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    What is AB‑CHAIN? 

    AB-CHAIN is the advertising platform for companies which are going to start their Crowdfunding/ICO or have already raised funding. By accepting the 10 most popular cryptocurrencies and AB-CHAIN token (with 50% commission discount) as a payment medium, we allow companies to bypass all potential issues that can appear during the conversion process from cryptocurrencies to FIAT.

    Mission and Vision

    The AB-CHAIN mission is to provide companies that have budgets in cryptocurrency a
    quick and simple way to publish ads online without the need to convert to fiat1.
    The AB-CHAIN vision is to become a company proposing a complete product line that
    caters to companies with cryptocurrency budgets.

    Business overview

    AB-CHAIN is a new generation advertising network2 that allows advertisers3 to buy ad
    space from publishers4 using cryptocurrencies.
    2017 is the year of ICO. Most companies that raised funds through ICO are actively
    developing their products. More than half have promised to make it available to the public
    by 2018. Once their products are on the market, these companies will need to advertise
    Startups usually spend 20 to 30% of their budgets on marketing and advertising. For
    example, the following ICO companies have allocated different percentages of their
    budgets for marketing and advertising following the initial investment stage:

    1) KICKICO — part of 43% investments for “PR & marketing for KICKICO development
    and project support”
    2) Revain — 45% of investments on marketing
    3) AdEx — 20% of investments on marketing
    4) LordMancer — 50% of investments on marketing

    We are expecting the creation of a $ 200m advertising market in crypto currencies by
    2018 with a 200% annual growth rate over the next 5 years.

    Benefit to Advertisers

    AB-CHAIN wants to provide optimal value to advertisers by:
    1) Providing the widest choice of publishers that can offer effective consumption of
    advertising budget.
    2) Offering them the possibility to pay 100% in cryptocurrency even if the amount is
    superior to millions of USD.
    3) Giving access to publishers that would traditionally not accept cryptocurrency
    4) Taking out their need to convert cryptocurrency to fiat.

    Benefit to ad Network

    AB-CHAIN wants to provide a complete solution for existing ad networks by:
    1) Increasing the sale potential for each network with new post ICO advertisers — this
    will be done using an API to import AB-CHAIN advertisers’ banners into a network
    so that it places them on publishers’ websites.
    2) Providing a payment system that accept both cryptocurrency and fiat (automatically
    converted from cryptocurrency)

    Product development outlook

    AB-CHAIN platform consists of several components interacting with each others:
    1) Publishers Wallet
    2) Advertisers office
    3) Ad networks API
    4) Advertising rotation system
    5) Cryptocurrency exchanges integration

    Publishers Wallet

    Publishers Wallet will accept the following currencies:
    1. AB-CHAIN token, own advertising coin of AB-CHAIN.
    2. TOP-10 cryptocurrencies.
    3. USD and TOP fiat money, including €, £, JP¥, 元, R$, ₹, ₽.
    Publishers Wallet has the following key functions:

    1) Widely customizable publishers’ preferences such as thematics of ads accepted by
    publisher, sizes of banners, types of banners (static pics, video, gif, etc), type of
    devices, etc.
    2) Widget customization interface.
    3) Payment options.
    4) Advertising statistics.
    5) Payment history.
    Advertisers office

    Advertisers office will provide the following functions:

    1) Easy to use simple interface for advertiser.
    2) Support for AB-CHAIN token as payment method and TOP cryptocurrencies.
    3) Easy to fill-in ad campaign wizard that allows to set all necessary targetings.
    4) Analytics and conversion analysis module.
    5) Ability to choose any webmaster from each AB-CHAIN partner network.

    Ad Network API

    AB-CHAIN provides a solution for existing ad networks to increase their sales.
    Technologically it will be RESTful API, including:
    1) Publishers list synchronization.
    2) Postbacks that will allow to stop campaign ending by a publisher and/or advertiser.
    3) Conversion and analytics reporting.
    4) Payment reporting.
    5) Payment preferences.

    Advertising rotation system

    Our advertising rotation system is the technological core of the ad network business that
    automatically watches ad views with real time tracking of offer changes. This constant
    monitoring allows the system to change ads for each specific publisher automatically and
    produces ad rotation.

    Our advertising rotation system is a cloud-based application scaling, depending on the
    load of the network. This allows the system to scale for a big volume of advertising
    without changing the software.

    Cryptocurrency exchanges integration

    AB-CHAIN platform will provide the advertiser with the ability to put an ad into the
    network with bid in one cryptocurrency and allow the publisher to receive another. For
    example, advertiser has made an ICO and attracted ETH and pays in ethereum, and
    publisher wants to receive Bitcoins. AB-CHAIN will allow automatic conversion from ETH
    paid from advertiser to Bitcoin withdrawn by publisher.

    Token usage

    The AB-CHAIN token is designed as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum
    blockchain. This allows a smart contract between our clients and AB-CHAIN.
    In order to speed up coin adoption, we will propose to add its support as the payment
    method to all our partners networks.
    Our marketing activities will drive companies towards using AB-CHAIN tokens with
    added mechanisms that will also apply an upward price pressure on AB-CHAIN tokens.

    AB-CHAIN coin turnover

    When a transaction with AB-CHAIN coin occurs, AB-CHAIN takes a commission of 10%.
    Out of that, 50% is burned and the other half is used to make the AB-CHAIN blockchain
    work. The commission fees are used by AB-CHAIN to support operations cost and
    marketing activities.
    Burning a fraction of AB-CHAINs is a way to provide long term added value benefits to
    early token buyer.

    AB-CHAIN coin price pressure

    50% Commission discount

    The main incentive for advertisers to pay in AB-CHAIN coin is to get a 50% discount on
    AB-CHAIN commission fees. Commonly ad networks charge 20% of commission over all
    payments. An advertiser paying in bitcoin will be charged 20% commission while an
    advertiser paying in AB-CHAIN coin will only be charged 10%.

    AB-CHAIN Coin Burning mechanism

    To increase interest on AB-CHAIN coin we are are introducing AB-CHAIN coin burning
    mechanism. We will burn 50% of commission received by AB-CHAIN to support coin value
    growth over time.

    An advertiser placing ads for 100 AB-CHAIN, will be charged 10% by AB-CHAIN.
    Half of that fee will be burned and the other half will be used to cover AB-CHAIN expense,
    please see visual scheme in section ABC coin price pressure.

    What will happens if all of AB-CHAIN tokens get
    burnt someday?

    AB-CHAIN token has 18 decimals and it can be split. We calculate that the network will
    have sufficient currency for over 5 years of its lifetime. When the total number of ABCHAIN
    tokens decrease to a level disruptive to the overall operation, a new token will be
    issued and offered in exchange of all remaining AB-CHAINs.

    ICO companies buying AB-CHAIN

    We are targeting advertisers that raised money through ICO. The average time between
    the ICO event and the release of the product takes a minimum of 6 months. Therefore we
    are inviting these companies to purchase AB-CHAIN token early on, so that they can
    benefit from the value increase.
    We will engage with companies currently doing ICO or who have just finished their ICO.


    • Q2 2017
    - Idea of AB-CHAIN, proof of concept, preparing team and partnership

    • Q3 2017
    - Customer Development
    - Start of Pre-Sale

    • Q4 2017
    - Preparation and start of the 1st round of Crowdfunding with metrics of
    1. Release of AB-CHAIN with acceptance of AB-CHAIN Tokens, bitcoin and
    ethereum, FIAT
    2. Fully-featured Advertisers office, Publishers Wallet
    3. Release of the AB-CHAIN widget for Publishers
    4. Ad network API release
    5. 30 publishers connected
    6. First 5 ICO companies contracts

    • Q1 2018
    - Release of the AB-CHAIN platform, metrics check
    - Preparing of the 2nd Crowdfunding round with the following metrics:
    1. 1000+ websites connected
    2. 50+ advertisers connected

    • Q2 2018
    - Start of the 2nd round of Crowdfunding

    • Q3 AND Q4 2018
    - Metrics success check, release of updated AB-CHAIN platform, international

    Crowdfunding Structure

    The AB-CHAIN token is designed as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum
    blockchain. There is a total of 100,000,000 AB-CHAIN tokens.
    We are performing Crowdfunding in 2 stages: pre-Sale and main Crowdfunding. The pre
    sale will help to raise fund to advertise the main event and to make our first new hire in
    order to scale the platform.
    Tokens will be proposed and distributed as follow:

    Structure of financing
    Intended use of Revenue:
    • 30% of the Crowdfunding revenue will be used on R&D
    - Software development
    - Contribution to open source development
    - Contribution to blockchain and cryptocurrency development
    • 40% of the Crowdfunding revenue will be used on marketing
    - Sales offices: Asia, Europe, America
    - Incentives and events for Publishers
    - Sales managers motivation program
    • 20% of the Crowdfunding revenue will be used on operation costs
    - Office expends
    - Legal and accounting
    - Server infrastructure and cloud services

    • 10% of the Crowdfunding revenue will be used on platform security

    Crowdfunding Timeline

    The Crowdfunding will be conducted in two stages:

    Pre Sale

    The pre-Sale will take place for 2 weeks, from September 18th until October 1st 2017. ABCHAIN
    prices will be fixed in ETH and BTC on the first day of pre-Sale so that 1 ABCHAIN
    costs $0.2 USD.
    • Target financing - 300,000 USD.
    • 1,500,000 AB-CHAINs will be sold during the pre-Sale period
    (maximum cap 500,000 USD).
    • The amount raised will be used to launch and market the main Crowdfunding.
    • If the target financing of $300,000 is not reached before pre-Sale ends, then the
    pre-Sale will be considered unsuccessful, all funds will be returned to pre-Sale


    The main Crowdfunding will take place three weeks later, from October 23rd until
    December 25th 2017. A maximum of 68,500,000 AB-CHAIN will be sold during the main

    Crowdfunding event:

    • Target financing - $10,000,000.
    • One AB-CHAIN will cost $0.30 USD for the first 5 days.
    • One AB-CHAIN will cost $0.35 USD from day 6 until the end.
    • 68,500,000 AB-CHAINs will be sold during the Crowdfunding period (maximum cap
    20,550,000 USD).
    * Minimum amount for contribution at 0.2 ETH or 0.015 BTC.

    Bounty Program

    The Bounty Program consists of a pool of 1,000,000 AB-CHAIN token (or 1%).
    These AB-CHAIN tokens will be distributed to reward people for their assistance on
    marketing and community development effort.


    AB-CHAIN is being developed by an experienced team of developers and business
    professionals. We have already successfully delivered multiple complex project such as:

    • PINbonus - A programmable electronic card with its own iPhone/Android
    application that replaces all discount and reward plastic cards (barcode, number,
    picture, magnetic stripe)

    • QIWI Bonus - An ad platform both for consumer goods and financial traffic for
    QIWI (NASD:QIWI) and other publishers. Additionally we also created a cashback
    service https://bonus.qiwi.com.







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