How to Redeem a Free Virtual Card from the Wirex App

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    Now everyone can own a virtual Visa card through the Wirex App, for free! That’s right, we’re giving away bitcoin debit cards worth $3 from our mobile app. This article explains how you can redeem one.

    Note: This giveaway applies to new and existing Wirex/E-Coin accounts with no existing cards. The first card is free and subsequent cards or upgrades will incur additional charges. If this is your first Wirex card, please read our practical tips before you order one.

    How to Get a Wirex Card from the Wirex App:

    Step 1: Download the Wirex app

    You can download the Wirex app from these links: Android | iOS

    If you don’t have an account with Wirex, go ahead and register straight from the app. If you have an existing E-Coin account, you can use your E-Coin login details to log in.

    Step 2: Go to the main page, pick a currency and tap ‘Order new Card’

    Select your preferred currency (choose between USD, GBP or EUR) and tap ‘Order new card’. Fill in your name, card type (choose virtual), and address. When you’re ready, click ‘Submit’.

    If you prefer a plastic card, we suggest you get the free virtual card first, thenupgrade to plastic. This way, you can use the virtual card while you wait for the plastic card (US$17) to arrive. Please note that plastic cards can be issued to these 130+ countries. Check here for estimated delivery date.

    Our video tutorial explains the process:

    What’s Next?

    Congratulations, you have redeemed a free Wirex card via the Wirex app. You will be able to see your new card account on the main screen and you’ll receive your card details by email. Check your inbox. You can use the card as soon as it arrives.

    Next, we suggest you start verifying your account. Verified accounts have better benefits, such as more funding options and higher limits. Here’s how to verify your account.

    If you’d like to start using the card for online payments or to make cheap and fast international money transfers, you can top up your account with bitcoins, or through bank transfer*, PayPal and other funding methods*. Here’s how to top up your card.

    * Verification required for these options.

    Information that will help you use your card:

    · Please read here for a beginner’s guide to bitcoin debit cards.

    · Please read here to learn the differences between our virtual and plastic cards.

    · Please read here for more info about card types and limits.

    · Please read here to find out the 11 advantages of the virtual card.

    · Please read here if you have a business and would like to start accepting bitcoins.

    · Please read here if you’d like to earn referrals with the card.

    · Please read here if you’d like to learn more about our company.

    Enjoy your new Wirex card!

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