Nousplatform - A Global Platform for Investors and Decentralized Investment Funds

  • Description of Nousprotocol

    *Nousprotocol allows swift creation of all types of investment funds to
    manage blockchain assets. Funds are equipped with complete required
    technology tools to manage portfolios and are accountable and transparent
    with the investors. To calculate the volume of the capital Nousplatform uses
    the equivalent in Nous Tokens. Investors use Nous Tokens to conduct any
    transaction for acquisition or sale of the fund equity shares. One of the

    advantages for open-ended funds is the ability to redeem the equity shares

    from investors with the Nous Tokens held by the fund in portfolio reserves. In
    this case, the fund does not need to sell the equity shares in order to payout
    to the investor. This mechanism will create growth dynamics by increasing
    the liquidity of the funds.
    In addition, Nousprotocol can be used to create close-ended funds. These
    funds will be able to trade their ETF Index on any cryptocurrency exchange.
    These funds can use Nousplatform for ICO raising the initial investment.

    Nousplatform Solution for the Fund Managers


    The fund managers receive a complete set of technology tools for managing
    the fund and interacting with investors. The main aspects of the operations
    are controlled through smart contracts with open source, which creates total
    transparency and makes the fund more trustworthy and attractive to the
    investor. Transactions are carried out by a smart contract that regulates
    and controls the acquisition or sale of equity shares utilizing Nous Tokens.
    Every time a new fund is established, a
    smart contract instituted and
    published by the Nousprotocol on
    blockchain. A Smart contract contains
    all the specific terms, conditions and
    features of the fund. There are two
    types of parameters – constant
    (unchangeable, permanent) and
    variable (can be changed or modified).
    For example, creation date of the fund,
    the initial capital, the founder, etc. are
    constant. They are final and cannot be
    altered after the publication of the
    contract. The parameters of the
    investment maturity timeframe and
    the assignment of the manager are
    variable. The publisher of the contract
    can change certain parameters of the fund by utilizing private key; in this
    case, the new rules will only apply to new investors, since it will be physically
    impossible to make any changes retroactively.
    This approach will ensure fairness and transparency for both parties and
    will protect investors from any manipulation by fund managers. The smart
    contract of the fund delegates a part of the authority to the Nous smart

    contract. The Nous smart Contract utilizes certain entrusted functions, such
    as verification of the asset ownership, records of the investment portfolio,
    identification of the fund managers, estimating the level of entrustment, and
    much more. Nous smart contract can integrate a third-party escrow entity
    for extended functionality.
    The Nousplatform by itself is a powerful tool for attracting and creating a
    pool of potential investors. Therefore, all (investment) funds created on the
    platform are automatically exposed to a large number of users.

    Advantages of Nousplatform for the Investors

    An investor can invest in any fund at any time by purchasing equity shares
    with Nous Tokens. NOUS are utility tokens and available for purchase at
    crypto exchanges. The ERC20 token standard has all the advantages
    associated with Ethereum such as, using a single wallet for all ERC20 tokens.
    If the investor wants to liquidate all or some of the equity shares, he or she
    will receive back nous tokens at the current rate at the time of the

    An investor can choose several funds with different portfolios to diversify the
    risk. He/she will make a decision whether to participate in the fund based on
    research of the fund's statistics recorded on the blockchain, which
    guarantees transparent unaltered real data. The Nousprotocol creates
    snapshots of the investment portfolio of each fund with a specified period,
    and logs them in the blockchain. Statistics available for review and analysis
    at any time in a personal back office and the smart contract open source
    code is available for the public to review.

    An investor can analyze the activity of any fund in his/her back office. The
    statistical data of a fund based on snapshots shows the fund's profitability
    at any given period. In addition, it reveals the redemption and acquisition of
    assets, and any other modification of the portfolio, as well as the liquidity
    index, the number of tokens in reserve, the fund's own capital in relation to
    the total portfolio, and so on.
    The Nousplatform will provide tools for analyzing and evaluating funds
    based on various statistical data. These reports will be available for any user
    to review.

    The main advantages for investors are simplicity, transparency, the ability to
    diversify, quick deposit or withdrawal of funds, no bureaucracy, set rules of
    participation for all the parties involved, no minimum amount entry
    requirements, and are guaranteed to have unaltered and accurate data.

    In the near future, we plan to create a merchant for the Nousplatform, which
    will allow investors to pay for the goods and services using their equity
    shares, assuming those assets are always under management of the same
    entity and utilized only when necessary. This approach, in our opinion, will
    lead to a new kind of relationship between the buyer and the seller, where
    money, as we know it, will no longer be needed; and the economy will shift
    toward a tokenized barter.

    Example 1

    Bob acquired the equity shares of the fund that invests in solar energy and
    possesses tokens of this company. The Solar Energy Company pays
    dividends once per quarter from the energy they have sold. Fund receives
    the dividends and distributes among investors. Accordingly, Bob, once per
    quarter, receives dividends for his equity shares of the fund. Let us assume
    Bob would like to buy video camera from the store that sells electronics. We
    will price it at 1000 Nous Tokens. Merchant requests 1000 Nous Tokens from
    Bob’ account utilizing Nousprotocol. Nousprotocol requests the fund to
    redeem the equity shares equivalent to 1000 Nous Tokens and transfers it as
    a payment to the retail store that sells the video camera. Then the retailer
    delivers the camera to Bob.
    What happened in this case? For Bob, it means he bought the camera for
    some of the energy that belongs to him, and for the store, it is a normal
    transaction. Of course, all of this will be possible if the fund has the sufficient
    amount of tokens for instant transactions with the investor, but as described
    above, the fund is predisposed having reserve to maintain liquidity. The
    retailer must accept nous tokens as a payment in order to avoid paying
    additional commissions to the intermediary liquidity provider, or willing to
    accept payments in the form of more innovative technologies such as the
    bancor protocol.

    Type of Funds Supported

    First stage of the development of the Nousplatform will be supporting five
    types of funds:
    1. Open ended Investment Fund
    2. Close ended Investment Fund
    3. Venture Capital Fund
    4. Charitable Fund
    5. Family Trust Fun

    In the near futur Nousprotocol will be expanding to support more complex
    types of funds.

    Open-ended Investment Fund

    Here is a short description on how an open-ended fund operates. The
    scheme of open-ended funds enables Investors to acquire or sell equity
    shares directly from the fund. Investors transfer their assets in the form of
    Nous Tokens directly to the Fund. The fund assigns the tokenized equity
    shares to the Investor. The investor can sell these shares back to the Fund at
    any time for the market value based on the fund performance. This
    approach allows the fund constantly to increase liquidity, and allows the
    investor to liquidate the shares at any time. It is a real Win-Win situation. The
    fund charges Investors fees for the acquisition and liquidation of the equity
    shares. These fees are the profits of the fund.

    Closed-ended Investment Fund

    Here is short description on how a close-ended fund operates. These funds
    raise capital only once. After raising the capital, the fund issues a fixed
    amount of tokens. Than Tokens distributed among investors based on the
    amount they have invested. After that, the fund is listed in the exchanges
    and its’ tokens are traded as ETF. Fund pays dividends to the token holders
    based on profitability for a certain period. Nousplatform enables
    closed-ended funds to introduce its’ concept to the investors, who are
    already utilizing the platform, and raise initial capital by conducting ICO
    (initial coin offering).
    This approach will attract new investors to the Fund, which increase the
    chance for successful fundraising. As for Investors, they will have the
    opportunity to diversify their portfolio of close-ended funds.

    Venture Capital Fund 2.0

    Nousplatform enables investors to create the Venture Capital Funds, in
    order to raise capital for start-ups or for additional capitalization of an
    active business. These funds are unique because they utilize an open voting
    system, where investors decide whether to invest in a particular start-up
    venture. Each investor who holds equity shares of the fund will vote on this
    subject. These funds have a unique ecosystem, which is why we call them
    advanced second-generation funds.
    Example of a Venture Capital Fund
    After the successful fundraising (ICO), all the assets invested by the
    participants are blocked by a smart contract and are released only after an
    open vote. Suppose the fund has raised $ 10 million, and the managers
    decide to invest $ 500k in the start-up venture "X". In this case, they propose
    to release $500,000 by voting, and each investor can vote with a smart
    contract for or against this investment, evaluating all the opportunities, risks
    and rewards of a particular start-up venture. If the required number of votes
    is casted according to the rules, the funds released for investment. The
    advantage of these funds is that each participant has a specific voting
    power, for example, if Joshua has 10 shares, and John 2 shares, then
    Joshua's vote is 5 times more powerful than John's vote.

    Charity Funds

    Nousplatform enables users to create not only investment funds, but also
    Charity Funds. The main advantage of a charitable organization based on
    blockchain is its’ transparency and accountability before donors.
    Nousprotocol enables the monitoring of the activities of the charitable
    foundation. There is open access of the information on how and what type of
    charitable assistance was provided, and how much was spent on operational
    expenses. A charity fund is able to accept donations from all over the world
    without restrictions. Any token holder can donate to any fund anywhere in
    the world.

    Family Trust Fund

    It is a very popular form of fund when the asset holder (trustor) appoints a
    trustee. This fund is a private entity and the public does not have any access
    to any details of this trust. These funds have an option of open voting to
    release some assets for any purpose the same way as in the case of the
    venture capital fund.
    The trust fund may consist of one person who can manage the assets and
    enjoy all the advantages of the Nousplatform. In this case, 100% of shares
    belong to one person. The family trust fund has another beneficial option,
    the management of the estate, when the assets of one trustor are passed on
    to another by employing smart contract of the fund.

    Structure of Nous Ecosystem

    The technical specification of the system and its’ functions and ability will be
    provided in a separate document. This document provides short overview of
    the key components.
    System’s Components Interaction Scheme


    It is a protocol, that has been published as an open source code and
    licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0
    Anyone can utilize the protocol to create his or her own fund. Initially, a
    solution will be provided as JavaScript. In the near future, the rest of the
    popular programming languages will be added.

    Nous Smart Contract

    It is a protocol, which is published as an open source code, and licensed
    under GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0. Nous smart contract employs
    verification functions within the fund’s contract, such as: verification of the
    asset ownership, records of balances of the investment portfolio,
    identification of the fund managers, estimating the level of trust, adding of a
    third-party escrow entity and much more.

    Smart Contract of the Fund

    Smart Contract of the Fund created and published dynamically by
    Nousprotocol. Its main function is managing the fund, such as equity
    participation, equity shares acquisition and redemption, distribution of
    tokens among investors, and much more.

    Nous Wallet

    Nous Wallet is an open source code that is used to store nous tokens. Any
    holder of a Nous Wallet can make a payment or invest tokens in any of the


    Nousplatform is a platform for the collaboration of investment funds and
    investors. It includes a personal back office, statistical reports, wallets, lists
    of funds and their ratings. For investors, the platform is a turnkey solution
    for managing its own assets.
    The funds will have a user-friendly interface to conduct business and a
    platform to attract potential investors.


    Nousplatform is a web interface that interacts with the clients’ Nousprotocol
    library, as well as with the API, which in turn interacts with the nous smart
    contract and database.

    Participants and Their Functions

    There are five categories of the main participants:
    1. The Founder of the Fund (General Manager)
    2. Fund Manager
    3. Referring Agent
    4. Investor
    5. Escrow

    Functions for the Managers

    The General Manager initiates registration
    on the Nousplatform and confirms the
    information and data through the double
    authentication process. After the
    registration process is confirmed and complete, the manager creates a nous
    wallet and saves a private key file. This nous wallet address used for the
    publication of the smart contracts of the fund. Then the manager deposits
    nous tokens to the wallet to collaborate with the blockchain. The blockchain
    charges a small commission for any transaction related to the recording of
    information, so the manager will need to pay a small fee to publish a smart
    contract of the fund.
    The General Manager establishes the fund, inputs the data of the fund, the
    type of fund, and the addresses of the fund managers' nous wallet. After that,

    the Nousprotocol publishes, on behalf of the general manager, a smart
    contract on the blockchain with all required settings. The smart contract
    also includes the addresses of the escrow smart contracts for the
    appropriation of the different trust functions.
    The next step is adding and verifying nous wallets to create a portfolio.
    Verification is necessary to prove the fund and ensure that the assets of
    investors will be stored in these nous wallets, and to confirm whether
    managers have their own equity shares in those wallets. The Nousprotocol
    will use a variety of verification methods, depending on the blockchain where
    the nous wallets are stored. The simplest method of verification is the
    transfer of micro sums or OP_RETURN transactions to the Nousprotocol
    verification wallet. If the transaction was successful, then the protocol
    verifies the wallet of the fund in a smart contract.
    Verification of the initial assets owned by the fund is one of the most
    important aspects, since it is very important to understand, especially for the
    hedge funds, what amount of the assets at risk are owned by the fund. At the
    time of verification of the wallet, the protocol reads the available balance
    and records it into a smart contract as the initial capital of the fund.
    Publication of data. Once a day Nousprotocol cross-references balances
    and transactions data from the verified nous wallets, and records them
    through nous smart contract to the smart contract of the fund. Published
    data becomes available so the managers can analyze the fund’s
    Listings of the fund. Fund managers can use the Nousplatform to attract
    investors. The fund is listed and rated by the Nousplatform, which is the most
    powerful marketing tool for attracting new investors.
    Close-ended funds can use the Nousprotocol to conduct ICO, to raise initial
    capital and issue their own ETF tokens. After the fund is established, the
    manager can publish an additional smart contract for the purpose of ICO,
    which collaborates with the main contract of the fund and controls the
    distribution of the tokens.
    Assignments of the responsibilities. The general manager can assign
    responsibilities to the managers within the smart contract of the fund, by
    granting permission or blocking access to the different functions.

    Functions and Options of the Nousplatform for the Investors

    Investors register on the platform and get a
    personal account and a back office. Then
    he/she passes verification and receives his/her
    own nous wallet, where the investor can deposit
    and store nous tokens. Investors can review the
    rating and statistical data of each fund on the
    Nousplatform and make a decision whether to
    invest. Funds are divided into categories and
    types. The investors can analyze the activity of
    the fund for any period.
    The Nousprotocol forms the trust level of the
    fund, an important factor affected by and
    associated with the fund's activities. This will
    allow investors to make more educated and
    informed decisions.

    Investors can buy and sell equity shares of the
    fund. Nous tokens are used for the acquisition
    of equity assets of the fund. Investors can sell
    their equity shares back to the fund and get
    nous tokens in return. The close-end funds use a different approach,

    Security of the assets. All assets purchased from funds established by the
    Nousprotocol are stored in a “cold” wallet. Only investors with a private key
    have access to his/her wallet. Same wallet can be used to store all the assets
    of the investor. ICO participation. An investor can acquire the 

    equity shares
    of a close-ended fund before it is listed on the exchange.

    Referring Agent

    The referring agent is an independent agent of the fund, which is attracting
    new capital to the fund and receives commission for the service provided.
    The protocol will support the function of compensating the referring agent
    by the fund. When a new person becomes an investor in the fund, based on
    the referral from the agent, the protocol also identifies and records the
    referring agent’s wallet address.

    Escrow is a smart contract, which is
    responsible for creating snapshots of
    portfolio balances, assigning a trust level to
    the fund, and so on. It is a trusted service
    that has permission to carry out certain
    actions with a fund’s smart contract. In
    addition, escrow could be any third-party
    services and developers that will
    complement the functionality of the smart
    contract.The Nousplatform can conduct
    voting among fund owners to add new escrow to the fund's smart contract,
    and if a decision is made, then new functionality and addresses of smart
    contracts of escrow having access to this functionality will be added.
    Example 1
    For example, there is a service 'X', which identifies users by fingerprints or by
    face recognition on the blockchain, (we are witnessing the creation of such
    services 4 ). If the fund wants to identify the manager through the 'X' service, it
    allows the smart contract of the service to make changes to the fund's smart
    Example 2
    Service 'Y', the law enforcement agency that exercises control over the funds,
    depending on the jurisdiction, gets access to certain functions of the fund’s
    smart contract for an audit or freezing the activities of the fund in case of
    violation of the law or for other valid reasons.
    Example 3
    Service 'Z', an independent organization, which does not have the ability to
    influence the operations of the fund, but can accept investor’s filed
    complaints about the activities of the fund. This organization can get access
    to publish the rating of complaints and resolution of conflicts in the fund's
    smart contract.
    The purpose of the protocol is to provide maximum simplicity and
    convenience for the integration of third-party services and developers

    NOUS Token

    The Nous Token is a universal utility token that allows investors to acquire
    an equity shares of different funds. There is a very high demand for this
    currency; it has the potential to cover a huge market estimated in trillions of
    US dollars. The token will be based on the ERC20 standard and called NOUS.
    The Use of the Tokens:
    ● Acquisition of the equity shares of open-ended funds
    ● Participation in ICO of close-ended funds
    ● Dividends of close-ended funds
    ● The reserves of open-ended funds to increase liquidity (see paragraph
    3) Platform for Commissions payout Use of tokens to pay for the goods
    and services, an example is described in paragraph 3.2, Example 1.
    Nous Tokens are available for acquisition during Pre-ICO, during ICO, or
    later on multiple exchanges. ERC20 wallet can be used to receive and store
    nous tokens.

    Nousplatform Token Sale Details

    Symbol : NOUS
    Maximum supply: 777 000 000
    Available for purchase: 543 900 000
    Pre-Sale Start: 30 th November 11:00 UTC
    End: 25 th December 10:59 UTC
    ICO : Will be announced in Q1 2018
    Minimum transaction amount: No minimum
    Accepted currencies: ETH only
    Hard Cap: 85 000 ETH
    Soft Cap :5 500 ETH

    Token Issuance

    Total Supply: 543 900 000 NOUS (70%)
    Pre-Order: 15 540 000 NOUS (2%)
    Pre-Sale: 23 310 000 NOUS (3%)
    ICO: 505 050 000 NOUS (65%)


    70% Will Be Sold to Backers
    20% Will Be Retained by Nousplatform
    5% Advisors, Grants, Partnerships
    3% Community
    2% Will Be Used To Cover Token Sale

    Proceeds Distribution

    30% Open source software development
    20% Legal Expenses, Licenses (FCA, SEC, etc.)
    15% Marketing and Business Development
    5% Operational Expenses
    15% Real Estate Fund
    15% Crypto Assets Fund

    Unsold Tokens & Vesting Period

    Any unsold tokens in Closed Fundraising and Pre-sale go into public crowd
    Nousplatform retained tokens are locked for the first 4 months, and will be
    vested over a period of 20 months total, 5% every month. The total vesting
    period is 24 months.
    Advisors tokens are locked for 2 months and distributed fully.
    Any unsold tokens from crowdsale will be burned.


    The amount of NOUS tokens per 1 ETH.


    The shift of the economy toward tokenized asset markets cannot be
    reversed. These markets have an extremely high demand for our product. We
    are convinced that with the expansion of the markets of cryptocurrency and
    crypto assets, that our product will be met with even greater demand. Any
    investment fund based on Nousplatform will be able to use more than a
    thousand crypto assets available on the market today. Therefore, our first
    and most important task is to create a core platform for asset management
    and the interaction of investment funds and investors.

    April of 2017
    Idea inception, massive research and proof of concept

    June of 2017
    Website launched, pre-ICO announcement, beginning of the development of
    nous protocol and nousplatform software, initial marketing campaign.

    July of 2017
    Publishing of the Whitepaper Completion of technical documentation

    September of 2017
    Community Public Relations work Preparation of documentation for the
    establishment of pilot investment funds

    November of 2017
    ICO Launch

    December of 2017 – February of 2018
    Launch of back offices pre-registration of the investors and establishment of
    their accounts. Public Relations campaign to bring potential investors using

    March of 2018
    Launch of beta version of the Nousplatform in Ethereum Testnet and initial
    testing Launching pilot investment funds with existing partners.

    June of 2018
    Launch of the Nousplatform. Integration with Bancor protocol and 3rd
    parties services.

    August of 2018
    Launch of beta for decentralized exchange for ETF

    September of 2018
    Development of the API for Escrow and third-party service integration with
    smart contracts.

    October of 2018
    Development and integration of third-party solutions and services to
    purchase NOUS tokens using FIAT
    November-December of 2018
    Launch beta integration API

    Development and integration of algorithms for decentralized asset
    management that will determine the initial rules and framework for
    managers working with equity assets, and the creation of a distribution
    gateway that solves the management problem with maximum security and
    trading strategy for the investor.


    Vyacheslav is an entrepreneur and professional investor.
    His most recent investment includes a cryptocurrency
    portfolio as well as energy sector investments such as oil
    and gas companies.

    Anatoly is an entrepreneur and software developer with
    more than 12 years of experience. He is a Visionary,
    Enthusiast and driving force for the Nousplatform.
    Anatoly managed more than 20 IT projects.

    Blockchain Enthusiast and ICO Evangelist, Creative
    Business Analyst with deep expertise in Business
    Development, Sales, and Marketing. Master of Business
    Administration and Management, Bachelor of Marketing.

    Viktor is an entrepreneur with 18 years of business
    management experience and an expert in international
    trade relations between Russia and China. Since 2017 he
    has been actively investing in crypto assets.

    Alexander is a financial consultant. His expertise is
    financing of the projects for industrial clients. He is
    currently involved in metal manufacturing, industrial
    machinery, and manufacturing and agricultural industry

    Andrey resides in United States. He is an expert in business development
    and marketing. He has decades of sales and management experience. His
    dedication, tenacity, organizational skills, vision and drive for success is a
    big asset to the team.

    DANIIL CHABANETS / Public relations
    He is a specialist in International Trade - Incoterms. Daniil
    is an expert on building public relations.

    Iric is a co-founder and international lawyer. He is in
    charge of legal compliance, document circulation,
    participation in negotiations and providing legal


    Founder of INOV8 Golf, professional fundraiser and
    business development strategist for startups. Member of
    the private community of tech startups Founders Network

    Brian Kusmer Real Estate Business Professional in 20 years
    responsible for nearly $500 million in transactions volume.
    He is in the top 1% of business performer in the world

    Blockchain-evangelist, visionary. Has experience of
    staging ICOs in several projects (SONM, Humaniq, etc).
    Co-founder of Blockchain Association in Russia.

    Entrepreneur, designer, investor, visionary innovator,
    author of creative business concepts, start-ups, adviser,
    project manager, investor relations










    White Paper:

    Light Paper:

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