Digix Partners Exclusively with Aditus — Nov 16 2017

  • Digix teams up with Aditus for in-app Gold Token promotions and exclusive access



    Digix Global, the world’s first asset tokenisation company on Ethereum, has announced a partnership with Aditus Network (www.aditus.net) , the world’s first luxury access platform for crypto-affluents. The new partnership will grant DGX token holders special access to luxury privileges on the Aditus platform. Additionally, the to-be-launched DGX 2.0 token will also be made available as a rewards currency on Aditus’ platform of luxury merchants.

    Access to Luxury Rewards for DGX Token Holders

    To reward Digix’s customers, token holders holding above a certain quantity of DGX will be able to enjoy discounted rates for the Aditus VIP membership. Aditus’ VIP membership program is a suite of exclusive rewards, privileges and services, previously only available on the highest tier fiat credit cards, now made available for crypto-currency users through Aditus.

    From special access and invitations to exclusive events, concierge services, offers on luxury villas and hotels, shopping, yacht charters, the Aditus VIP membership represents luxury access at the ultimate levels to users of crypto-currencies.

    Access to DGX 2.0 on the Aditus platform

    Digix Global will soon relaunch DGX 2.0, a gold-backed cryptocurrency. As part of the partnership announced today, DGX 2.0 will be offered as a rewards currency on the Aditus platform, allowing luxury merchants to reward Aditus users in DGX 2.0 tokens for engagement.

    Attendees of Aditus events will also soon be able to receive rewards in DGX 2.0 tokens.

    Remarking on the partnership, Julian Peh, co-founder of Aditus said “Digix Global is a pioneering company who has garnered a loyal customer-base of discerning and affluent crypto-users. Digix token holders are discerning and sophisticated crypto-users who will be a great fit for crypto-powered luxury access powered by the Aditus platform. Through this partnership, we will be able to fulfil our objectives of bridging luxury merchants with discerning crypto-affluents”

    Shaun, co-founder of Digix added, “we foresee crypto users who buy into DGX being savvy against price volatility in the crypto market. With this partnership, DGX gains visibility into a different sphere of consumers. In this new and upcoming crypto economy, collaborations as such is key to gain access and outreach across niche services as Aditus.”

    For more information, please visit Aditus to find out more about their team, experiences and roadmap.

    About Digix Global

    Digix is the asset tokenization platform on Ethereum, backing ERC20 tokens with Gold bullion stored in the vaults here in Singapore.

    About Aditus

    With crypto-affluents lacking access to the luxury lifestyle, Aditus was created to be the world’s first luxury access platform bridging luxury merchants and crypto-affluents on a revolutionary decentralised network.

    Founded by veteran entrepreneurs with combined 50 years experience in the luxury and technology sphere, Aditus is also backed by prominent crypto-pioneers and former C-level executives from renowned luxury brands. Aditus is positioned to introduce a new segment of affluent customers to the luxury lifestyle.

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