Connectius — a blockchain SaaS solution for e-commerce

  • Connectius is a blockchain as a service solution (BaaS) that can be
    easily integrated into any existing e-commerce.
    The main goal of the project is to help all e-commerce stores to save
    money that they lose on fraud transactions. Our service allows all
    e-commerce stores to deal with their Consumers using a smart-contract,
    which helps stores to reduce fraud and for transactions to be
    more secure for the Consumers. Every e-commerce can reduce the
    costs of its goods/services for the Consumer and become more
    competitive in the market by reducing the expenses related to fraud.
    We create a universal discount system for e-commerce worldwide
    and allow users to make purchases with the help of the Connectius
    Finally, a whole Ecosystem of different types of e-commerce is
    planned to be formed by using our solution. Eventually, Token intends
    to be used across all projects within the Ecosystem (Token Service
    provider). However, at this time, tokens are offered for sale to be specifically
    used in Connectius. Experts platform, which is based on our
    e-commerce solution Connectius.Core and will be immediately available
    for use at the time of token distribution.
    Connectius.Experts will be powered by a CNT Token. The Token will
    be used as a mean of exchange. It also makes the smart-contracts to
    run. The price will be shown and fixed in USD, but paid in Tokens, so
    that the transaction can be processed by a smart contract. At a later
    point, other forms of payment may become acceptable, provided
    they could be converted into Tokens
    Tokens are going to be released during the ICO: 31.000,000 tokens
    will be available since November 5, 2017. Please, see the chapter
    below or just visit our site at for more information
    about the tokens schedule and distribution.


    The Connectius project (hereafter the Connectius Ecosystem) consists
    of a blockchain and smart-contracts, conjointly used as a service
    solution for existing platforms that can be integrated into any existing
    sales platform or service infrastructure. The Connectius Ecosystem
    also offers a set of ready-made services, modules, algorithms, and an
    API, which can be used for the creation of new projects.
    Access to the Connectius Ecosystem will be free of charge. A unique
    token will be used as a united, platform-wide mean of exchange and
    will be released in an initial offering procedure. The token will operate
    as a payment for Ecosystem services, as well as for services within
    the bounds of all serviced applications.
    Connectius.Experts will be launched as a proof-of- concept service
    application. Connectius.Experts is a virtual service platform based
    on an interactive map and geolocation technology that will allow sellers
    to find buyers, craftsmen or contractors for various services. The
    application will be fully built into the Ecosystem platform. Firstly, this
    will provide an example of interaction between the platform and third
    party applications. Secondly, the application will serve as a business
    unit, generating profits.
    Services Provided by the Ecosystem
    The Connectius.Core platform forms the basis of the Connectius
    Ecosystem. The main task of the platform is to service partner applications.
    The platform architecture will consist of the following modules:
    • An API for interaction with the platform;
    • User account database;
    • Module for handling service requests;
    • Smart contracts and distributed registers;
    • Arbiter and oracle;
    • Interactive map and geolocation data processing;
    • Payment support and token transfer; and
    • User ratings.

    For More Details Read White Paper:

    Connectius Official Documents


    roject Desk

    Onepager WP

    Philosophy of Connectius

    Users types

    People who need services:

    • Create service requests
    • Use the intellectually-powered search engine
    • Use the platform’s geolocation capabilities
    • Evaluate service providers based on user ratings
    • Have service needs fulfilled
    • Pay for services with tokens
    • Obtain arbitration if there is a dispute
    • Receive a reputational rating from the platform

    Service providers:

    • Fulfill service requests
    • Take payment in tokens
    • Advertise services with extensive targeting
    • Evaluate potential clients based on user ratings
    • Obtain arbitration when there is a dispute
    • Contact potential customers through multiple channels
    • Receive a reputational rating from the platform

    Arbitrators (Oracles):

    • Users with a high reputational rating
    • Users selected by the community
    • Consultants on the platform
    • Ensure the resolution of disputes in exchange for a certain percentage of the transaction


    Connectious.Expert will be available for immediate use upon distribution
    of Tokens. The roadmap for the development of Connectous.
    Expert looks as follows:
    • Developing high level design
    • Developing low level design
    • Implementation started
    • Solid state Alpha version closed system tests
    • Solid state Beta version released
    • Launch of the transitive token on Connectius.Core
    • Integration of the e-wallet into Connectius.Experts
    • Creation of Contractor’s account on Connectius.Experts
    • Creation of the service company account type on Connectius.
    • Commencement of work on the search and matching processor
    for Connectius.Core
    • Distribution of the CNT Tokens (unless the sale is extended)
    Connectius is also planning to continue development of the Connectius.
    Core platform, which should positively affect and further improve
    the self-standing Connectius.Experts.

    • Development of a loyalty promotion program on Connectius
    • Completion of the search and matching processor for
    • Commencement of API development for the integration of Connectius.
    Core into partner applications
    • Localization of Connectius.Core
    • Testing of Connectius.Core smart contract exploitation
    • Launch of Connectius.Core 1.0
    • Development of an advertisement platform based on geolocation
    • Development of an interface for integration with ERP/CRM
    system types
    2020 and thereafter
    • Further development and expansion of a Connectious.Core


    The Connectius token is the CNT token. This ERC20-format token
    will be used for Connectious.Expert and within the entire framework
    of the Ecosystem for:
    • Services delivered by the Platform
    • Services provided within Applications.
    As ecosystem development progresses, the Connectius.Core platform
    will handle more and more partner applications.


    The price of services will be shown and fixed in USD, but paid in Tokens
    or in USD, so that the transaction can be processed by a smart
    contract. At a later point, other forms of payment may be accepted,
    provided they could be converted into the Tokens.
    An example of a built-in widget is being used below to illustrate the
    possible conversion scenario, provided such solution is allowed under
    the applicable law and that the external exchange is connected
    to the platform. Connectius intends to work on the solution to make
    a conversion more convenient; however, due to the regulatory uncertainty,
    this cannot be guaranteed.
    For example, if the user decides to pay in USD, he or she can just
    open the widget and connect to the external exchange, where he or
    she would indicate the required number of Token and transfer the
    USD to the exchange service to convert them into tokens. After that,
    the tokens will be returned to Connectius and processed by the smart
    contract as if the payment had been made in tokens. Therefore,
    the e-commerce platform will receive the payment in tokens either
    way, whether the Consumer paid in tokens or in USD. Afterward, the
    e-commerce merchant can either keep the tokens or exchange them
    to USD the same way. To see how it could works, please, refer to the
    picture below.

    Payments made in US dollars will naturally incur some extra expenses.
    At the very least, there are extra fees for using exchange and
    classic transaction services at present. Thus, we highly recommend
    just using tokens. Only in this case can we guarantee that the user
    experiences all the advertised benefits and improvements. The diagram
    below illustrates how simple token-only transaction works.


    The Connectius ecosystem token will be released in a limited quantity.
    Subsequent launches of the token are impossible. The distribution
    of the token will occur in several stages:
    • Early bird presale
    • Presale
    • Early bird crowd sale
    • Crowdsale 1 -5 Weeks
    The nominal price of one token is 1 USD. The following pie chart
    illustrates how these tokens will be distributed:

    Early Bird Presale
    Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 5/11/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT
    +0) 10/11/2017.
    Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent is $25 000.
    CNT token price: $0.8 (20% off the nominal price).
    Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 10/11/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT
    +0) 15/11/2017.
    Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent is $15 000.
    CNT token price: $0.85 (15% off the nominal price).

    Early Bird Crowd Sale
    Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 15/11/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT
    +0) 20/11/2017.
    Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent is $10 000.
    CNT token price: $0.9 (10% off the nominal price).
    Crowd Sale Week 1
    Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 20/11/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT
    +0) 27/11/2017.
    Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent is $1.
    CNT token price: $1.
    Crowd Sale Week 2
    Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 27/11/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT
    +0) 4/12/2017.
    Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent is $1.
    CNT token price: $1.1.
    Crowd Sale Week 3
    Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 4/11/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT
    +0) 11/12/2017.
    Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent is $1.
    CNT token price: $1.2.
    Crowd Sale Week 4
    Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 11/12/2017 until 12.00 a.m. (GMT
    +0) 18/12/2017.
    Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent is $1.
    CNT token price: $1.3.
    Crowd Sale Week 5
    Date: From 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0) 18/12/2017 to 12.00 a.m. (GMT +0)
    Minimum purchase amount: cryptocurrency equivalent is $1.
    CNT token price: $1.4.
    If a company decides to extend the sale beyond Week 5, the price will
    remain unchanged until the end of the extended sale.


    The CNT Token is an essential part of the Ecosystem’s lifecycle. The
    Connectius team has no plans to issue additional tokens. Therefore,
    to expand Connectius’ reach and allow new Consumers to join the
    Ecosystem and use services continuously, external exchanges may
    be involved in the redistribution process of the Tokens in accordance
    with the relevant regulations.


    Connectius operational budget would include three largest expense
    • Research and development
    • Marketing activities
    • Additional motivation for Users
    Research and Development
    Connectius intends to continue it its further on research and development
    of the Ecosystem further, which would require expansion of
    the available resources with the main focus on:
    • Hiring of employees
    • Organization of the infrastructure
    • Rental of computing power
    Marketing activities
    In order to promote the ecosystem on the B2B market, we intend to
    actively engage in a simulating marketing activity. We will participate
    in exhibitions like Demesco to maintain communications with longterm
    customers and to attract new ones.
    We also plan to provide additional monetary incentives to entice existing
    platforms and applications to become a part of the Ecosystem.
    We intend to provide the budget for technical and marketing expenses
    to each new partner willing to integrate our solution.
    Additional motivation for Users
    Motivation for users to complete certain internal tasks will be provided
    on the Connectius network. Mechanisms include a dedicated
    budget for rewarding users for writing reviews and for helping to develop
    the Connectius Ecosystem.


    Try the alpha version of Connectius Experts App:

    Google Play:

    App Store:









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