• What is Ethereum Alps?

    Ethereum Alps with ticker "EALP" is an open source peer-to-peer and
    business-to-customer decentralised digital currency, which unlike those
    of traditional banks and financial institutions is viewable and easily
    audited by anyone. The blockchain of Ethereum Alps offers secure,
    instant, decentralised and private transactions. EALP token is fully
    ERC20-compliant, ensuring that it is supported by all major wallets and

    Ethereum Alps Vision

    The main idea behind creating our project is to have Ethereum Alps
    accepted as a payment digital currency in the top-rated Alpine touristic
    sites in all the Alpine states: France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria,
    Italy, Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Slovenia. The Alps are the largest
    mountain chain in Europe, extending for almost 1,000 km. The Alps are
    the ideal destination for a whole host of leisure and outdoor activities
    – skiing, hiking, mountaineering, white water rafting, pot-holing,
    mountain biking, visiting thermal baths and much more besides!. With
    about 375 million overnight stays per year, the Alps count as one of the
    most tourism-intense regions in the world, situated in a geographically
    and climatically perfect environment.
    Our long-term goal is not
    only to have Ethereum Alps widely accepted and adopted in the Alpine
    region, but also to create a new union gathering all the Alpine states
    around a new innovative project in which Ethereum Alps is the major

    Main Features


    Ethereum Alps runs on the speed of the Ethereum blockchain, which has faster
    confirmation time than Bitcoin due to the GHOST protocol. The average
    confirmation time is only 24 seconds, while it may go up to several
    minutes or several hours when using Bitcoin. This means that, with a 15
    second block time, roughly 40 Ethereum blocks are needed to match the 60
    minutes that 6 Bitcoin blocks take.

    Low Fees

    You can buy and sell all kinds of goods or services using Ethereum Alps while paying very low fees. Transaction fees on the blockchain of a lot of other cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) are quite expensive even for small or micro transactions. The blockchain of Ethereum Alps has an average transaction fee from $0.20 to $0.50, making it more suitable to put more money into the pockets of businesses.

    Very Limited Supply

    The total supply is strictly limited to only 3,000,000 EALP. 27% of the total supply (810,000 EALP) will be airdropped to only 2,000 participants. 20% of the total supply (600,000 EALP) will be held and paid out to 120 token holders via the Holder Program (6 distribution rounds). Our team is visionary in the way it adopts a new strategy to ensure a constant increasing in the value of EALP once it is listed on exchanges.

    Anonymous & Secure

    Banks and other traditional financial institutions always require to keep a record of transactions and also a record of personal information of all their customers. Ethereum Alps provides absolute anonymity as it is built as a smart contract on the Ethereum network. Transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are both anonymous and secure, with no central authority, and no personal information record. 


    BLOACKCHAIN Ethereum Blockchain
    NAMEEthereum Alps
    TOTAL SUPPLY3,000,000 EALP
    CONTRACT ADDRESS0x37256d58e298cacaa82aa0527d56521f1b19e1f5
    SOURCE CODEView source code
    BLOCK EXPLORERView block explorer

    Token Distribution

    - 27% (810,000 EALP) will be airdropped. Airdrop registration is strictly limited to only 2,000 participants. More details here.

     - 20% (600,000 EALP) will be held and paid out to 120 token holders through the Holder Program (6 distribution rounds). 

    - 14% (420,000 EALP) will be distributed to early Investors through the Early Birds Program

    - 9% (270,000 EALP) will be distributed through the bounty program to bounty participants for the results they make. More details here.

     - 20% (600,000 EALP) will be distributed to Alpine merchants (resorts, bars, galleries, clubs, etc) for EALP to be accepted as a payment currency.     We plan to cover the top-rated Alpine touristic spots in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Slovenia. 

    - 10% (300,000 EALP) will be held by the development team to cover the project development fees as marketing, registration, team expansion, etc.


    Compatible Wallets

    Here are some compatible wallets. DO NOT USE exchange wallets to store your tokens. Please consider the following token parameters: 




    DECIMALS: 18

    Trade on Exchanges

    In the first stage, EALP will be listed on the following exchanges. We are also planning to list EALP on other exchanges.



    Coming soon

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