Bitcoin CSGO Betting: Beginner’s Guide to AWP-ing

  • Before we get into the role, we’ll go into how the term ‘AWPer’ came about. AWP is a bolt-action sniper rifle, perfectly used for quickly taking a man down to get an early advantage. This is usually used in long range situations but can be used in close range as well. Now, the AWPer is the player who uses this gun and that’s why it's called as is. In addition, All of this tips can be helpful for placing Bitcoin bets on CSGO betting sites.

    Playing styles

    Adjusting to situations and how the game goes is needed to be an efficient AWP. Usually, in the opening round of the match, playing aggressively is advised. This will help your team when you get quick kills with an early advantage (5v4). Also, getting this early advantage will enable your team to have control of the map. But, as the game advances, playing passively is also needed. Sometimes, the team needs you to be more defensive and focus on covering your teammates. The passive style will also let you create surprise attacks when you catch your enemies off guard.

    Quick tips for AWPers

    Land your shots

    I understand how frustrating it is when you miss shots, but instead of aimlessly shooting with your AWP, you should take your time to get kills. Don’t keep on flicking your crosshair to just miss your shots. Try to set up a one-shot kill, because a single shot can kill an enemy using the AWP.

    Bluff with the AWP

    This may be situational, but considered an old trick in the book. The AWP can be used to scare your enemies. When the counter-terrorists attempt to defuse the bomb, firing the gun from anywhere can catch their attention, because they won’t be able to see you, but they will stop diffusing to try and find you, in hopes to kill you.

    Shoulder peeking

    If your target is in a good distance, take your knife or pistol out to shoulder peek. This will expose our shoulders for a brief moment to try to get your target to open fire. As soon as your target shoots, take cover again and scope with your rifle to try to get the kill.

    These tips will not only enable you to become a better CS:GO player but a better Bitcoin bettor as well. You can scout players if they practice these techniques and if they do, you opened the best possible Bitcoin predictions.

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