[ICO] Claim Your Stake (CYS) - A Bitcoin mining Farm

  • Who We Are?

    Much like anyone in the cryptocurrency space today remaining anonymous is
    best to protect your own assets. We are bitcoin miners who have been
    mining bitcoin since you could with a CPU. Yes we are real send us an
    email to [email protected], live chat with us, or comment on any of our
    threads. We are creating this ICO to show how our mining company
    operates and the profitability scale, this will allow for much larger
    projects in the future.
    Stay tuned.....

    How We Operate?

    Our miners run at 14 TH/S at 1350 kW/h. What does this mean? Each miner we
    look to purchase would roughly make 0.1 Bitcoin a month at today's
    current network difficulty. This is equal to about $600 USD at current
    Bitcoin prices. Our hosting cost is $130 dollars a month per miner, this
    however includes 24/7 monitoring, power, and maintenance. Leaving us
    about with about .0783 Bitcoin generated per miner hosted. For more
    information regarding contribution distribution, please review token
    information page.

    Token Benefits

    Our tokens offer a membership that continues to pay for as long as we can
    operating mining bitcoin profitability. We will make 100% transparent to
    all tokens holder the company wallet address in which the bitcoins are
    being mined to. The company will take from the mined bitcoin enough to
    cover the hosting fees and then return the rest to token holders minus  a
    20% management fee.

    Token INFO

    Token Name: CYS
    Token Supply: Uncapped
    Pre-Sale Token Price: 1 Token = $1 USD
    (For every 100 sold 5 will be issued to the company)
    Release date of token/membership - every 24 hours

    How Tokens Work: All Bitcoins will be mined into a company wallet (100%
    transparent), operating costs will then be deducted from the supply of
    coins and the rest will be distributed to tokens holders minus a 20%
    management fee at the end of every month starting 6/1/2018
    Token Prices will increase by 25% each month.
    ICO token sales will be closed 3/1/2018

    note our tokens are an internal company token/membership that will be
    linked to your email however they are transferable by sending an email
    to [email protected]"




    By Participating In Our Ico You Agree To The Following:

    1. Your contribution for membership is not from any illegal activity. (i.e. drugs, money laundering, etc.)
    2. CYS MINING can not control the mining difficulty of Bitcoin.
    3. Membership can end at anytime if mining will not cover our hosting expenses. (You will be notified by email) 
    4. Amount of time to receive back your contribution to membership is not guaranteed nor promised. 
    5. We are not a security.

    6.CYS Mining currently has no miners and will be purchasing the latest
    and greatest hardware that is available throughout the ICO.
    7. Our cost per miners can be unknown due to changes in the price of Bitcoin and demand for hardware in the marketplace.
    8. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A ERC20 TOKEN (internal company held token/membership which will be recorded)
    9. CYS reserves the right to refuse service and return contribution any time.
    10. You must love Bitcoin.
    11. Our hosting cost are subject to change at the moment until we know how many miners are purchases through ICO.

    12.In the case of this ICO having to return funds (every coin will be
    converted to bitcoin at the time of payment) it will be sent back in
    Bitcoin minus any network fees and escrow fees.

    If you have any questions or concerns please chat with us, send us an email to
    [email protected], or post on one of our forums. 





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