Modulum - The first modular IoT device on blockchains.

  • Modulum Project

    Modulum is designed to cumulate the strengths of a modular IOT platform and
    the potential of blockchains. It’s also a vast territory of opportunities which
    opens, a pragmatic and ambitious market.
    The flexibility of Modulum transforms an idea into business in any existing and
    future ecosystem. Thanks to our expertise acquired in the IOT environment,
    1 - Gives access to the IOT technologies for all
    2 - Reduces research and development costs
    3 - Accelerates time to market

    Thus, such a mix of actors makes it essential to use blockchain technology, guaranteeing
    an environment of confidence. Who would trust only his delivery man
    for his fragile package to arrive safely without a shock?
    Modulum consequently becomes the trusted IoT device allowing direct interaction
    with the blockchains at its disposal without any intermediary.


    This project concretizes the first modular IoT device allowing an interface
    between the real world and blockchains. The choice of power, the modular technical
    characteristics, the free design of an embedded application and the easy
    use of blockchains transforms a simple connected object into an innovative and
    infinitely reusable product.
    The choice of power
    To realize this platform, our solution offers two cores to best fit the power requirements
    of the desired application:
    Modulum Light and Modulum Full

    The Modulum Light version, already prototyped, uses its limited resources in an
    optimized way. With its embedded sensors and communication boards, it is able
    to contribute to the recording of real-world data to blockchains (public or private),
    or to any other network and web services (web servers, clouds ...) . The interaction
    with blockchains is compared to a "Light Node", i.e. the product will use the
    blockchain for the sole purpose of writing or retrieving information.
    The Modulum Full version retains the same strengths as the Light version but
    incorporates higher technical capabilities such as greater computing power, as
    well as a larger storage and RAM. This version meets the specific needs of heavy
    computing applications but also blockchain management. Modulum Full is compared
    to a "Full Node", in addition to writing and retrieving information, it uses its
    computing power and storage to structure and maintain a blockchain network.
    These two versions, although different in their power, will be compatible and share
    the same hardware modularity and the same software flexibility.

    Patented product

    Mudulum modularity is patented in France, USA and
    soon in Europe an Asia.
    Pub. No.: US 2017/0288896 A1
    Pub. No.: FR3023397

    Hardware modularity

    Modulum’s hardware is modular in order to adapt to its final needs. The hardware
    modularity is on several levels: the choice of embedded sensors, the communication
    medium, the energy sources as well as the shape factor. Our patented modularity
    is characterized by stackable add-ons. Each element can consequently
    be added or removed at any time according to the needs, the progress of the
    application but also providing room for technological evolution.

    The product is designed to be put in a case but also to be integrated directly into
    the target support that will then be connected. In order to also meet industrial
    demands, the core of Modulum is designed to fit directly to another PCB via PCBon-
    PCB technology. Consenquently, it can be integrated into mass production.

    New add-ons are created and marketed regularly to enable a rapid response to
    current needs and to anticipate those of tomorrow thanks to continuous technological

    The creation of embedded application

    To give Modulum its utility, an application must be entrusted to him. To accomplish
    this learning, the core embeds a script interpreter as well as a powerful API
    in constant evolution. The user is consequently free to easily create his own embedded
    application and to make it communicate with the external services and
    the blockchains of his choice.
    This solution can address pragmatic applications such as asset tracking with realtime
    communication that respects a preconfigured contract or structuring applications
    such as creating a private blockchain network for a smart city or for the
    Industry 4.0.

    The only limit is your imagination. Here is a non-exhaustive list of ideas we have
    received from the people and companies who have come our way since the beginning
    of the project.

    All these applications are very easy to integrate into Modulum and can be transferred
    in a few seconds, especially via a NFC solution which allows a transfer without
    the object being powered. At any time you can decide to modify or completely
    change the application. The object then becomes reusable to infinity.

    Integrated blockchains

    The hardware and software modularity of the platform provides the necessary
    flexibility for the integration of blockchain technology. There is currently a multitude
    of blockchain platforms for a variety of uses. In order to meet the majority of
    needs, the module is able to handle several blockchains natively.
    We have selected five of them for the first stage of the development of Modulum.

    The native integration of blockchains such as Hyperledger or Ethereum gives the
    user flexibility to realize an innovative application.
    This is a non-exhaustive list that will evolve according to applications needs’ and
    future blockchains. Our goal is to integrate them continuously throughout their

    ICO's ambition

    In this context, the ICO is a way to :
    - give all necessary means to research and development
    - quick market release of both versions
    - set up an ecosystem specific to Modulum via the blockchain
    - create the necessary infrastructure for devices management and big data
    - finance commercial and marketing development
    - set up an administrative and legal framework
    - participate in foundations and international events
    - create a consortium around IOT and blockchain
    - organize events and contests (hackatons, bug bounties ...)


    Hitech One, as part of the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), sells
    tokens named «Modulum Token» or «MDL» (ERC20 standard).
    A total supply of 35,100,000 MDL are minted on the
    smart contract. They do not represent an investment, a
    part of the company and do not grant any right to vote or
    participation in the company.


    The ICO will begin November 22th, 2017 at 18:00 (UTC+1) and will end on December
    13th, 2017 at the same time.
    During this commercial operation, up to 30 600 000 MDL (bonus & overlap included)
    are on sale for 3 weeks with the constant value of 1ETH = 300MDL. This
    will be the only time they will be sold. Tokens can only be purchased in Ethereum.
    In order to reward first buyers, bonus tokens are offered if the purchase is made
    between certain milestones :
    0 to 7 000 ETH (soft cap) :......................................................................................................50% bonus
    > 7 000 ETH to 17 000 ETH (goal n°1) :...........................................................................20% bonus
    > 17 000 ETH to 34 000 ETH (goal n°2) :.........................................................................10% bonus
    > 34 000 ETH to 51 000 ETH (goal n°3) :..........................................................................5% bonus
    > 51 000 ETH to 68 000 ETH (hard cap) :........................................................................No bonus
    If a payment happens to overlap two bonus phases, our platform will automatically
    apply the most rewarding bonus to the transaction.
    Between the time of purchase and the validation by our platform, it is possible
    that the total amount of the ICO has changed and no longer allows the buyer
    to benefit from the previously displayed bonus.
    The minimum participation is 0.2 ETH, any transaction below this threshold will
    not appear in the ICO progress.
    As part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, our purchasing platform will generate
    an individual wallet from the provided buyer's identification. This information
    remains private and will not be disseminated or sold to third parties.
    The distribution of the tokens will be made within 15 days after the end of the ICO
    to conduct an audit by a legally qualified person.
    Note that tokens that have not found an acquirer will be burned (deleted).


    A soft cap of 7,000 ETH, or about 1.8M€*, is set because we believe that the project
    cannot be financed below this amount. All purchasers will be fully refunded if
    the ICO does not reach this amount by the end of the 3 weeks of sale.
    The hard cap of 68,000 ETH, or about 18M€ *, represents the maximum amount
    of the ICO, beyond that, the sale ends immediately because we estimate that the
    funds raised will make it possible to achieve all the objectives we set.
    The different objectives are described in the "Roadmap" section of this document.


    The company locks 8,775,000 MDL (25%). This reserve, which will be frozen for a
    year and a half, will feed the Modulum ecosystem. These tokens will be used in
    small fractions and only if the Modulum team judges it will not affect its value in
    a negative way.
    Finally, 3,510,000 MDL (10%) are reserved to reward stakeholders of the ICO and
    for the reimbursement of expenses (marketing, legal, advertising, travel ...). This
    amount will be distributed progressively over a period of 6 months, each distribution
    will be announced to buyers of the ICO.



    MDLs represent a real exchange value within the Modulum ecosystem. This
    blockchain-based ecosystem connects all Modulum users: Hitech One, add-on
    creators, application creators, resellers, government and legal parties, and all services
    that will gravitate around (big data, support ...). Tokens allow people who
    own them to participate in and feed this ecosystem.
    In its approach to offer technology to all, Hitech One offers an innovative provision
    of equipment: the customer pays only the use of the Modulum.
    The MDL tokens contained in the Modulum's wallet are debited proportionally
    to their use of the processing power and according to the terms of the Smart
    Contract pre-established by both parties. Without a token, the service will be suspended
    until the Modulum is credited again. We are convinced that innovative
    ideas also come from actors who do not have the necessary funds to equip themselves
    with such technology.

    Many services, specific to Hitech One or external, will feed the Modulum ecosystem.
    Users, or Modulums themselves, will be able to spend their tokens to use one
    or more services.
    The strength of such an ecosystem comes from the fact that anyone wishing to
    do so can use their technical knowledge in the service of Modulum and thus establish
    their own service for which they will be rewarded: offer big data management,
    create innovative add-ons, integrate new sensors, develop end applications,
    provide support, design custom cases...
    All this exchange, in addition to sublimate the ecosystem, will also feed the core of
    Modulum who will benefit from all these innovations to better adapt to the needs.


    The Modulum team wants to integrate MDL tokens on at least two exchange
    markets. This will be done in order to allow the ICO buyers to exchange their
    tokens for other cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that at the launch of
    Modulum, it will be the only way for future customers to get tokens.
    We are currently not able to provide more information regarding exchange markets.
    An announcement will be published as soon as we have more information
    about it.

    Modulum Tokens


    The Modulum roadmap starts at the end of the ICO and takes shape according
    to the total amount raised during the commercial operation.

    The soft cap, ie 7,000 ETH (~ 1.8M€*), will finance a first version of the Modulum
    Light, ensuring its hardware and software modularity. The native integration of a
    blockchain platform will be developed.
    + Validation and industrialization of Modulum Light
    + Hardware and software modularity (add-ons)
    + Embedded software development (OS, drivers and middleware)
    + Native integration of a blockchain platform
    Goal 1, ie 17,000 ETH (~ 4.5M€*), will make it possible to allocate a larger budget
    for research and development. The company will launch a major marketing operation
    to promote the product. Modulum will also integrate at least two additional
    blockchains and the MDL ecosystem will be set up.
    + At least 2 more blockchains integration
    + Sales and Marketing
    + MDL ecosystem and services
    + Local experimentation campaign
    Goal 2, ie 34,000 ETH (~ 9M€*), will focus on the plurality of blockchain platforms
    thanks to their continuous integration over time. In addition, external experimentation
    campaigns in various industries will be conducted, and data management
    infrastructures will be created.
    + New team dedicated to the continuous integration of blockchains
    + International experimentation campaigns in various industries
    + Infrastructures for fleet management and big data
    + Modulum Full proof of concept
    Goal 3, ie 51,000 ETH (~ 13M€*), will allow the development of the Modulum Full
    version. A new team, in parallel, will develop both the hardware and software for
    the Modulum Full.
    + Hardware design of Modulum Full
    + Software design of Modulum Full
    + Validation and industrialization of Modulum Full
    + International experimentation campaigns in various industries
    The hard cap, ie 68,000 ETH (~ 18M€*), will finance the Modulum community
    thanks to a large-scale technology evangelization and the 

    organization of many
    international events (hackatons, contests, bounties ...).




    White Papers:













  • Modulum KYC/AML procedure

    We are excited to announce that Modulum ICO opens tomorrow. In order to adhere to global ICO regulations, we are setting a KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) whitelist procedure.

    To perform this procedure according to the laws, Modulum is using PICOPS ( This service is already used in several ICOs, it performs KYC/AML checks by asking ID documents . A small fee of 0.024 ETH will be charged per new user by PICOPS, investors who already checked their wallet do not have to pay this fee again. Then investors must sign themselves up on Modulum Whitelist.

    Important: USA, China and Singapore nationalities cannot participate to Modulum ICO.

    This how to participate to Modulum ICO

    1 — You need a verified Ethereum address on PICOPS (KYC/AML)

    In order to adhere to regulations, you need to prove your identity. PICOPS service verify your identity and then certify your wallet. This ethereum wallet must be yours and you must control your private key. Do not use a wallet from exchange market or from a service don’t have access to the private key. If you don’t have any, you can create one on

    This is the wallet you are going to pay with and receive tokens.

    Verify your wallet on PICOPS (0.024ETH fee). Read carefully and follow their instruction. This procedure takes only a few minutes.

    2 — Sign up the Modulum ICO Whitelist (Not yet online)

    Once you have a PICOPS registered wallet you must sign up the Modulum Whitelist. Our system will check if your informations are correct, if everything is correct you will be added to the Smart Contract’s Whitelist. Once again: USA, China and Singapore nationalities cannot sign up to Modulum ICO Whitelist.

    Every transaction from a wallet that is not registered on PICOPS and on the Modulum’s Whitelist will be rejected by the Smart Contract.

    The Whitelist plateform will be online few hours before the ICO opening. The sign up and whitelist checks only take a a few minutes.

    3 — Send ETH to the Smart Contract

    Every ETH you will send on the ICO Smart Contract will be automatically converted into MDL tokens according to the current rate:

    If current ICO raising fund is under soft cap (7,000ETH) 1ETH = 450MDL (50% Bonus)
    If ICO is between soft cap and 25% total 1ETH = 360MDL (20% Bonus)
    If ICO is between 25% and 50% 1ETH = 330MDL (10% Bonus)
    If ICO is between 50% and 75% 1ETH = 315MDL (5% Bonus)
    If ICO is between 75% and hard cap (68,000ETH) 1ETH = 300MDL (No bonus)

    There is a minimum amount of 0.2ETH.

    Get ready, the Modulum ICO will open tomorow, November 22 at 17:00UTC.

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