zcoin (XZC) Release Wallet v0.13.3.3

  • Instructions

    If you are stuck when upgrading to this version, make sure to go into your Zcoin data directory and delete peers.dat and banlist.dat. As always, backup your wallet.dat. If you are stuck on block 60032 or 60832, a reindex is required.

    Read this guide on how to reindex.

    If you are compiling from source, note updated build instructions from readme.md. If you're from earlier, please do a fresh git clone into a new directory.


    • Fixes stuck block issue
    • The update is mandatory for old clients before

    Known Bugs

    Before doing any Zerocoin mints or spend, make sure to do File>Backup your wallet.dat and save in separate location so you can restore in the case a mint/spend does not confirm.


    • Version: v0.13.3.3- SHA256 Hashes:
      • Windows: 77dfc8bc1d64f99594c8217373b83cfd524e9f548332d6ae594b859908dcba33
      • Linux: 471028778e3f128c8aaaf394fee29544f2f22dafd098c2a1e1b0e53ff576a982
      • Mac: 96263841dc869b409c97441224c50a2973d78fdbb9443146a36741d80372cd2a


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