[ICO] CellCoin (CELL) - [Bounty] invest in a innovative data center of cloud mining. By HashHive Limited

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    Frequently Asked Question

    When will the CELL token sale start?

    Token sale begins on 19th of november 2017 and will last 30 days.

    What is the Price of the CELL token?

    For $20 (USD) you will receive 1 CellCoin (CELL). You can send any amount.

    Which payment methods will be accepted in the token sale?


    What will I need in order to participate in the token sale?

    You will need the following:

    1. Your Waves Wallet. 2. You have to comply with the token sale Terms & Conditions

    Why did you select the Waves Platform for the ICO?

    Various payment methods can be used on Waves platform, also platform will be used to pay rewards on each token.

    How many CELL tokens will be available for purchasing and how many are created in total?

    HashHive is creating a total supply of 2,167,000 tokens of which 1,500,000 will be available for purchasing, the rest tokens are reserved for bonus sale, bounty programm and company reserve. By result of token sale, all remain tokens will be destroyed.

    Why should I invest?

    HashHive project uses modern equipment and technologies (described below), which significantly reduces cost of hash-power. One of the most important requirements for the service – its reliability and uninterrupted operability. Our reliability will be stability and time-proved. The HashHive project is absolutely open and transparent. By investing in HashHive project, you invest in real equipment, not in an illusory idea (software). Our project cooperates with large companies for the supply of immersion equipment. User-friendly interface, easy operation of service, affiliate programs, discount systems and much more will allow user to enjoy our service.

    What are your advantages and differences from competitors?

    The use of immersion equipment and own power plant significantly reduces the cost of electricity. Accordingly, the price for hash-power will be much lower than those of competitors. The project has a high level of profitability.

    How can i get profit?

    1. Sell tokens on any exchange (as mentioned above). 

     2. Before the company reaches project capacity, receive a reward of 40% of company’s net profit, in proportion to the amount of tokens in your wallet. 3. After the company reaches project capacity, you can use token CELL for cloud mining in HashHive service with discount of 50% during premium period, which will allow you to get profit up to 400% annually.

    Why is the profit so big?

    Part of the net profit we will constantly reinvest in the increase of production capacity, we use the most advanced equipment and technologies, carefully monitor all business processes and the economy of the project. Unlike similar projects, we provide with one of the biggest profit percentages to our investors. Due to all of these factors, you can count on the highest income.

    When will the CELL token be tradable on exchanges?

    CellCoin will appear on major exchanges shortly after the end of token sale. Although we cannot guarantee a significant liquidity level until the service is fully deployed, we will do everything possible to ensure the growth of the liquidity market from the very beginning.

    When will CELL tokens be delivered to my Waves Wallet?

    CELL tokens will be transferred to WAVES wallets within one week AFTER the end of tokensale.

    Will there be a private Pre-Sale of tokens?

    All offers for pre-sale of CELL tokens will be considered on an individual basis. Send your suggestions to [email protected]

    I didn’t see an answer to my question.

    Please send a request to [email protected]

    Token Description

    Token Name

    CellCoin (CELL)

    What Representing

    Equivalent of hash-power

    Token Price

    $20 (USD)


    1 MH/s (DaggerHashimoto)

    The Use Of Token Before Reach Project Capacity

    Receiving rewards 40% of net profit

    The Use Of Token After Reach Project Capacity

    Exchange to hash-power of cloud mining in HashHive service with a discount of 50%

    Hard Cap

    $30,000,000 (USD)

    Total Amount Of Tokens Issued

    2,167,000 (CELL)

    Amount Of Tokens For Sale

    1,500,000 (CELL)

    Structure ICO

    Total amount of 2,167,000 tokens will be issued. According to results of ICO, all unsold tokens will be burned. Since the total volume of sold tokens is not fixed, we should be able to withdraw unrealized tokens.

    Sold tokens will be distributed as follows:

    • 90% Tokens sold during ICO
    •   8%Company Reserve
    •   2% Bounty


    ICO will be held in one stage of 30 days. For investors who have invested their funds in our project at early stages, we offer a bonus program:

    • + 30%First Hour
    • + 15% From The 2nd Hour To The 24th Hour
    • + 1% Days 2-3
    •   + 5% Days 4-6
    •   + 0% Days 7-30


    In total 2% of sold tokens will be allocated for bounty program. Bounty can be received by anyone who supports our project and take activity in community and thematic venues.

    • 30% Signatures and avatars on Bitcointalk.org
    • 30% Articles in blogs and publications in media
    • 14% Facebook
    • 14% Twitter
    • 12>#/strong### Translation and moderation

    By result of token sale, all remain tokens will be destroyed.

    During a public token sale, we plan to raise up to $30 MILLION Dollars. The following crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin Ethereum, ZCash, Waves) will be accepted during token sale as a payment method as well as dollars and euro. Citizens and tax residence of the United States cannot take part in public token sale.

    Funds Allocation

    The funds raised during token sale will be distributed as follows:

    • 85%Purchase Of Equipment
    •   5% Acquisition Of Real Estate
    •   5% Team bonus
    •   4% Marketing
    •   1%Operational Expenses


    November 2017

    Token Sale

    The first stage of the project is conducting of public token sale. Token sale will take place of one stage in 30 days.

    Q1 2018

    Data-Center Organization

    After completion of ICO, we will purchase the site area and equipment to organize the data center.

    Q2 2018

    Launch Of Data-Center

    Q2 2018

    Beginning of Payments

    Beginning of mining to ensure payments for investors according to marketing plan. Profit reinvestment for further development of data-center and acquisition of additional equipment.

    Q3 2018 - Q1 2019

    Planned Project Capacity

    Expansion of data center within the project. The capacity of equipment is sufficient for operation of cloud mining service. Each token (CELL) is provided with hash-power in HashHive service.

    Q3 2018 - Q1 2019

    Launch of Cloud Mining

    Creating application for mobile devices. Design and configuration of web interface. Launch of cloud mining.

    HashHive's Team

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