e-Chat First decentralized anonymous multi-tasking messenger with the possibility of additional income

  • e-Chat is the world’s first multitask messenger built with a decentralized
    technology in mind. A beta version is available for download and testing in
    App Store and Google Play right now. Of course, we do expect a few possible
    imperfections within the current system at this point, all of which will be
    addressed in future reiterations.

    e-Chat incorporates all the best:

    • Awesome Messenger (chat, audio, and video calls)
    • Personal Finance (receive, transfer and exchange money using integrated
    multi-currency crypto-wallet or attach your credit card to pay for goods
    and services)
    • Best viral content
    • Ultimate Privacy and Security
    • Great Sustainability
    Our goal is to create a methodology of communication which does not depend
    upon servers online or government decisions. We provide a high level of privacy
    and best security for your data, at the same time, offering the most convenient
    functions for the community.

    A) e-Chat Messenger has all standard functions such as the transmission

    of text, images, voice, video, files, stickers, secret chats, etc. but also
    offers these unique features:
    • SCREENS. Swipe left or right to switch between chats, rooms, and
    • Use bots. The e-Chat platform allows bots for a variety of tasks.
    • Confidentiality. All data is encrypted with MTProto and diffused over the
    network of millions of computers around the globe.
    • Security. The highest level of security and privacy is provided by proofof-
    replication and proof-of-spacetime consensus, as well as with a robust

    B) Finance
    • Monetize your social profile with paid chats and ads via integrated
    cryptocurrency - e-Chat coin.
    • Earn on your content and generate revenue from likes.
    • Send tips to friends. Excellent posts, jokes, or comments can be praised
    with a small tip.
    • Create channels for your business. Promote your brand and generate
    sales. Receive payments and send rewards with ECHT.
    • Store and transfer funds in internal (ECHT), and popular cryptocurrencies
    like ETH, BTC, LTC, ZCH, etc.
    • Deposit cash in USD.
    • VISA, Mastercard, Alipay and UnionPay merchants connected so you can
    pay anywhere in the world.

    C) High-Quality content
    • Find exciting channels and chats using keywords. Then subscribing to
    • Select only high-quality content based on the channel rating.
    • Limit users of your conversation or channel making access to it paid.

    Development progress


    To ensure the decentralization of the e-Chat network, we’ve combined
    technologies such as IPFS, P2P, and blockchain. Primarily, it concerns with the
    correspondence of users.
    Peer-to-peer (P2P) computing or networking is a distributed, application
    architecture that partitions tasks or workloads between peers. Peers are equally
    privileged participants in the network and form a peer-to-peer network of
    InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol designed to create a permanent
    and decentralized method of storing and sharing files.Nodes in the IPFS
    network form a DSN - Decentralized Storage Network. The development of
    IPFS started in by Protocol Labs (with help from the open-source community).
    Initially, it was designed by Juan Benet.


    Development progress

    When you send a message from one user to another, you connect through a
    P2P connection. If the instant access to data is not required, all information
    is being stored to the IPFS-based decentraliz ed storage network (DSN).
    Thus, all user data remains protected from any interference.
    For the safety of sent messages and users, following our principle of the
    Proof of Storage algorithm, there is a place for the distributed storage of
    information to be kept safe. Users of e-Chat can independently set the time
    for storing messages.
    To secure the operation of the block chain, e-Chat stores the «URL » of
    message or file directly to IPFS.


    We are using MTProto - the best encryption algorithm, which was
    developed by the creators of Telegram. This protocol has the following
    High-level component (API query language): defines the method whereby
    the API queries and responses are converted to binary messages.
    Cryptographic (authorization) layer: defines the method by which
    messages are encrypted before being transmitted through the transport
    Transport component: defines the method for the client and the server
    to transmit messages over some other existing network protocol (such as
    http, https, TCP, UDP).

    Technologies. Development progress


    By giving a tip to any person who you like, you motivate them to publish
    high-quality content. The reward for doing so is to instantly receive a cash

    This function will be of particular interest to those who like to offer small
    gifts or compliments to their relatives and acquaintances. This is cool
    indeed and so easy with e-Chat to send a small but fulfilling reward for the
    efforts of a person!


    e-Chat is a multitask messenger with the possibility to make P2P (person-toperson)
    transfers in cryptocurrency.
    ICO e-Chat is a multitask messenger with the possibility of P2P (person-toperson)
    payments using ECHT token. It is created on the Ethereum blockchain,
    maintaining the ERC20 standard.
    e-Chat will be implemented on a public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20
    token of Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 is the current industry standard for
    the emission of digital assets and smart contracts. The ERC20 token interface
    allows you to deploy a standard token which is compatible with the existing
    infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem, including development tools,
    wallets, and exchangers. The ability to deploy Ethereum turing complete smart
    contracts without any mediator (guarantor) which supports the implementation
    of a complex cryptocurrency issuance, financial agreements, and automated
    incentive structures. This ecosystem is ideal for e-Chat function and multicurrency
    wallet, allowing you to make transactions using ECHT token, as well
    as the most popular cryptocurrencies - ETH, BTC, LTC, ZCH, etc. An additional
    benefit is a minimum commission between the interlocutors, all with a single

    Payments made using ECHT token can be sent without any commissions.
    On top of that, the e-Chat wallet provides the opportunity of depositing money
    in USD and then withdrawing them via VISA and MasterCard.
    Development of the e-Chat multitask messenger is based on the
    technological principles described below:
    Confidentiality. Blockchain for data storage and transmission;
    The data of correspondence and transactions are stored in decentralized
    blockchain network, IPFS and on users’ devices. These technologies solve
    the central problem of privacy of information of the most popular instant
    messengers avoiding usage of centralized servers.

    Protection against wiretap

    All communications between users can be stored only on users’ devices.
    Also, for the convenience of synchronization with the desktop version of the
    application, user correspondence can be kept on the servers in an encrypted
    form. And access to this information is only possible by providing private keys
    on authorized devices. In this case, convenient key verification tools for end-toend
    encryption are used. Furthermore, notifications informing about unreliable
    connection, unconfirmed attempts of authorization, and interception of
    encryption are available.

    Protection against blocking
    Distribution of data across multiple devices and decentralized servers to
    protect users from failures and the messenger disconnection upon request of
    governments and intelligence agencies.

    Free use
    All functions of e-Chat are absolutely free of charge. Our mission is to provide
    the most available messenger with user-friendly features.
    Transfer of funds in the internal currency is carried out free of commissions.

    Cross-platform compatibility
    e-Chat creates a platform which allows the user to continue work in the
    messenger via various mobile, portable devices, and operating systems.

    Additional pros for e-Chat token holders

    At the moment, users have only 2 options to generate income from their
    investments in ICO projects:
    • Mining of a certain cryptocurrency
    • Coins trading on crypto-exchanges
    In addition to these features, token holders are allocated additional space in the
    distributed data store (IPFS), due to which correspondence and user content
    is not stored on the device and does not have a central server. Such a scenario
    allows the messenger to be completely independent of government decisions,
    DDoS attacks, and other regulations.
    In addition to the above, holders of tokens are credited with the internal
    currency of the application to use a huge set of application functionality.

    Explanation for increasing the growth of the exchange value of the ECHT token

    1. As the number of users, the amount of information, and content in the
    messenger grows, the amount of memory allocated to users will be filled, which
    will require the addition of other tokens from the users. This will be a symbolic
    number for large amounts of memory, but in the context of millions of users
    such a demand will be significant for increasing the exchange rate of the token
    on the market.
    2. The second aspect of increasing the exchange rate is the ability for users to
    purchase the eternal volume of memory for a fixed price in tokens. With this
    «purchase», the token will be burn out, which in the medium and long term will
    cause the deflation process and with the decrease in the number of tokens in
    turnover, additionally contribute to the increase in the value of the token and
    its exchange rate on the market.
    Mining using the algorithm of Proof of Replication
    Previously mentioned above, as the number of customers increases, additional
    volumes will be required to store multiple copies of the same data to ensure
    reliability and availability.
    Mining of the tokens occurs by allocating the amount of memory on a hard
    drive - the more memory is allocated, the higher the probability of receiving a
    Attackers can try to get paid for storing multiple copies of data, although in fact
    they only store one of them. We implement Proof-of-Replication (PoRep) which
    solves this issue and help avoid a number of other possible attacks. PoRep
    implies a new kind of evidence store that a certain amount of data has been
    replicated to its own dedicated physical storage. Providing a unique physical
    copy allows the verifier to verify that the validator does not deduplicate
    multiple copies of the same data to the same storage location.

    Tokens Distribution. Emission

    This amount is based on the fact that in 2017 the messengers market has 3.5
    billion users. Moreover, we know that all popular instant messengers suffer
    considerably from one common problem - monetization. e-Chat creates a new
    integrated model, allowing for the use of all messenger functions for free, as
    well as to earn money and make purchases. Thus, we create the infrastructure
    to monetize the project efficiently. It includes areas for communication,
    streaming, blogging, financial transactions, data transmission, telephony,
    integration of mobile games, and applications.

    Token Sale (distribution)

    Token distribution phase #1 Pre-ICO
    Start date: 16th of October 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)
    End date: 15th of November 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)
    e-Chat tokens distribution cap (phase #1): 5,000,000 ECHT
    Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, ZEC, BTS
    Token exchange rate: 1 ECHT = 0.7 USD
    Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
    Minimum transaction amount: $10
    Maximum transaction amount: unlimited

    Token distribution phase #2-3 ICO
    Start date: 16th of November 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)
    End date: 30th of December 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)
    Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, ZEC, BTS
    Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
    Minimum transaction amount: unlimited
    Maximum transaction amount: unlimited

    Token distribution phase #2 ICO round 1
    Start date: 16th of November 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)
    End date: 15th of December 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)
    Token exchange rate: 1 ECHT = 0.75 USD

    Token distribution phase #3 ICO round 2
    Start date: 16th of December 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)
    End date: 30th of December 2017 (12:00 PM London Time, GMT-0)
    Token exchange rate: 1 ECHT = 0.8 USD

    Use of funds
    • 30% - Development
    • 48% - Marketing & PR
    • 10% - Reserve Fund
    • 12% - Founders
    The distribution of tokens
    • 92% - Token Sale
    • 7% - Referral Program
    • 1% - Bounty Campaign

    e-Chat Roadmap

    Affiliate program

    One of the main principles of the e-Chat team is mutual cooperation. We are
    constantly seeking qualified partners.
    The referral program is designed to attract new users and provide the
    opportunity to earn tokens by creating referrals. The system provides not
    only a fixed fee for each active customer involved, but also a percentage of its
    payments and service revenue from commission fees. The referral program is
    provided both during the ICO and in the future with the official launch of the
    updated messenger.
    Referral program during the ICO
    When registering on the site that collects echat.ico funds, a unique link is
    available in the user’s cabinet which is assigned to a specific user (hereinafter
    in this section - P1). This link can be distributed an unlimited number of times in
    completely different locations. When clicking on this link and then registering
    with other users (hereinafter in this section - P2), P2 becomes a referral in
    to P1. When investing a certain amount of money, P1 receives an additional
    5% of the amount of P2 investment in your account. P2 can also participate in
    the affiliate program by inviting in e-Chat ICO P3, P4 and others. Thus, P1 will
    receive partner deductions from investment P2, and P2 will receive deductions
    P3 and P4. All bonus tokens, accrued through the referral system, are provided
    according to the distribution plan of the tokens.
    In addition, we foresee the expansion of opportunities of the partner program
    for our most active participants:
    When the aggregate amount of investments of all referrals P2 is more than
    (or in equivalent) then its referral deductions will increase from 5% to 7.5%;
    In the event that the amount of investments of all referrals P2 is more than
    $ 100,000 in equivalent, then its referral deductions will increase from 5% to

    Here are just a few ways to use the referral program for referral
    • Invite friends who wish to invest in e-Chat to participate in ICO;
    • Make an overview of e-Chat ICO in your blog (in text / video or podcast
    format), additionally, in the description or in the text, specifying your
    own referral link;
    • The publication of a referral link in their personal accounts in social
    • networks;
    • Publication of the link in specialized groups and forums dedicated to
    cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology (we are wary of spam,
    for this we recommend to publish links in a native format with a small
    description of e-Chat, and for the convenience of users, we prepared
    several prepared materials that you you can use);
    • Run targeted or contextual advertising using your own referral link.
    Thus, the e-Chat team will receive additional coverage among the loyal
    audience and additional inflow of investments. In addition,users will be able to
    increase their investments many times.
    Affiliate program in e-Chat messenger
    In the e-Chat application, the partner program will also be used. This function
    will be added to application Q1.2018 together with the release of its own
    token and adding it to the messenger. However, the affiliate program in the
    application has a different purpose. Its purpose is to acquaint users with the
    capabilities of the messenger and to reveal all its functionality.
    When registering M1 in e-Chat, the user can advise this application to his or her
    friend by providing his identification number. M2, downloading the application
    and completing the registration process, indicates the identification number
    of M1, and who advised him to download a completely new decentralized
    multitask messenger e-Chat. After the registration is over, the M2 will receive
    three complimentary ECHTs that can be spent on any instant messenger
    capabilities. M1 receives an additional bonus of 1 ECHT for the invitation of a
    Thus, M1 has a motivation to add new loyal friends to the messenger, who, in
    turn, have the opportunity to make donations to it. Additionally, M2 has the
    opportunity to study e-Chat without additional restrictions with the balance on
    the account.

    Monetization of e-Chat

    One of the most acute issues from the point of view of the investors is the
    monetization of the messenger. Despite the huge user base, modern
    messengers, for the most part, have not offered pathways to monetize which
    allow them to generate recurring income.. The most common methods for
    instant messenger monetization are:
    • tariffication of calls from the application to fixed or mobile phone
    • monthly subscription for additional messenger functionality;
    • commission for domestic purchases in the messenger (games, stickers,
    • masks, etc.);
    • the introduction of a commission for remittances inside and outside the
    • inserting banner ads into the application interface;
    • monetization of the chat-bot platform.
    We decided to get away from the traditional methods of making money on
    users, whether it’s the classical payment for the use of services or the sale of
    personal data of users. However, the e-Chat team plans to gradually monetize
    the embedded branded services and introduce commissions from users
    receiving revenue from the use of e-Chat:
    • Commissions for transfers of international and national payment systems
    (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay, JCB, etc.);
    • Cash back from offline and online stores for each purchase using the
    • Transfers of cryptocurrency inside the e-Chat wallet, FREE transfers to
    • Commission for bloggers who receive income from subscribers thanks to
    donations for content and paid private chat rooms.
    It should be noted that the monetization of the application will be implemented
    only after several stages of development and recruitment of the primary user
    base, which will complete at the end of 2018.

    The Team


    White Paper:

    Certificate of incumbency

    Certificate of incorporation

    Articles of association


    Download Alpha:

    apple (itunes):

    Android (Google Play):














  • Business 2 Community Recognizes the Necessity of Financial Institutions’ Decentralization and e-Chat is a Good Example.

    In their recent post ‘Financial Planning in the 21st Century’, our Lead Strategist, Karthik Iyer, mentioned that “virtual currencies are positioned nowadays as a safe haven for investors because they are independent of the value of the dollar and the government. We are happy to promote cryptocurrency as we are the ones who are actively investing in it.”

  • e-Chat showcased its solution at BlockShow Asia, the most prestigious Blockchain Summit

    At the end of November, Singapore hosted the top-ranked Blockchain event, BlockShow Asia 2017. The event is powered by the Cointelegraph and gathered over 1000 of founders, investors, lawyers, senior executives and Blockchain developers from all over the world.

    e-Chat is very proud to contribute to building a strong Blockchain community worldwide, by participating and networking with the representatives from either the businesses that are already using the Blockchain technologies or the ones that still nurture plans to implement some of these technologies. We strongly believe that our experience let us counsel the company’s management during their transfer to Blockchain.

    The Cointelegraph is promoting BlockShow Asia as ‘the Window to the Global Blockchain World’. This is very true. We were lucky to try out more than 40 solutions and products presented at the exhibit and showcased e-Chat as one of the established projects. The feedback received is very inspiring and at the same time, we are grateful for the valuable advice from the world-known leaders of Blockchain development movement.

  • Pleasant Surprise for e-Chat ICO Participants


    Dear friends, users, and supporters of e-Chat, our management team decided to make you a gift. We appreciate your loyalty and would like to show our gratitude in the way of additional discount during the last couple of days of our ICO.

    Everyone who got ECHT before January 22, 2018, may purchase more tokens with 25% discount! The e-Chat users, who haven’t participated in the ICO but got registered before February 9, 2018 – may buy ECHT with 15% discount. All the rest, and by this we mean, people new to the e-Chat project have only 5% discount to get ECHT.

    One more time, we would like to remind you that our Final Round of ICO closes on March 1, 2018! Not much time left, hurry up!

  • e-Chat Tokens Distribution is About to Start

    Dear e-Chat users, as we have announced earlier, we will start ECHT distribution to your wallets and you will be able to enter ETH addresses via your Dashboard. Simply log in to your personal account and write down the ETH address in order to receive tokens. The address should be linked to your wallet with the possibility to store tokens (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask etc.).

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