doorway is opened and the user is transported to another augmented-reality environment.
    Backed Gaze Coin Action: Gaze Coin makes a gaze calculation based on how long the user looks at
    the doorway and how long the user remains in the augmented-reality environment. It then facilitates
    the following transactions across our key two stakeholders:
    • The User Growth Pool (explained on pg. 12) pays the content owner of the AR environment.
    • The User Growth Pool pays the user a reward for the time spent consuming the AR content.
    A GazeCoin payout simulation/calculator containing Engagement, Gaze Path, Fixation Duration,
    Hang Time, Repeat Fixation, and Pupil Dilation variables is available at

    Gaze Coin for Tracking Digital Copyright in VR/AR

    Particularly relevant use cases for tracking copyright in VR/AR include 3D objects (gaming weapons/
    skins, hologram characters/avatars or branded virtual items, for example), music (which is often
    remixed), and user-generated content (UGC) based on copyrighted material. Gaze Coin calculates
    how each asset fragment is consumed and creates a micropayment payable to content owners
    accordingly. Consider the following example whereby users change a digital asset (in this case,
    players adding new capabilities to an avatar in a game):

    When the avatar is originally added to the game, the blockchain generates a unique ‘trackable’ token
    for that avatar. Although players may purchase the same avatar at first, whenever each player buys
    different moves for the character, the avatar is then considered altered and unique to that player. Gaze
    Coin uses a process called ‘forging’ to track and monetize both the avatar fragment and the move
    fragment. Thus, as new moves are created, they, too, have their own token. When the two are brought
    together, a new ‘forged’ token is generated made up of the fragments of content (the character plus
    the unique moves) that make up that character. If the character earns money, the revenues flow back
    via the tracking token to the rights holders/creators of the fragments accordingly.

    Ecosystem Kickstart

    User Growth Pool Makes Content Free / Rewards Content Makers in Near-Term Because content first needs an audience to attract advertisers, Gaze Coin will launch with a model that incentivizes audiences to experience content - by paying them in GazeCoin - to build near-term audience reach. The “User Growth Pool” provides an egg to solve the proverbial chicken-and-egg dilemma affecting all new technology. Specifically, the Gaze Coin ICO allocates 10% of tokens to the User Growth Pool. As such, when no advertiser is yet in place, content owners and users earn a micropayment based on the amount of time users are immersed inside content. Gaze Coin will continue to reward content owners/creators and users for providing premium content experiences. 1% of total transactions involving Gaze Coin across all networks, content and worlds flows in replenishing the User Growth Pool.

    The ICO

    Gaze Coin ICO Overview

    Exchange Rate
    1GZE = US$0.35
    (Approximately US$.35c in ETH. Exact rate
    TBA shortly before the ICO start date)
    Bonus Offered
    Qualified investors may access a pre-sale bonus
    through our SAFT (simple agreement for future
    tokens) partner. A pre-sale bonus will also be
    offered to strategic investors and investors that
    wish to invest more than $40,000 USD. Please
    contact [email protected] for any questions
    about the pre-sale.
    Token Allocation 70% distributed in sale
    Advisors 5%
    Team 10%
    Contractors 5%
    User Growth Pool 10%
    Budget Allocation
    Game Development 48% of budget
    Administration 10% of budget
    Marketing 22% of budget
    Contractors 13% of budget
    Contingency 7% of budget

    What crypto-currencies are accepted in the crowdsale?

    ETH will be accepted in the crowd sale. You will be required to have an Ethereum wallet of which
    you control the private key pointed at the token/ crowdsale address to participate in the crowd
    sale. GZE are Ethereum-derived tokens. If you hold BTC, or some other crypto-currency, it can be
    exchanged for ETH and used to participate in the crowd sale.

    Technology Demo
    Gaze Coin will deliver a fully immersive VR experience/environment using Gaze Coin technology
    prior to the start of the ICO. The demo will be built upon the Dream Channel virtual world created
    by Gaze Coin founder Jonny Peters as showcased at the Cannes Film Festival May 2017. The app
    and world will demonstrate key elements of immersive technology, including spatial audio cues and
    gaze-triggered content, and it will output user engagement telemetry.

    Gaze Bounty (GB)

    1% of the total supply of GZE has been set aside for community bounties. The community is invited to
    earn a proportion of this bounty by participating in the ICO process. As a special incentive, Gaze Bounty
    has been created as a reward to participants who experience and/or promote Gaze Coin prior to the sale.
    Participants will be allocated a specific amount of GB for promoting Gaze Coin on blogs, tweets and
    other social media as well as for participating in the aforementioned tech demo. They will share
    1% of tokens pro rata based on the sum total of GB they have earned. Participants can access the
    Dream Channel virtual world through the Dream Channel VR apps on Steam, Vive, or Samsung
    GearVR. More details regarding the bounty GB can be found at

    What Amount is Being Raised? What is the Token Cap?

    There is a hard cap of $35 million. Tokens will be sold at a fixed rate equivalent to 35 US cents per
    GZE in ETH, until the ICO period ends or the hard cap is reached. The exact ETH to GZE conversion
    rate will be announced shortly before the ICO start date.

    If the minimum funding amount of $2 million isn’t reached, all ETH will be refunded.

    Irrespective of whether the minimum $2 million or $35 million is raised, the total amount of tokens
    sold during the presale summed with the total of tokens sold in the public sale will represent 70% of
    the supply of all GZE. There are 100 million Gaze Coin tokens. 70% of these will be sold in the crowd
    sale at a price that is the equivalent of US$0.35 each. The exact price is TBA closer to the ICO date.

    Reward for Content Owners Who Provide Premium Content Experiences

    A 1% licensing fee will accrue on all Gaze Coin transactions. This is paid as a reward to content
    providers who provide premium content experiences (allocated pro rata to the most popular content
    once initial user growth pool exhausted). Content providers earn from this pool proportional to the
    total gaze time that was generated on the platform each day.

    How will Gaze Coin use ETH Raised During Token Launch?

    The ETH received in the crowd sale will be used by Gaze Coin to build a mixed reality (MR) platform
    integrated with the Gaze Coin blockchain that provides developer tools allowing advertisers and
    content producers to create the immersive entertainment worlds of the future. The platform/API
    features, detailed in Appendices A and B, are demonstrated in a functional proof-of-concept: “Dream
    Channel VR” (Dream Channel). Dream Channel is a first-person, open-universe, open-source
    survival MMORPG (accessible via the Dream Channel VR app on Vive, Steam and GearVR). The
    game rewards any content creator, advertiser or user in Gaze Coin to integrate Gaze Coin API into
    their respective VR/AR content - allowing monetization through gaze.

    Tokens Linked to Virtual-Land Bonuses

    As further incentive, all participants in the token sale who spend more than US$5,000 receive a
    virtual-land bonus. As virtual real estate zones become where high-profile content owners, advertisers
    and users cluster (VR/AR content “hotbeds”), the prices of virtual-land in those areas will increase.
    These virtual-land bonuses are already built and can be viewed inside the Dream Channel VR app.

    Funding Milestones & Deliverables / Road Map

    The Gaze Coin team has seven clear milestones as targets for the token sale proceeds, outlined in
    Funding Milestones / Roadmap.

    Gaze Coin Summary

    Finally, We Can All Make Money in VR/AR
    Blockchain technology is an essential component in a new
    model for the VR/AR ecosystem. A user might easily engage
    with ten pieces of content during a brief visit to a virtual world or
    experience, meaning there could effectively be tens of thousands
    of transactions to record, track and make micropayments against.
    Moreover, in a world where content is frequently augmented or
    altered, it is challenging to accurately attribute exposure and credit
    to owners/creators. Further adding to the complexity is the massive
    amount of participants in the transactions - advertisers, content
    owners/creators and individual consumers.

    The Gaze Coin platform was specifically designed to solve the monetization challenges of VR/AR
    content, indeed the monetization challenges of the metaverse itself. A blockchain-enabled solution
    that securely stores ownership and transaction data about content assets in VR/AR, tracking and
    managing micropayments associated with content consumption, Gaze Coin empowers content
    owners, advertisers and users to create, build and experience the VR/AR ecosystem with stability
    and trust.

    The platform’s unit of currency is Gaze Coin’s own Ethereum-based token, GZE. This token will be
    available for content owners/creators, advertisers, and users to buy and sell in-experience, and to
    exchange for Ethereum tokens.

    As consumers increasingly embrace VR and AR, they expect content producers and brands to
    be there with engaging content to capture their attention. Gaze Coin provides the infrastructural
    backbone of the VR/AR creative economy, delivering the fairness, trust, security and exchange
    mechanism required to ensure creativity can flourish. With Gaze Coin handling ownership data,
    transaction tracking and micropayments, content owner, advertiser and user stakeholders alike
    can focus on their core competencies: providing the next generation of amazing experiences,
    worlds and universes.

    Funding Milestones/Roadmap

    Gaze Coin is building a mixed-reality platform (already initiated,
    as featured at the Cannes Film Festival May 2017) in tandem
    with and powered by the Gaze Coin blockchain. This provides
    developers with the functional tools to create the virtual worlds
    of the future - taking audiences from the real world to the virtual
    world and back again. The platform roadmap includes:

    (I) US$2 Million

    Gaze Coin API / WALLET
    The Gaze Coin wallet powers immersive interactions by measuring, conducting and
    then storing any associated transactions and/or token coins. The Gaze Coin API is able
    to integrate with any VR/AR content (experience, environment, world) and features a
    developer toolkit allowing monetization through advertising and gaze-triggered
    audience engagement.

    (II) US$5 Million
    Gaze Coin is developing a powerful virtual real estate and social network toolkit to function
    throughout the decentralized platform. Developed from the first use case of Dream
    Channel VR, an environment already built containing virtual cities connected through an
    overarching story narrative, the Gaze Coin API will progress to allow unique, custom and
    connected virtual worlds.

    (III) US$12 Million
    Gaze Coin will build a procedural engine allowing developers to build theoretically infinite
    immersive worlds created through random procedural generation and deterministic
    algorithms. A single seed number will be used to create world features via mathematical
    computation, eliminating the need to create each feature by hand. Content creators
    (developers) will create a base level design for the look and feel of a singular element (a
    street, structure or block, for example) and then let the code replicate this for an entire city.

    (IV) US$20 Million
    Gaze Coin will build a transport system within the platform that allows users to teleport
    themselves from one virtual world to another: the Wormhole Transport System (WTS).

    For the metaverse to reach its full potential, users need both a means and incentive
    to navigate between worlds and world builders also need an incentive to create these
    connections. Gaze Coin is the incentive, the Wormhole Transport System is the means.

    (V) US$ 25 Million

    Gaze Coin will develop the choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) story engine. Stories are
    the true drivers of VR/AR worlds. Story is what keeps audiences engaged and immersed.
    Content creators (developers, world builders) will be able to use the Gaze Coin CYOA story
    engine to create the immersive narratives of the future.

    (VI) US$30 Million

    Gaze Coin will develop the fully-functional Gaze Coin mixed-reality (MR) platform that
    will employ the AR cloud to power persistent VR/AR worlds. The vision is to connect the
    real world and the immersive world as seamless environments where all interactions are
    measured and monetized through gaze.

    (VII) US$35 Million

    Gaze Coin will develop a fully developed epic eSports MR game that puts the entire
    Gaze Coin platform into action - an R&D test bed for all stakeholders (content creators/
    developers, advertisers and users). All revenues generated from the game will flow through
    to fund the User Growth Pool. The game will test and prove every aspect of the Gaze Coin
    ecosystem and will be the means of marketing and promoting itself. eSports teams can
    compete in a winner-take-all matchup for GazeCoin token.




    White Paper:

    One Sheet:




  • Gazecoin offering 20%discount in Pre sale

  • GazeCoin ventures into R&D of designer ‘AR’ Glasses

    GazeCoin has entered into an R&D deal with Graz Eyewear to begin developing designer AR glasses as a proof of concept showing how GazeCoin monetises AR interactions in the real world.

    People have been wondering for a while what the killer app for VR is going to be — it’s AR! A part of the GazeCoin mantra moving forward is to clearly demonstrate this by building applications that people can feel and touch.

    The GazeCoin blockchain monetises interactions with real world objects including products, shop fronts, billboards and even people through augmented reality. GazeCoin’s platform to date has included a proof of concept showing how GazeCoin payments are generated through virtual reality. The next step in the development road map is to produce an API that can be plugged into any AR generated content.

    “We refer to AR as the ‘digital story cloud’ that is triggered when consumers interact with objects using a mobile device. It’s as simple as a digital overlay that contains a message or content that makes you want to know more about the product. Pretty soon our children will not interact with products or even people that don’t have this extra story layer attached” says Jonny Peters CEO and Founder of GazeCoin.

    GazeCoin is a firm believer the ultimate accessory for the future is wearable designer AR glasses, not just glasses that work but glasses that make a fashion statement. But how exactly this works can only be discovered through an R&D phase where they are built, roadtested and traverse the journey from the tech world to the fashion world. Doing this with eyewear designers that have a proven success in the fashion world like Graz eyewear:

    Graz is a world renowned creative with a mastery in Eyewear design. He has worked around the globe with brands such as Ellery, Tsubi,, Oliver Peoples and his own namesake brand Graz Studio. His designs have been sold in every store worth mentioning and has a cult like celebrity following for his work.

    “I’m super excited to see the future, and be a part of creating that with GazeCoin to create a new reality for people and companies” says Graz.

    AR glasses take this interaction to a whole new level, as literally everything you look at, could earn that reward. The way that people use AR glasses will be different to the use of smart phones. It makes the real world a game world that is overlayed where you choose which ‘channel’ you want to exist inside; hyper reality! It brings immersion to the real world in a manner where one can still interact with what is happening in base reality — that then brings into question which layer is real!

    The GazeCoin blockchain allows any product, brand, venue or person to join a decentralised AR / VR network by simply logging in using a digital ID. This allows them to use GazeCoins to mint their own branded tokens. They are then made available to consumers to earn by simply interacting — initially with their smart phones . The longer they interact the more they earn.

    GazeCoin expects to release trials within 2018 where the development tools created to support it will be open sourced and available to be used by any AR developer. GazeCoin have been developing an AR game and movie called ‘Hologram’ about a pair of AR glasses that people use to access an AR dating ‘channel’ where they collect and go on dates with holograms.

    ABOUT Graz Studio

    Graz Mulcahy is a Creative Director working in Design, Music, Image and Film in Paris, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

    Since 2001 Graz has pioneered the eyewear industry creating designs that are seen as the classics of our time. He founded AM eyewear and then moved on to birth Tsubi eyewear and lead as design chief until moving onto work with Oliver Peoples, Ellery, ill.i and his namesake brand, Graz.


    Buyers can now purchase tokens by going to our homepage and contributing to the Crowdsale address below:

    Token sale list closes 21 December 2017 11AM EST.

    The GazeCoin Team

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