[ANN] BilzCoin [BILZ] - Dan Bilzerian's coin


    The BilzCoin is the only way to be part of the game:
    • All kind of fire weapons (guns, bazooka, rifles, etc.) so you can protect the 4th Amendment
    • Money, Money, Money! We’re partnering with the most famous Poker structures in the world to allow you to make tons of money by exchanging your BilzCoins for Poker Chips.
    • BOOBS EVERYWHERE! How can you even think of having a decent life if you don’t pimp it with a shit load of boobs? WE GOT IT! Exchange your coins against your favorite desert on earth: boobs and bitches baby!
    • Save the world, adopt a cat. Smushball is already a legend amongst Danny fans. We’re following his example by allowing you to adopt the cutest cats ever with your BilzCoins.

    This is not a revolution. This is an evolution! BilzCoin is saving our planet by helping everyone to focus on the right things (guns, money, bitchez and cats) so we can evolve as human beings and get to the next level of consciousness all together!

    Total supply: 18M
    Algo: CryptoNote
    Pre-mine: 5% (Bounties)
    More details to come soon.

    Release date: Jul 22nd 06:00 PM (Pacific Time)

    10,000 Bounty for first exchange

    5,000 Bounty for first pool
    3,000 Bounty for second pool
    1,000 Bounty for third pool

    50,000 Bounty for first casino
    50,000 Bounty for first gun shop
    50,000 Bounty for first porn website

    More Details: Coming Soon!

  • This coin isn't affiliated with Dan Bilzerian.

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