BitClave - Adding CAT tokens to your wallet

  • Introduction

    CAT tokens are getting used more and more broadly. This post describes steps you should take to see CAT token in your wallets.

    CAT v1.1 This token is distributed in Airdrop and in Token Sale. Since this token is distributed before the official token sale we made this token untransferable to avoid price speculation. After the completion of the token sale, CAT v1.1 will be converted to CAT v2.

    Contract Address: 0x68e14bb5A45B9681327E16E528084B9d962C1a39 Decimals: 18

    CAT v2.0 This is the official CAT token and is currently used as part of our first product. There is no way to transfer this token outside of our product.

    Contract Address: 0x111111f7e9B1Fe072ade438F77E1Ce861C7eE4E3 Decimals: 18

    Adding CAT to MEW

    1. Press “Add Custom Token”
    2. Enter Token info from above
    3. Use your friendly name for token — for example (BitClaveCATs) Note: spaces or special symbols are not allowed in MEW
    4. Press Save
    5. Now you can see your balance

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