TAC Token - the cryptocurrency advertising revolution

  • The plan is to create an advertising based cryptocurrency token called The Advertising Currency (TAC). This
    plan is very different from other cryptocurrencies in the marketing and advertising arena. First one has to
    realize the end goal is to utilize cryptocurrency for its intended purpose - to help leverage the playing field and
    take some control back from global powers that control our lives and money.
    Google is one such form of that control. Google currently owns more than 60% of all advertising done in the
    entire world and is one of the top media companies on top of that. This means more than 60% of all advertising
    you see in the world is controlled by the rules made up from one company that 25 years ago didn't exist.
    The problems that arise from this are vast and ones we see disrupting the very way we live daily. It is roughly
    10 major corporations that control 85% of the marketing and advertising industry. They control what products
    you see, the way you think, the media publications you learn about, the websites you learn about, the
    companies, the news, and almost everything else in the world.
    Marketing is a huge force behind all economies globally, and currently, it’s not the people who utilize the
    advertising, nor is it the people who provide the service of displaying ads that gets the bulk of this money.
    Instead, it is the companies who control the search results and social media sites you use daily. They make
    the rules, they make the profits, they control what you see and buy, they get others to display the ads for them,
    and they simply provide platforms.
    The question is “Can cryptocurrency do anything to take some of that control back?” Our belief is yes, and our
    solution is listed below.

    What is an industry based cryptocurrency?

    Goals and objectives

    ● Create an advertising industry cryptocurrency that allows marketers, advertisers, and business owners
    to regain control over the respective industries. This will allow an overall reduction in marketing costs
    as well as grant the ability to make guidelines to those affected by such industries.
    ● Obtain corporate advertising contracts granting the ability to create a marketplace of products. These
    products would include public bench and public transportation advertising slots, billboard advertising
    slots, airport advertising slots, radio advertising slots, and television advertising slots.
    ● Create an advertising platform similar to the combination of Google Adwords and Google Adsense.
    This platform will be based on TAC and will allow publishers to earn TAC as a reward for displaying
    ads that increase with each advertising sale instead of on a per click basis as is currently the industry
    ● Create and release an ongoing series of marketing applications and membership website scripts that
    are integrated with TAC to encourage new marketers and website owners coming into the advertising
    and marketing industry to use this currency.

    Project Mission

    The cryptocurrency industry is currently flooded with advertisers and marketers that are attempting to make
    some quick money in an ever growing industry. Our mission is to be different. We want to change the industry
    by creating an advertising based cryptocurrency that actually has a chance for success.
    Other platforms are simply trying to recreate Google advertising platform using cryptocurrency. Some are even
    having some level of success in doing so. We don’t, however, believe they have a real shot at disrupting the
    marketplace or shifting that control to the public at large. Most are just security based tokens whose tokens
    have no value outside of their own project.
    We are aiming to be very different. Our belief is that by focusing on the product of advertising through
    obtaining advertising contracts before any other focus, we can create an all encompassing marketplace of
    products that no one else seems to be looking at.
    We believe as these advertising contracts and products all come together in a marketplace that also acts as an
    internet based advertising platform we can enter both the marketing industries of offline and online marketing
    in a way no one has ever attempted before.
    Our overall end goal is always to help reduce the costs of advertising which are far too high due to the
    corporate influence of the marketplace, while also leveling the playing field in the marketing and advertising
    industries by taking some level of control back from the corporations that currently have a vast hold over the
    market and giving that control to the public at large.

    Keys of Success

    ● Advertising Contracts - This is one of the cornerstone pieces for this project. Corporate level
    advertising contracts are not cheap but the belief is that by entering into such contracts, we can take
    control of a large piece of advertising that is often overlooked. These advertising spots will be resold
    via an internet based store using TAC as a currency. These advertising spots will also be used to
    further the reach of our project, our currency, and the publisher platform we create.
    ● Advertising Platform - Equally important and another cornerstone piece for this project is the creation
    of an advertising platform. This platform must have the ability to match paid advertisements with that of
    publisher websites. This platform must pay publishers with TAC, and this platform must allow a
    publisher to convert TAC earnings to fiat currencies.
    ● TAC Scripts - A key element to any currency is the usefulness of it within the marketplace. That is
    why creating a series of marketing and advertising based scripts that all incorporate TAC as a payment
    processor within the scripts is of utmost importance to the project. Scripts that are both open source
    and free as well as paid and professional scripts, apps, and plugins need to be created that all utilize
    TAC as their forms of payment.

    TAC Summary

    The plan we have for TAC tokens is a three-part plan. The first part involves contractual based advertising to
    create a marketplace of offline physical advertising products.The second part involves creating an advertising
    platform that pays publishers to advertise in a fair way based on industry involvement. The third and final part
    is about spreading TAC to other advertising markets through scripts creation and distribution.

     ICO Financial Summary

    Joining in the TAC initial coin offering grants you the rights to TAC Tokens based on the purchase amounts
    described in this document. It also grants you the rights to any bonus tokens as explained.
    One can also reasonably expect the plans detailed in this document will be carried out in an attempt to
    increase the value of the currency, increase its usefulness, and increase its desirability.
    Funds obtained via our initial offering will be used solely as described within this document for the specific
    reasons explained. All figures numbers, times, and values are perspective based and actual values may need
    to be altered during project to achieve goals.

    Travel Expenses:

    5% of overall raised funds will be set aside for travel expenses. Travel expenses are needed to travel
    and meet with advertising corporations to discuss terms of contracts and to enter into negotiations.
    Travel expenses include maintaining household bills during travels, food expenses, hotels and
    reservations, as well as expenses for automobiles, plane tickets, train tickets, and similar types of

     Marketing Budget:

    5% of overall raise funds will be set aside for marketing. Specifically, up to $100,000 will be used to
    pay one of the team members who will have the task of maintaining social accounts, blogs, press
    releases and media based publications.

     Platform Creation:

    10% of overall raised funds up to $250,000 will be used to pay our programmers for platform
    development and those directly involved with the creation of our currency and currency tools. Funds
    will be released in 4 phases. First releases of funds will be to the currency creation team members
    upon end of ICO and beginning of project. Second will be to the platform development team. The
    platform development team will have 3 phases of fund releasing - first upon completion of the sales
    platform, second upon completion of the advertisers login, and final upon completion of publishers

    Publisher Backing:

    10% of all raised funds up to $250,000 will be used as an initial backing for publishers. Having a stored
    value allows publishers to convert directly to fiat currency without having to use any marketplace to
    make the sale. This will allow a far greater number of people to join this type of a program as they do
    not need to understand cryptocurrency at all. They can simply convert it to fiat currency without ever
    needing to learn exchanges, wallets, keys or any other cryptocurrency practices.

     Excess Funds:

    Any excess funds from the above 30% will be used as a form of payment to the project creator and
    core team of people who make this project possible. Funds will be split between the team in a manner
    according to their level of involvement, responsibilities, and tasks performed.

    Contractual Budget:

    35% of all raise funds will be used to secure advertising contracts. There have already been
    connections made with representatives at Lamar Advertising, Billboards Inc., and both US and UK
    representatives at Iheartmedia - formerly Clear Channel Outdoor Broadcasting. Contracts will cost
    anywhere from several hundred thousand US dollars to several million US dollars to secure.

     Contractual Renewal Budget:

    35% of all raised funds will be used to renew contracts. This project heavily relies on the use of
    securing advertising contracts to gain a corner of the marketplace most others online and in the
    cryptocurrency space are not utilizing.
    To ensure that our project has a healthy chance of success we will be setting aside an equal amount
    based on the cost of a contract - each time we enter into a contract.This will allow us to ensure we
    have the funds to renew every contract we enter into at least one time. As the project grows and
    expands, our hope is this renewal reserve will be less needed until it becomes obsolete.

    Minimum Funding Needed: $1,000,000 USD
    Maximum Funding Needed: $40,000,000 USD

    ICO Location and Laws

    The project team for The Advertising Currency is a global team. The founder and team creator is based out the
    Colorado/Kansas region of the United States. As the founder is based out of the United States and the
    currency will be distributed from and within the United States, all relevant laws as put forth from the Security
    Exchanges Commission will be followed to the fullest of our understanding. As this project does not fall under
    the legal definition of a Security, we do not believe there are any specific laws or regulations that must be
    adhered to, however in an ever changing industry that is being defined and redefined daily, we will do our best
    to ensure we continue to always stay within the laws.

    ICO Team

    Our ICO is comprised of 5 members. Each member has proven experience in their respective industry for the
    position they are holding within this project. This project is not a company and as such does not have directors,
    boards, or titled positions. Instead each person on the team is “tasked with” specific responsibilities that ensure
    the success of this project. Please view the mini-bios we have for each team member on our website at

    Bruce Bates - project creator, tasked with contractual partnerships.
    Profiles, Reviews and Recommendations:
    http:// www.linkedin.com/in/brucebates

    Amy Iannone - auditor, tasked with bookkeeping, record keeping, and making publicly available documents.
    Profiles, Reviews and Recommendations:

    Jay Carey - php developer, tasked with platform creation.
    Profiles, Reviews and Recommendations:


    As already stated, securing contracts is a cornerstone for the success of this project, and it is one of the key
    pieces that will set this project apart from others in the marketing and advertising industry. It is also one of the
    key pieces as to why it will be successful where other marketing based cryptocurrency projects are seemingly

    Contractual Evaluations

    Entering into a contractual purchase is very different from other types of purchases. A contractual purchase is
    generally a contract where one party agrees to setup an account with the other party and purchase products
    on an as needed basis from that account.
    Since with these types of contracts one is pre-funding an account and making a promise of certain number of
    purchases, the products come at a very large discount. The exact discount varies based on the contract as
    well as the size of account funding. A contract also has a time limit that is based on a “use it or lose it”
    Contracts, because of the reasons just explained, have two values. First, the actual value is based on the cost
    of the contract. The second is the value of potential merchandise one has access to - in this case advertising

    - Contracts

    As already stated, securing contracts is a cornerstone for the success of this project, and it is one of the key
    pieces that will set this project apart from others in the marketing and advertising industry. It is also one of the
    key pieces as to why it will be successful where other marketing based cryptocurrency projects are seemingly

    - Contractual Evaluations

    Entering into a contractual purchase is very different from other types of purchases. A contractual purchase is
    generally a contract where one party agrees to setup an account with the other party and purchase products
    on an as needed basis from that account.
    Since with these types of contracts one is pre-funding an account and making a promise of certain number of
    purchases, the products come at a very large discount. The exact discount varies based on the contract as
    well as the size of account funding. A contract also has a time limit that is based on a “use it or lose it”
    Contracts, because of the reasons just explained, have two values. First, the actual value is based on the cost
    of the contract. The second is the value of potential merchandise one has access to - in this case advertising

    TAC Publishing Platform

    The TAC advertising-publishing platform sets to solve the problems of traditional pay per click marketing -
    which is what the method is called that Google uses in their advertising platform. We want a method that is
    more fair to both advertiser and publisher.
    We believe the system we create will be launched from a modified version of the Open Source Marketing
    Platform ( http://marketers.coop ).

    Advertising Platform

    The advertising platform will be the only part the entire project outside of contracts that allows payments in
    currencies other than TAC. We believe limiting the advertising platform to only TAC will cause those not fluent
    or interested in cryptocurrency to avoid it. Instead, we will offer payment options in the way of paypal as well as
    all cryptocurrencies offered through the coinpayments.net platform. Payments collected from advertising will be
    set aside to ensure publishers can always convert TAC to fiat currency as well as to secure more advertising
    contracts in the future.
    1. Advertisers will be able to buy text ads, banner ads, and video ads.
    2. Advertisements will be sorted and categorized by tags with a mechanism that regularly scans pages to
    ensure tags remain relevant.

     Publishing Platform

    There will be 3 contracts created for publishers. Each contract will correspond to an advertising location area
    on a publisher’s website. Publishers will be required to agree to these contracts to take part in the
    advertising-publishing platform. Contracts will relate to various payments based on location. One price will be
    set for advertising considered part of a website header, another price for sidebar and/or content based ads,
    and a final price for footer based advertising spaces.
    1. Publishers will be able to run advertising on their websites.
    2. Publisher websites will be categorized by tags.
    3. Publisher website tags will be matched to advertisement tags for displaying.
    4. Publishers will be required to sign a contract. The contract will require that publishers run ads for a 30
    day period.
    5. Ads displayed in top header area of publisher site will receive .5 TAC per month.
    6. Ads displayed in sidebars of publisher site will receive .3 TAC per month.
    7. Ads displayed in footers of publisher site will receive .1 TAC per month.

    8. Contracts will require publishers display ads prior to receiving TAC payment.

    9. Publishers will be able to sell back TAC based on the value of the reserved publisher backing as

    explained below.
    10. Publishers will only be able to sell back the exact number of TAC earned through publishing - recorded
    and stored by the platform. TAC obtained from outside sources will not be eligible for buyback.

    TAC Web Scripts and Membership Scripts

    The final piece of our project is one of the single most important aspects and that is to saturate the marketing
    and advertising industry with web based scripts. These scripts will be created to integrate with TAC as a
    payment processor. By creating and launching an array of web scripts that integrate with TAC, we begin to
    spread TAC naturally to other new and upcoming marketers as they find and utilize those scripts.

    -  OSMP - TAC

    The first of the scripts that we release will be our modified version of the Open Source Marketing Platform that
    we will call OSMP-TAC. This will be released as both a free open source script and as a paid script that comes
    with support as well as a bundle of TAC that can be used within the platform. Out version of the OSMP
    platform will strip the core parts of OSMP and will use the platform solely as a shell with our integrated
    shopping plugins and out advertising-publisher platform.

    -  TAC Marketing Scripts

    The second series of scripts that will be created are marketing scripts. Marketing scripts include scripts such
    as classified ads scripts, tracking website scripts, affiliate marketing scripts, and similar scripts that are
    considered standard use scripts for marketers and marketing websites. We will also create basic Wordpress
    plugins such as donation based plugins that work with TAC and similar simple plugin based scripts.

    -  TAC Membership Scripts

    The third and final series of scripts that will be created are membership scripts. Membership scripts can range
    from simple sites to sell ebooks to email based membership sites to traffic exchange scripts. The types of
    membership sites that exist are far to vast to explain, but our plan is to continue to publish script after script.
    There will be both paid scripts as well as free open source scripts.

    Initial TAC Offering

    The Initial Offering for TAC is very simple. There will be a total of 5,000,000 TAC Tokens created. A sale of
    4,000,000 tokens will take place before the project begins. This pre-project offering will take place as
    discussed in the timeline below. Each token will be sold at an initial value of $10 US dollars.

    - Open Day of Sales

    Anyone who purchases TAC on the opening day of the sale will receive an added purchase bonus. The
    amount of the purchase bonus will be based on the amount of TAC purchased. The purchase bonus value will
    be 1 TAC Token for every 10 TAC Tokens purchased.
    A second high volume bonus for anyone who purchases an amount equal to or greater than $5000 US Dollars
    in TAC Tokens on the opening day will also be added.
    This means if someone spent $5000 on opening day, they would get an initial amount of 500 TAC Tokens, a
    purchase bonus of 50 TAC Tokens, and an additional high volume bonus of 250 TAC Tokens.

    -  Opening Week of Sales

    Anyone, who has made a pledge from our pre-sales information page and fulfills the maximum value of that
    pledge within the first week, will receive a bonus amount of TAC. A bonus of 100 TAC Tokens up to 1000 TAC
    Tokens will be granted to each user who completes this pledge with the opening week.

    -  Bloggers Bonus

    Anyone who owns a blog that joins our coin offering will be able to collect bonus TAC Tokens. If the user’s blog
    is over 2 years old, and they make a post outlining the TAC project, they will receive a bonus of 1 TAC Token
    for each 5 they purchase. For users with a blog older than 6 months but less than 2 years, they will receive the
    same bonus but instead of it being 1 TAC Token for each 5, it will be 1 for each 10 purchased.

    -  End of Coin Offering

    Most cryptocurrency seems to have a start and an end date for their projects. That’s not exactly how things
    work with this project. The project will officially begin upon reaching the $1,000,000 sales goal of TAC tokens.
    The funding will continue until all of the 4,000,000 TAC Tokens that have not been reserved for project use
    have been sold.

    The token sale will be evaluated every 28 days, exactly 4 weeks. Any period which has raised an amount of
    $1,000,000 or more in token sales will have the tokens for that sale released. This means that if $1,000,000
    worth of TAC Tokens are sold in in first 3 weeks of December, at the end of the fourth week 100,000 TAC
    Token would be released to those who purchased them.
    All TAC Token sales will be listed publicly on our sales website.
    The remaining 1,000,000 tokens will be used for bonuses, project usage, and project payment outside of the
    initial funds raised selling TAC.

    TAC Timeline:

    The entire TAC project has 4 initial phases. Overall the project never ends; however, these first 4 phases are
    the first cycle of the project. After the initial phases, it becomes a practice of continuing to do them over and
    over in a cycle of enter contracts, list products, create scripts and grow the community.

    -  Phase 1: TAC Token Sales

    The first phase is the sale of TAC Tokens. The TAC Token sale will continue for 56 days - 8 weeks. At that
    time, all TAC Tokens sold will be released and sent to the respective owners wallets along with any bonuses to
    be received. Issuing all tokens may take up to three weeks based on the number of people who have
    purchased tokens.
    Specific requirements of wallets, submitting wallet addresses, and all other details relating to collecting TAC
    Tokens will be made available inside the TAC initial sales site members area.

    -  Phase 2: Contracts and Sales Platform

    The second phase will begin directly upon the end of the initial 56 day sales period. The first 2 contracts are
    expected to be secured within 6 months of that time, possibly as soon as 3 months. We have already begun
    speaking to well known corporate advertising companies and believe securing the contracts will come quickly.
    At the same time our programmer will begin development of the sales platform. This will include developing an
    area of the platform to list and display contract inventory and details. We believe both the first 2 contracts and
    the platform should come together within the first 6 months after the initial sales period.

    -  Phase 3: Contracts and Advertising-Publishing Platform

    The third phase will begin upon completion of the second phase. This phase will continue in securing
    advertising contracts. The development of the advertising-publishing platform should begin during this phase.
    This phase is projected to last another 6 months.
    This means the first two phases of contract making and development are expected to take approximately 12
    months. We also believe an additional 6 months in platform debugging will be needed after launching, as is
    typically the case with any type of platform.

    -  Phase 4: Contracts and TAC Scripts

    The final stage is expected to begin approximately 18 months after the start of the project. As will all stages,
    this stage will continue in securing and making contractual purchasing deals. This phase will also be the
    creation of the first of many scripts. We will attempt to put out at least 1 new script every 3 months and when
    possible even more. We hope to be able to hire more programmers by this time and perhaps utilize them to put
    put out several scripts at the same time.
    At the end of the fourth phase, basically we just start at the beginning again. There is constant debugging and
    updating of platforms with a project such as this. Our hope, however, is by this point the currency has taken on
    a life of its own and our specific project and plans become less important to the overall success than that of
    what others in the marketing and advertising industry are doing with it.



    white paper:



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